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davidb@caen.engin.umich.edu (David Bonnell) writes:

>Scientology never evaluates anything for you.

Uh huh. From what I've seen this is utter bullshit.

>It just guides you down the path with the light on

But if you stray from their path, woe be to you.

>If someone told a baldfaced lie right in your face wouldn't you get a >little pissed!!!! Scientology is the MOST law abiding organization >on this planet.

Yep. That's why nine of its leaders, including Mary Sue Hubbard, were sent to jail.

>They even have an entire department devoted EXCLUSIVELY to ethics.

Ah yes, Ethics Officers. The nice people whose real job is to make sure that you're not doing anything "unethical", where unethical is defined as anything that interferes with the Church's mission to make money. Ethics Officers are amongst the most unethical people on this planet.

>I would love to have you find even one law that Scientology bends. A >mighty big generalization I must say! Go for it.

The Tax Code.

>Oh NO! Look another lie. L. Ron Hubbard designed the Church of >Scientology exactly himself. The operation of all parts of the >church is written down in policy for everyone to understand. It also >is the responsibility of all to report any violations of these >policies so that any misapplication of standard tech is swiftly >fixed.

Read: Anybody who does anything that isn't approved by God (LRH) is evil, bad, and must be punished.

>Is it just me or does all this seem like rumor and gossip?

No, it's well-substantiated fact. There are innumerable sources, and only those who have been blinded by Scientology are incapable of seeing these facts for what they are.

>Go read Dianetics.

No, read _A Piece of Blue Sky_, by Jon Atack. This will *really* tell you what Dianetics is. -- You know, my cat makes a "forgach" sound right when she coughs up a hair ball. What a coincidence... -- James R. Purdon III (purdon@athena.mit.edu), in talk.abortion

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