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In article <1991Oct16.161143.29450@forwiss.uni-passau.de> mitterma@spock.uni-passau.de (Andreas Mittermayer) writes: >(Sorry for my English, it's not the best one :-) )

Well, you are better in your second language than I am in mine.

>Does anybody knows if Dianetic works ?

It does. However, psychoanalysis also works. Further, studies have shown that a large fraction of psychoanalysis patients would have gotten better in any case. (You may have heard of "placebos", harmless pills which successfully cure 20-30% of headaches, infections, etcetera).

In general, one can be helped by a loving family: by having good friends: by joining a good club or society ( science fiction clubs have a certain reputation): or perhaps by finding the right outlet .. or bartender. In the case of Dianetics, having an "auditor" lavish time on one is probably more important that what is said and done during that time.

Notice, I am saying that it works, not that its theory is correct. Bartenders don't have theories, but they work, and they're cheaper. -- Don D.C.Lindsay Carnegie Mellon Computer Science

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