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Subject: World Peace in 3 Steps
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Dear Friends: Please help spread the following ideas (the outline ends at III.D.3.). ACTUALIZE WORLD PEACE. Thank you, Emily Nghiem.

I. GOAL: To unify all religions into one trinitarian view of human nature that has practical application to modern society

II. Trinitarian roots A. Buddhism: The Three Refuges 1. DHARMA =3D doctrine/truth 2. BUDDHA =3D perfect wisdom/rationality 3. SANGHA =3D community B. Christianity: The Holy Trinity 1. GOD =3D divine truth/faith/love 2. CHRIST =3D perfect conscience 3. HOLY SPIRIT =3D perfect communion/communication C. Muslim: The Three Authorities 1. KORAN =3D one truth/one God 2. SHARIAH =3D principles guiding all of man's acts 3. SUNNAH =3D deeds/teachings of Mohammed and his followers D. Confucianism: The Three Cardinal Virtues 1. JEN =3D supreme virtue/love 2. YI =3D highest principle embodied in man 3. LI =3D outward expression of moral sentiment/standard E. Unitarianism: (three goals listed consecutively in the creed) 1. Seeking of TRUTH 2. Right of CONSCIENCE 3. Service to the COMMUNITY F. Psychology: tri-partite model of human behavior 1. SUPEREGO =3D spiritual drive 2. EGO =3D emotional/mental drive 3. ID =3D physical drive G. U.S. Government: three branches (see negative trinity, next page) 1. JUDICIAL interprets laws (to judge people) 2. LEGISLATIVE creates laws (to control people) 3. EXECUTIVE carries out laws (to cause war)

III. Interpretation/application A. Negative trinity: three causes of hell on earth 1. Judging/mistrusting people instead of situations (false religion) SATAN =3D ignorance, mistrust, fear of the unknown/the future 2. Trying to change/control others instead of oneself (false govt) ANTICHRIST =3D fear of change/loss of control, fear of the past 3. Not communicating with people (false teaching) WAR =3D lack of communication, misunderstanding, unmet needs B. Positive trinity: three keys to heaven on earth 1. Belief in one supreme TRUTH/perfect LOVE guiding all humanity 2. Trust in one's CONSCIENCE to guide one toward TRUTH/perfection 3. Trust in one's COMMUNICATION to raise the public CONSCIENCE and to reach perfection/TRUTH. (Using the "HOLY SPIRIT" to prepare for the return of "CHRIST" and to enter the "Kingdom of GOD.") C. No matter how the trinity is symbolized, the application is the same: 1. Making peace with one's family to perfect one's COMMUNICATION 2. Resolving romantic relationships to perfect one's CONSCIENCE 3. Helping others to do the same to establish MUTUALITY, or TRUTH D. Sex and religion: direct application to human relations 1. One's COMMUNICATION and CONSCIENCE depend on the bonds with one's MOTHER and FATHER. Any problems here resurface in romantic relationships, which trigger the need to resolve conflicts in the family conscience before starting the next generation. Until the vicious cycle is broken, such conflicts are carried from generation to the next. After thousands of years of human conflict building up collectively in the general consciousness, I believe we have finally reached that breaking point. 2. What prevents most people from achieving maximum control of their CONSCIENCE and COMMUNICATION is guilt about sex, mostly generated by unnatural religious standards advocating "marriage for life" but discouraging premarital/extramarital sex, which contradict the average person's need for at least 2-3 partners in a lifetime. Rejection of the possibility of multiple marriages is the source of the repressed guilt on the conscience that manifests itself in all types of excessive behaviors and is the underlying cause of all the problems in society today; unnatural views about sex promote unnatural views about life and death, and thus result in unnatural "catch-22" situations involving "right-to-life" /"right-to-death" issues. (Since my family has suffered from both these crises, I feel that my personal need to resolve this dual conflict was what ultimately triggered the "spiritual revelations" that lead to this study.) 3. This "marriage-for-life" convention was implanted after the hostile conversion from matriarchal societies/female-goddess religions to the current male-dominant religions/governments, in an attempt by men to control women like any other form of "property." Once the public is educated on the historical cause of the gender imbalance, we can establish mutuality between men and women in the church and state. Another way of viewing the "war between the sexes" is that since childbearing has allowed women to martyr themselves in a way that men can never experience physically, perhaps the significance of Christ having been a male sacrifice was to balance the scales on a spiritual level. In any case, it is important to determine which psychological/spiritual differences between men and women are indeed an inherent part of human nature, and which can be overcome through proper education.

Dear Friends: Please help spread the above ideas (the outline ends at III.D.3.). ACTUALIZE WORLD PEACE. Thank you, Emily Nghiem.

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