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In article <1991Nov6.060236.5341@iWarp.intel.com>, sbradley@iwarp.intel.com (Seth Bradley) writes: > In article <JLd_YFB@engin.umich.edu> davidb@caen.engin.umich.edu (David Bonnell) writes: > >... You are a spirit. Yes, you do drop a body > >every century or so, but you live forever. I personally have remembered past > >lives and so have many of the people I know that are Scientologists. I > >remember the first time I read the same thing. I had exactly the same reaction. > > Many religions teach reincarnation. It is an intersting concept, and if > Scientology is truly scientific, it should be easy to verify. If someone > remembers a past life, they should be able to remember some details from > it. If that life is from a historical period, said details should be > verifiable. One must insure beforehabd that the subject has no "concious" > knowledge of the historical period in question. The more obscure the > period, the easier that should be. Has anyone in Scientology done this? > -- > Seth J. Bradley > Internet: sbradley@iwarp.intel.com > UUCP: uunet!iwarp.intel.com!sbradley

There are several books that directly address the concept of past lives. I personally have read Have you lived before this life? and found it fascinating. These books are not sold yet in general bookstores to the best of my knowledge. If you wish you can send me E-mail directly and I can get you any of the following books or you can call


for more information about where to purchase these materials in your area.

Book: Have you lived before this life? The subject of past lives has mystified man for eons. This book is an adventure into the memories of over 40 people who have recalled past lives through the use of SCIENTOLOGY.

Book: Scientology: A history of Man This is the cold-blooded and factual account of your last 60 trillion years. Learn the real truth about man's ancestry. These breakthoughs led to the development of the OT* levels. An extension course is available for this book.

*OT means Operating Thetan

Research and Discovery Series Volumes

Follow Ron's path of discovery on his journeys into the mind and life. This series is a chronological set of LRH's lectures transcribed and put into handsome volumes, from the first lectures in 1950 forward. There are ten big volumes available, covering from 1950 to early 1952. Have Ron's fundamentals of Dianetics and Scientology and discover how and why the tech works.

Have fun

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