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In <1991Sep25.014304.3471@cco.caltech.edu> bruce@cco.caltech.edu (Bruce James Bell) writes:

>I have received another letter from my anonymous correspondent, >explaining the circumstances under which he was requested to destroy >books, and also recounting some other *interesting* things about >the COS. I am free to quote this letter as long as I maintain >anonymity, so here goes:

>{ begin letter: }

>[ identity deleted ] >In article <1991Sep22.113751.27056@cco.caltech.edu> you write: >[ lines from my posting deleted ] >>By email, Leny Freeman writes: >[ quotes deleted ] >>LF-> Without naming who the person is claiming this offense could I be >>LF-> emailed as to the approx date, city, church and the offending >>LF-> individual(s) who allegedly were ordering book vandalism? This will >>LF-> be reported to the proper officers of the church and will be >>LF-> investigated. If the accused individual(s) are still in the church it >>LF-> may come down to a justice action.

>This is the sort of thing I was afraid of stirring up, and the major >reason I saw fit not to post a message to the newsgroup. I was a >scientology volunteer for about a year and a half and finally became a >staff member. Bailing out of a staff contract after one year was >one gruesome experience. It left me confused and with a bill to >scientology for [ abt.$10,000 ] (for my "training"), which I've been able to >duck for the last 10 years. What I was finally told was that I would >be expected to pay off the bill before I could "continue up the >bridge." I was assigned a "condition of doubt" by the ethics officer, >a condition that would be upgraded as I paid off the bill. So, to >summarize: I'm not in the best standing with scientology, and if >they're looking for a scapegoat to pin something on, they've got one.

>(Please feel free to quote any of this material in any of your >postings, but PLEASE do not attribute it to me. I still wish to >remain anonymous for obvious reasons.)

>>A point that is easy to overlook in a situation like this is that >>it is *impossible* to prove anything over the net. Even assuming >>that a letter/posting is not the result of >> unattended terminals >> account breakins >> forged mail/postings >>there is the inescapable fact that all you have is a collection of >>bytes sent by somebody hundreds or thousands of miles away who you >>have probably never seen. There is no guarantee that *anybody* on >>the net is telling the truth. The best you can get is a set of references >>to some book or person hopefully more connected to reality. That does >>not mean that there is no point to discussing things over the net, but >>you should keep in mind the limitations involved.


>This isn't an attempt to convince you of what happened, but some of >the details are interesting. About 10 years ago I was interested in >scientology, and read everything I could get my hands on. One of the >books I found in the university library was an account by someone who >actually went through clear and the ot levels. I wish I could >remember the name of it. I've actually spent the last couple of hours >looking through the on-line card catalogs and couldn't find it.

The name of the book you're thinking of is "Inside Scientology: How I Joined Scientology and Became Superhuman" by Robert Kaufman. I agree, it was an excellent book.

>The book was written by a scientologist who describes his experiences >with becomming clear and OT, his doubt that anything was happening to >him other than his wallet getting lighter. Good book.

>After reading it, I told the mission director about it. She gave me >fan incredibly fearful look, then told me that I could be audited to >handle it. It seems that I'd messed up my "case" by reading this >book, seeing that it contained confidential OT-3 course materials that >are not to be seen by anyone below that case level. Since she was >OT-4, she could audit me back to a "functional" state, but I would now >never fully recover until I completed OT-3. I was also told that it >would be a good idea to remove this book from the library considering >that it could ruin other people's cases as well, thus denying them >total freedom via scientology. The "ethics" issue was also stated, >and I was asked to base my decision to remove the book based on the >"greatest good for the greatest number of people." I never actually >removed the book from the libaray. I dropped into a 6" crawl space >between two walls in the men's room where it wouldn't be found until >they tear down the building.

>I'm happy to report that I haven't suffered any grave consequences >from being exposed to OT-3 materials after all these years. I haven't >removed any books from librarys either.

>{ :end letter }

>Well, there you have it.

>Judge for yourself whether or not it is true.

>Bruce J. Bell bruce@cco.caltech.edu

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