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Subject: Dianetics in Britain?
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Recently, at a 'Psychic Fair' (group of mystics and crystal sellers in a grotty community hall), I came across a Dianetics stall. It had an arrangement of copies of "Dianetics - the New Science of Mental Health", and two enthusiastic looking women sitting behind. In the conversation that followed, I asked them some probing questions about Scientology. They claimed to be unable to answer these, since they had nothing to do with Scientology, and were only involved in dianetics. They also said that these things are misrepresented by the Media, and by people with ulterior motives, which is both a possibility and a pretty standard response. When it became clear that I was not credulous of their claims, or able to buy a copy of "Dianetics", they suggested that I go. Since the discussion had gone nowhere, I decided that I might as well.

They did give me some leaflets: one with Albert Einstein and a quote about people only using 10% of their brains, and a questionnaire with lots of questions about your personality (fill in the box clearly type). There was an address for a 'Dianetics Centre' in London in one of them.

So what is going on? Is there a separate Dianetics movement, with its own centres of operation? If so, why didn't the women tell me that straight out? Or is this just a covert scam to recruit people who have heard that the Church of Scientology is a little iffy?

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