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Subject: The Story That Time Could't Tell - Article 2 - 1
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Date: Sat, 09 Nov 91 18:31:24 EST
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CHARACTER ASSASSINATION. Throughout TIME's article, Behar dangles the unsubstantiated claim that Scientology's leaders are pocketing large sums of money and that the Church operates for their financial benefit. Nowhere does Behar offer a single fact to corroborate that assertion because that assertion in false and contrived. The truth, on the other hand, is simple. The executives of the Church of Scientology share a single purpose - to make the Scientology religion known to the people to the world and to make their church grow. Even at the highest levels of the Church structure, Scientology executives receive significantly lower salaries than those of the leaders of other faiths. Those executives are uniquely dedicated. They work an average of fifteen hours a day, often seven days a week. None of them owns a home. Few even own a car. They live in apartments furnished by the Church that do not exceed 315 square feet. They devote their abilities and energy exclusively to the expansion of their religion. The reason why Behar was unable to name a single Church leader who has financially enriched himself through Scientology is because no such person exists. Were it otherwise, it is inconceivable that Behar would have passed up the opportunity to say so and to name names. TIME's insinuations to the contrary are blatant exercises in character assassination.

ATTACKING CHURCH MEMBERS. Apparently in recognition that there was not a single Scientology executive about whom charges of financial self-interest could be made, TIME and Behar focus their insinuations on individual Scientologists who are not even members of the Church staff. The approach is transparent - attack the Church by attacking particular parishioners. TIME's prime targets were businessmen Ken Gerbino and Micheal Baybak, and the source of the charges was William Jordam, whose allegations against Gerbino and Baybak TIME repeats, despite the fact that those very allegations have been rejected by the court with jurisdiction over the controversy. The true facts, as set forth in public documents avaliable to TIME, are that Jordan in the former president of Athena Gold Corporation. In 1987, a large investment group, including Gerbino and Baybak, provided funding to Athen Gold. In the aftermath of that investment, concerns were expressed about Jordan's management of the company, disputes arose, and the board of directors of Athena Gold initiated a lawsuit against Jordan to recover company records and property. The court later ordered Jordan to return the company's records and property and further ordered Jordan to cease interference with the lawful operation of the company. The court went so far as to find that Jordan "has engaged in an undermining campaign to disparage and undermine and counter the efforts of Athena Gold..." Later, that same judge issued a modified injuction to prevent Jordan from further harassing and disparaging Athena Gold or its personnel. TIME and Behar ignore completely the finding of the court and instead advance Jordan's already discredited disparagement of Gerbino's and Baybak's business judgement and ethics, with the added twist of constructing their allegations to insinuate that Jordan's allegations really address Gerbino's and Baybak's religion. There are three obvious points which render TIME's approach misleading. First, the allegations made by Jordan and now by TIME are untrue. Second, they have already been rejected in a court of law. Third, they have nothing at all to do with the religion of Scientology, except when they are cast as inuendo.

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