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In article <JLd_YFB@engin.umich.edu> davidb@caen.engin.umich.edu (David Bonnell) writes: >... You are a spirit. Yes, you do drop a body >every century or so, but you live forever. I personally have remembered past >lives and so have many of the people I know that are Scientologists. I >remember the first time I read the same thing. I had exactly the same reaction.

Many religions teach reincarnation. It is an intersting concept, and if Scientology is truly scientific, it should be easy to verify. If someone remembers a past life, they should be able to remember some details from it. If that life is from a historical period, said details should be verifiable. One must insure beforehabd that the subject has no "concious" knowledge of the historical period in question. The more obscure the period, the easier that should be. Has anyone in Scientology done this? -- Seth J. Bradley Internet: sbradley@iwarp.intel.com UUCP: uunet!iwarp.intel.com!sbradley

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