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In article <5818@email.sp.unisys.com> paulr@email.sp.unisys.com (Paul Raulerson) writes: > >Now I have one question to ask: Why is it in this news group, that >the *pro* scientologist folks are being polite and trying to provide >evidence of their cause, and the anti-scientologist folks are being >nothing if not hostile? > >From an outside viewpoint, that speaks loads. And not in favor of >the anti-scrientologist crowd either. > >-Paul >

I more or less agree with your assessment, and I'm one of the anti-scientology folks. I do not post negative comments about Scientology because it is a religion/philosophy. I believe that L. Ron Hubbard and the CoS have rooked and manipulated people to no end. That pisses me off. It's possible that people do get some help from Scientology, but many are being ripped off in a big way.

Read Jon Atack's _A Piece of Blue Sky_. The unsavory nature of the church is revealed in full.

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