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Subject: The Story that TIME Couldn't Tell
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Date: Sat, 09 Nov 91 18:06:16 EST
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This is the beginning of a series of postings about the Time issue of May 6, 1991. There are two publications by the Church of Scientology International that give the Church's side of the story and give a factual account of the events that led up to that day, why TIME allowed such tabloid journalism, and the real story behind it all. The two publications are named:

The Story That TIME Couldn't Tell

and Fact vs Fiction: A Correction of Falsehoods Contained in the May 6, 1991 Issue of TIME Magazine

I'm sure many have seen the 4-color full page adds in USA-Today addressing this topic. The Fact vs Fiction booklet is 80 pages of hard hitting information. 10 pages are spent comparing true information to false and then there is 70 pages of public documents to support the truth. The Story that TIME Couldn't Tell is 28 pages containing the same information in a more readable form. To give you a feel for it I will include the first 10 pages of The Story That TIME Couldn't Tell. I have copied this verbatim from the booklet.

I will snail mail both of these to anyone who is interested.


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