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If I were dat@hpfcso.FC.HP.COM (Dave Trammell), I might have said: > People will resort to extreme measures to defend themselves >and their behaviors. This is not to defend Scientology as it needs no >defense. To believe Scientology is effective is my choice and I don't >need to validate my choices except to myself.

Wouldn't you prefer some sort of objective proof? When you buy a car, you don't just say, "I'll believe that this is the best, most reliable, most comfortable, most appropriate car for me." You do a little research, try to collect some opinions on the subject, read some reviews, take it for a test drive, that kind of thing. From what I've read and the people I've talked to, Scientology is an Edsel with a Rolls Royce price tag.

>Scientology for me is one way to learn better ways >to see reality and reduce the need to use destructive motives where they >are not valuable.

Read a book on cult mind control and see if you don't think you fit all the classic patterns.

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