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cmgrawbu@eos.ncsu.edu (CHRISTOPHER M GRAWBURG) writes:

> L. Ron Hubbard said several years before scientology started that if > someone wanted to be rich, all he had to do was start a religion. He > did. Scientology claims to have come from 35 years of research by L. > Ron Hubbard. He was only 39 when scientology started!!!! Scientologists > are dumber than we ever imagined.

This is nothing new; here's the quote.

"`Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous,' he told the meeting, `If a man really wanted to make a million dollars, the best way to do it would be to start his own religion.'"

Los Angeles Times August 27, 1978.. newark... sci-fi group ...


P.S. Damn, you mangled your header pretty good, son. -- nyet@cobalt.cco.caltech.edu nyet@aerospace.aero.org

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