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In article <1991Oct19.210240.2681@henson.cc.wwu.edu>, n9020351@henson.cc.wwu.edu (James Douglas Del Vecchio) writes: > christir@mentor.cc.purdue.edu (Christi) writes: > >> Someone not getting shaken down by the IRS !=3D "our tax dollars going >> to support" that someone. Along the same lines, someone else being >> able to walk through a park without being robbed, does not mean that >> you (who does often get robbed) are less safe, and will have more taken >> from you because of the first party's safety. > >>a closer analogy would be two men who both agreed to give money to a >>charity, and signed agreements to that effect. one man gives the >>money as promised. the other man finds excuses and tries to hide the >>large amounts of money he does have. when the charity tries to >>pressure the second man into giving the money he agreed to give, he >>turns around and sues the charity for 10 times (or more) the amount he >>promised to give. if the charity were to lose, it would need to take >>the money from the first man to pay the second man. > > I never signed any agreement to give anything away to the IRS, neither > did the Scientology people, and I suspect, neither have most people. > Your analogy is not valid. Mine is much more accurate. > > Jim Del Vecchio

Beg to differ, but every time you sign any tax forms, you're signing an agreement to give money to the IRS. You're right that Scientology doesn't sign such forms, since they are trying to get virtual "non-profit, non-taxed" status by not paying taxes. But your wrong that most people don't sign agreements to pay the IRS money, 'cause last I heard it's only Scientology and the very rich who don't have to pay income and other taxes. Your analogy is much more wrong than his.


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