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Subject: Re: Book Vandalism (was LRH is dead)
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From: nyoung@desire.wright.edu
Date: 20 Sep 91 17:31:09 EST
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As one who got hisself declared an SP, I should know better than to put my neck on this line. But what the heck, somebody has to. After all, who's gonna take care of those kids whose parents let them be locked in closets and chain lockers when they (the children) behave very down stat.

I have tried to find books on LRH and his cult oftimes, noting along the way that many libraries report these books as "stolen." Must be interesting. Now, if I could figure out how to "steal" the books which the local Org has placed in the university library (we even have the one with the cheesy pictures of what happens if you don't pick up the cans), then it might be a bit of tit or tat. Or whatever.

Furthermore, I am amazed that the SubGenii, who normally act very abnormally, would not become involved in this process. We could get the Book of the SubGenius, Ez-Ahah and other Dobbsian literature put in the libraries to make up for all this gobbige that the Orgs push on librarians. Free speech and all that to the contrary not withstanding. Fact is, anyone who knows the truth about LRH should promulgate it as widely and as often and as loudly as possible. Why, we might even consider Rev. Jed.

Now that's a scary thought....

Put down the cans! "JUST SAY NO TO DIANETICS!"

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