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The Story That TIME Couldn't Tell

Who really controls the news at TIME - and why.

Published as a public service by the Church of Scientology International

INTRODUCTION The Church of Scientology is an expanding worldwide religion It has the technology that solves the puzzles of life and provides a pathway to greater ability that anyone can follow. The stated Aims of Scientology are "A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to rise to greater hieghts." Millions of people apply the principles of Scientology daily, attesting that it makes their lives better and brings them happiness, certainty and the ability to help others. Scientology makes the able more able. Whoa re the Scientologists and where are they? Mayors, lawyers, doctors, business executives, engineers, actors, teachers, housewifes - Scientologists are the people around you in all walks of life. You meet them in stores, at movies and in you neighborhood. They are among the people you see everywhere you go. Scientologists are at the forefront of a wide range of social activities and believe that it is essential to reach out and help others. Scientologists abhor drugs, and are themselves drug-free. The Church is the largest drug reform organization in the world and has so far gotten over 100, 000 people off street drugs. It has taken charge of the are of drug education and prevention with such programs as "Lead the Way to A Drug-Free USA". Through its millions of members, many of whom serve as active volunteers, the Church of Scientology helps the less fortunate in society. Scientologists are active in civic groups, professional associations and neightborhood groups, helping to improve conditions in their communities. The Church is also a vital force in helping the underpriviledged in the area of education. For example, Scientologists have taught nearly 2 million deprived chilren in South Africa the basics of how to read and learn, giving them hope for the future. The Church of Scientology is the most courageous social reform group in the world today. At times practically alone, the Church has stood up to the Internal Revenue Service, working doggedly to reform the oppressive tax code and replace it with a tax system for the country that will actually work. The Church has ferreted out and exposed corrupt IRS officials who use their authority to destroy Americans' rights. It is the Church of Scientology that has led the wat in publicizing the fact that dangerous drugs are being pushed upon the public by mammoth drug manufactures to line their own pockets. The Church has also led to way toward outlawing these dangerous drugs. These social reform activities are carried out for no other reason than to acheive the Church of Scientology's goal of a better world. The Church of Scientology makes no money from these social reform activities. Church members consider it part of their mission in society to preserve life and sanity, and to make the world a better place to live for everyone, no matter their race, color, or creed. In light of these good works, why did TIME attack the Church of Scientology in a article filled with demonstratable falsehoods, saying not one positive thing about the Church in eight pages of text? What were the falsehoods in the TIME article? Who was behind TIME's attack on Scientology? This booklet provides the answers

The Story That TIME Couldn't Tell

Ralph Ingersoll,an ex-TIME staffer, put it best: "The way to tell a successful lie is to include enough truth in it to make it believable - and TIME is the most successful liar of our times." So when TIME hit the newsstands on April 29 with its May 6 edition, TIME watchers gasped at the savagery of the cover story on Scientology and asked what possible concealed reason there could be for such a sustained assault of TIME's soul. Scientologists, who for decade have relentlessly opposed dangerous, mind bending drugs, have exposed the psychiatric drug Prozac for the danger that it is. That exposure has already cost Prozac's manufacturer, Eli Lilly & Company, dearly.

THE CURSE OF PROZAC. TIME would like its readers to think that there is nothing wrong with the destructive ppsychiatric drug called Prozac, perhaps the most controversial drug on the market today. TIME has stated as much in a July, 1990 edition: "There is no need for everyone to be scared away from Prozac, since it has proved safe and effective for many people." Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. The Church of Scientology and a reform group it founded in 1969, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), have been outspoken opponents of Prozac, carrying forward an educational campaign to inform the public of what Lilly is not telling them including: - More than 14,000 adverse reactions by Prozac users have been reported to the federal Food and Drug Administration since Prozac's release in 1987. These include delirium, hallucinations, convulsions, violent hostility, and sgression, psychosis and attempted suicide. - Major medical journals have reported that the emergence of suicidal thoughts in persons taking Prozac raised a red flag about the drug. - In the last year, nearly 50 lawsuits have been files against Lilly seeking almost $1 billion in damages by families of people who have committed suicide while on Prozac, families of those who have been murdered by people on Prozac, and people who have themselves been damaged while on Prozac. - On September 4, 1990, Joseph Wesbecker entered his former workplace in Louisville, Kentucky, and opened fire with an AK-47, killing eight and wounding twelve, before killing himself. Results of the coroner's drug scan revealed Wesbecker to have a theraputic level of Prozac in his blood. - The curse of Prozac is so widespread that the American Trial Lawyers Association has established a special Prozac litigation section to service attorneys, and a recent issue of Texas Lawyer reported that Texas personal injury attorneys view Prozac as the next Dalkon shield.

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