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dat@hpfcso.FC.HP.COM (Dave Trammell) writes:

>What Diagreement?

>Sometimes we feel we need some help and it seems scientology is >expensive but at least it's up front. Look at psycology [sic] to get >psychiatric help you get session after session for years at $50 here >and $50 there and you get blead [sic] to death.

Look at Scientology; to get Scientology help you get session after session for years at $50 here and $50 there and you get bled to death.

Scientology auditing is no cheaper than a psychologist's services, and Scientology is well-known for saying "oh, you only need a few more hours to finish this course" and then when those hours run out "oh, you only need a few more hours to finish this course". This combined with the "if you stop now you'll be worse off than you ever were before" and the dubious promises that are always attached to the completion of the next level, which never come when you finish it.

There are numerous documented cases; try _A Piece of Blue Sky_, by Jon Atack, who completed OT 5 without any noticable personal benefit.

>I feel that for the most part Dianetics is good and that most people, >though they don't admit this, overlook the shortcommings [sic] to in >search of the benifits [sic].

Obviously one of the benefits of Dianetics/Scientology is the ability to spell; curious in light of their claims to "increase intelligence".

>Remember though your choice of relationship with the suppreme [sic] >being is yours as all choices are yours, but a following of >scientology does not limit you to there [sic] interpretation [...]

Obviously you haven't reached the level where they convince you that LRH is God. OT 8 or OT 9, I forget which.

-- There's a lot of overweight people in the world, many are arguably food-addicts. Shall we outlaw chocolate cake? -- Mike Percy (grimlok@hubcap.clemson.edu), alt.censorship

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