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Coming to Gentle Cause over a

Corrupt Leadership…, and

Keeping Scientology Working


Also Announcing…




1) -to expose crimes and abuses by officials of the Church of Scientology, and to show that those responsible for the crimes and abuses have failed over an extended time to take responsibility for the misdeeds, and have refused, after admonishment, to handle the misdeeds.

2) -to cite Source Policy authorizing another to "take over as a deputy in a crisis not otherwise being handled" (Intro to Scientology Ethics, p201),--as well as other excerpts from "Keeping Scientology Working" Issue 1, Ethics Gradients, and other documents requiring, permitting, and authorizing such crisis intervention.

3) -to initiate actions to intervene and take responsibility for damage done, until the crisis "area" is again stabilized and being handled.

4) -to initiate an ethics process of determining "where we are", to ascertain "that we are", and to renew our sense of "who we really are". Also to resolve any doubts about our purpose, and about Civilization, and to offer an amends to the society for our continued harmfulnesses.

  1. -to establish a time to turn the crisis "area" back over to highly trained and qualified personnel to continue toward the stated Aims and Goals of the Church of Scientology--within the guidelines of decency, and in compliance with the agencies of government of its host countries.

Table of Contents


The Stats


The Goal

The Church

The Field

The Purpose vs. the Reputation

Creed vs. Credibility

"Taking Over as a Deputy"


The Goal

Preservation of the Tech

Hat Turnover


Report from a Parishioner:

Uncontested Affidavits

Ron’s Journal 38?


Less than Perfect

Definition of Religion

"Scriptures" Used Harmfully

Verbal Data

Catch Phrases

Gray-Scale Ethics


We, Y’all, and They—Collective nouns and pronouns, and Group Responsibility

Group Dynamics

Broad Sweeping Generalizations



Confused Ethics Purpose



Scientologists Are Dramatizing "Biochemical Personality"

OT V without Virtue

Virtue, the Solution




Abusive Misuse of Church Policy

LRH Overt Policy

Spirit of the Guardian’s Office & Office of Special Affairs


Ethics Gradients

Ethics Condition Assignment







The Stats

Because of the definition of the "Goal of Scientology" all stats are junior to "number of persons cleared to date". In 46 years less than 50,000 persons have been cleared. That averages about 1000 persons per year (worldwide). That leaves over 5 billion persons to clear. That leaves us 5 million years to reach our goal. There is not the encouragement that our rate is exponential—in 1989 there were about 42,000 clears. So it is a dimin ishing stat (I may be off on this, but performance is still poor and far short of the goal).

If during any year in the last 7 years, each Clear had Cleared one other person, the present stat, "number of persons cleared" would be about 100,000. If it were a condition for a substantial discount on a clear package that a person promise to clear two persons per year, we would reach our goal in about three decades.

If each of us would clear 5 persons each year, we would attain Goal in 13 years. 50,000 would become clear in just over 5 years. We are already that far, so if each of you cleared 5 persons per year, we could attain goal in just over 7 years—by 2004!

Exponential Clearing

(numbers in 1000’s)








Number Cleared








Clrd Last Year








Clrd to Date








Niacin Prod't'n








E-Meters Sold







Clear Pkgs Sold








Books Sold








SO, here is some insider trading information regarding how our efforts will effect life on Earth.

Farmers’ co-ops would have to audit in shifts so the world can still eat.

An economic committee will have to keep an eye on the economy so that deserted industries don’t cause a collapse.

Based on the current battle plan practices of the church leadership, they have no intention of Clearing the Planet. Is our stated goal merely disinformation? Whom are we seeking to mislead? The leadership apparently have not planned for anything like this. Their battle plan would continue the perennial price increases—based on last week’s stats. The most obvious indicator of the leadership’s cognition of this would be for them to turn loose the control over Scientologists’ every movement. Whole sale Clearing will flourish in a laissez-faire environment.

The leadership are bogged down in the stats of price and production level for the present rate of 5,000,000 years to Clear the Planet. I believe I perceive some insincerity from this compulsion. As you can see the above timetable will fetch incredible incomes even at reduced prices. The only mindset that could become mired in the current level of progress is one of cross-purposes.


The Clearing Technology

The mortal dilemma (reactive mind bank) is one of mistaking the "spiritual universe" for a smug, self-righteous, aberrated perception of the "spiritual universe". The Technology through level VI, is remedial of the causes of aberrations. Specifically, … lucidity (straightwire), integrity (confessional), non-self-righteousness (resolved ser facs), non-compulsiveness (no GPM's), and the resolution of grief and trauma..., these impart healingness, and facilitate enligh tenment--preparing one to successfully pursue immortality. The "State of Clear" is a necessary prerequisite for pursuing immortality. The "un-cleared" aberrations are the reasons that we cannot perceive the spiritual universe. Thus my perception of Scientology (through level VI) as a religious practice.


The Ethics Technology

Scientology Ethics enables one to attain and keep to a course of integrity, affluence, and personal power. When necessary, it assists one to resolve his confusions, betrayals, and crimes, … to determine his allegiances, to make amends when called for, and to literally "cause" others to accept him back after he has reformed himself.

When one is observed applying this Ethics, and presents his self-corrections to others and offers his restitution, it reads like poetry. When a man perceives and considers his outnesses, and then reasons them out, and offers to restore what he has damaged, … he compels others to admire and accept him, and he compels others to strive to be equally ethical.


The Goal

The goal, "To Clear the Planet", is worthwhile and would ultimately provide immortality for all mankind. This is no longer the sought-for goal, however. The current pursuits include spending millions of dollars to recruit celebrities as "opinion leaders" to influence others to come to the Orgs. This is an action of "Affluence Attainment", described in Scientology Ethics.

Also, you are labeled "Trouble Source-Type G" in this action—claiming that "if you help such and such a case", at great expense, because somebody is rich or influential or the neighbors would be electrified… Ron recommends to "Process only at convenience and usual arrangements. Make no extraordinary effort at the expense of other persons who do want processing for normal reasons. Not one of these arrangements has ever come off successfully as it has the unworthy goal of notori ety, not betterment.—(HCO PL 27 Oct 64).

Compare this to Tom Cruise and John Travolta, where hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on them having their own resorts at the Golden Era Productions base—for the purpose of impressing the world with "opinion leaders"—a marketing ploy that puts us in the 5,000,000 year range of reaching our goal. This is also used as David Miscavige’s method to attaining fame. This does an injustice to Cruise and Travolta both.

However, this does not clear the planet. "Exponential Clearing", where each person, when cleared, agrees to clear [four or five] others, is the only method for Clearing the Planet while it will support life. Celebrity-mongering is a smug, self-righteous, and aberrated action that satisfies one’s feelings of self-importance. This imparts "Celebrity" status to church leaders as it gains for them elitism, luxury, and self-importance.

The failure to implement "Exponential Clearing" reveals a grave insincerity on the part of Church Leadership regarding "The Goal of Scientology".

The focus on "show" reveals the insanity of the leaders’ desperate attempts to boost any stat—renaming streets, four walls full of commendations and "keys to the city" which were solicited and paid for by the church, a high stat of "Lawsuits filed" against those you have "groomed" as your enemies. You have the wrong target—look within.

Fourth Dynamic indicators show you are alienating (ARCXing) the planet—the reverse of your goal! Entire countries are banning you from their borders. You are "short-selling" on the international currencies markets to collapse entire countries in your "Operation Paperchase"—implemented by personnel you have planted in the World Bank, and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development


The Church

Staff are nattery [bickering].

The military command channels make us controlling and frantic, as we suppress each others’ self-determinism. For whatever stats .they boost, we are a failure at our reason for existence—number of persons cleared.

A superior Ethics technology plus an empty "things-to-do-basket" has made us shaming, blaming, and punishing as we turn inward on ourselves, as in an "auto-immune" syndrome when the body’s defenses attack itself with tumors.

Deciding to be unreasonable has made us unreasonable. Read chapter 3, "On the Death of Consciousness", from Self Analysis, by LRH. Do the following sentence in clay at the Clay Table: "The primary target of the enemies of man, or a man, is his right and ability to reason."

Civilization considers that we believe that we "can do no wrong" (the viewpoint of an SP). Believing that the only wrong we can commit is to fail to close a sale to the person in front of us, leads us to believe that vandalism, rape, and other OSA violences are acceptable behavior—and that we "can do no wrong". There are some uncontested affidavits against church personnel alleging actual cases of rape, murder, orders to others to commit suicide (End Of Cycle Orders), heavy arms cac hes, torture, and many other abusive or criminal acts. These must either be denied, or the formula applied—and the perpetrators turned over.

The Field

The fourth dynamic [civilization] are not stupid. They are coming to believe that we are that, plus criminal. This means that for years, someone has been ARCXing [alienating] the field [civilization] against Scientology. It is we who have been demonstrating "not-sane" for the world.

More than any other group, the "Internet" represents the emerging fourth dynamic, without divisive third dynamic focus—and there, The Church of Scientology is the Villain. There are SP’s there, but you see only SP’s. There are certainly no more SP’s than there are people. There are others there who are outraged at the church’s behavior. There are many affidavits on the internet accusing the church of capital crimes—murder, rape, End Of Cycle orders (to commit suicid e), large scale swindle and vandalism, as well as large-scale arms stockpiling. There is no voice of denial from the Church. You have tacitly pleaded guilty to the charges in the presence of the fourth dynamic. These charges must be either exposed as false, or we must apply the formula for the condition. The World is watching, and we have performed poorly, grossly ARCX’ing the fourth dynamic. There is no way to save face except applying our own technology. Only the Liability formula (after applying th e lower formulas) can rally this emergent fourth dynamic to accept us. Those of you who are experienced in applying Liability know how effective it is. We must experience ethics change, and show on the Internet that our tech applies to ourselves as well as others. Properly handled this will cause an insurgence of interest worldwide, and stats will boom as never before. Your Justice/Ethics program is presented elsewhere in this paper. Your response to these orders is crucial. In lieu of your com pliance there can be no alternative but to declare the Church of Scientology to be a suppressive group.


The Purpose vs. the Reputation

During a court-assigned arbitration which the judge assigned during divorce-court hearings with my ex-wife, several lawyers commented and concurred on the brutal, controlling, confiscating techniques of Scientologists as they tried to show that I should be made to immediately give up large sums for a settlement—before I lose it to the church. This was their origination from a grapevine of legal community experience—I made no origination at all about Scientolo gists. There is extant, in the legal community, an awareness of our aberrations of heavy, fleecing sales efforts. This is the reputation we have established. Nothing in this reputation has been effective on our purpose line—number of persons cleared—a stagnant statistic. This would all be resolved if we ceased to alienate the public and allowed a reputation of what Scientology can do, to sell itself. It will sell itself, want it? Do you believe in Scientology because you have been forced?--or does it impress you on its own merits? Is our method a "coup d’etat" or the granting of beingness and sanity? Is our goal to ARCX the fourth dynamic?

The governments of the world are finding us distasteful, or ordering us out of their lands, or even attacking us. Where is Source Policy now?--are we "pulling this in", or are we "victims"? Our status in Australia, Greece, and Germany can only spread, without drastic changes in our operating policy.


Creed vs. Credibility


1) I believe in the effectiveness and the helpfulness of returning, and discharging in reverie,

traumatic and grievous memories that cause our fears, aberrations, and unclear thinking.

  1. I believe LRH discovered and codified, better than any predecessor, the route back through these aberrative memories, as well as their resolution.
  1. I believe LRH’s personal bank situation is irrelevant to the effectiveness of his TECH. Few men can live up to perfection. In other words, I believe Ron’s legacy is The Technology rather than Ron himself. I believe the TECH is to be held as religious without faulting it because of shortcomings of its founder.
  1. I believe LRH had shortcomings. I have identified and isolated shortcomings of LRH.
  1. I believe Ron’s shortcomings are superfluous to the effectiveness of Scientology (through the state of Clear). I believe the state of Clear should be attained by every individual.
  1. I am concerned that OT III postures Scientologists as "anti-Christ". I am concerned that numerous OT V’s exhibit psychoses. I am concerned that OT VIII represents that Ron is God. I have seen enough to convince me that Ron shares in our reactive bank, and that he is not up to the role of God. I see a movement afoot to deify Ron. I observe that this is ARCX’ing (alienating) sensible persons.
  2. I understand how you might prefer to secret your views of Christ and allow the mistaken view that you are pro Christ. However this deception can backfire in our Christian society. The Christian’s GPM (duty compulsion) is to destroy the Anti-Christ. Such a deception can pose you as that Anti-Christ. In the presence of such fixated persons, you would do well to own up to your differences with Christians—protected by a society tolerant of opposing viewpoints.
  1. I believe that while Scientology has an effective TECHNOLOGY for attaining immortality, Scientologists are devoid of the fourth-dynamic qualities of compassion and other virtues. I have witnessed Scientologists openly expressing repugnance for humility and meekness, and of virtue in general. Compassion is a natual out-working of knowing that you have the correct technology. Your lack of compassion indicates that you have weak certainty that it works. Therefore your arrogance—the opposi te of compassion—betrays your "weakness in items 7, 8, 9, & 10, from KSW #1.
  1. Ron exacts heavy loyalties even from neophytes who have not had time or data to satisfy their uncertainties. This is "enforced reality"—called suppressive technique by LRH—and lies smoldering as By-Passed-Charge (resentment), and as an evaluative wrong item. Scientologists have the courage of command channels—like an army. Too many of them do not have the courage of their convictions—their reality has been enforced.
  2. I believe that Scientologists are "reality-enforced" beyond their ability to disagree with LRH, or to not accept points they do not understand or agree with. I believe that the Scientologist’s valence is traceable back to what they see as the "winning valence" of LRH.
  3. I believe that your clandestine operations, your arms stockpiling, your posture of the "Anti-Christ", your enforced realities, [more] …are causing many Scientologists deep-seated fears of the Church and of the sanity of the present leadership.
  4. I believe that the current leadership, following in Ron’s example, is alienating the fourth dynamic—civilization. I observe this can cause great difficulties considering your goals for civilization. I observe that you are carelessly leaving glowing embers that will defeat your purpose of "Clearing the Planet". You have given good people a feeling that they should protect civilization from the Church of Scientology.


"Taking Over as a Deputy"

Though it is unnecessary, I cite here the authority for this action of "…taking over as a Deputy in a crises". A refusal to comply with my "taking over" will be your representation to the world that you do not apply or abide by Source Policy. It will also mark your demise as you abandon and forfeit "The Goal of Scientology".


-Per Policy, "Keeping Scientology Working", Your Incorrect Applications of Tech and Policy which nearly cost a Scientologist his life are [charlatanous] actions.

-Per Policy, "Keeping Scientology Working", Item #8, I am [eliminating] Incorrect Applications.

-Per Policy, "Keeping Scientology Working", Item #10, I am [preventing future] Incorrect Applications.

-Per Policy, "Keeping Scientology Working", I am invalidating you, as lunatics.

-Per Policy, "The Doubt Formula", Step 3 (Intro to Scientology Ethics, p99), I am actively suppressing you.

-Per Scientology Technology, the "PTS/SP Course", I am moving from effect to cause over the church leadership.

-Per Ethics Policy, I am applying "Ethics Gradients" to the leadership and the group (Intro to Scientology Ethics, p157). By this authority I am investigating and correcting you. As you read this I am continuing down the list of gradients.

-Per Policy, "Condition Assignments--Treason Condition" (Intro to Scientology Ethics, p102) You are not currently on post--I am the Church!

-Per Policy, Ron has obligated me to pick-up the highest abandoned post I am aware of, and to assign Treason Condition to the previous duty officer.

-Per Policy, It is a listed crime for me to "Not [take] over as a deputy in a crisis not otherwise being handled".(Intro to Scientology Ethics, p201)

-Per Policy, It is a listed crime for me to "[Permit] a section, unit, department, org, zone or division to collapse.(Intro to Scientology Ethics, p201)

-Per Policy, It is a listed crime for me to "[Condone] circumstances or offenses capable of bringing a course, section, unit, department, org, zone or division to a state of collapse".(Intro to Scientology Ethics, p203)

-Per Policy, It is a listed Suppressive Act to "[to Fail] to strenuously act to clean up an 'Affinity-broken field' [and is] deemed a high crime for an Executive Council."(Intro to Scientology Ethics, p222). For myself and others, I have witnessed the Affinity-broken field for extended periods of time

-Per Policy, Also listed as a Suppressive act is "Refusal to allow staff or public to progress up the [Spiritual Path], or creating blocks on the [Spiritual Path] preventing such progression." (Intro to Scientology Ethics, 212).

I believe that these actions will cause "Ethics Change" in the most hardened of Church Staff. Failing this, I will continue down the list of "Ethics Gradients"—on to declaring many among staff as "Suppressive Persons", even to "Expulsion".



The Goal

Progress toward our goal is senior to all other stats. The priority is to Clear the planet. The idea that 1/3 of us will have high stats for controllingness (admin), and 1/3 of us will have high stats for invalidating (ethics), and the other 1/3 of us (the auditors) will shoulder the blame of anemic stats of "50,000 Clears in 46 years" toward our goal of Clearing the planet is a misapplication of ethics and admin tech. This approach aberrates 2/3 of us while 1/3 of us earns the keep for the others. I shall initiate "Exponential Clearing" to attain our goal within several years.

Preservation of the Tech

As I grew up, I had all the opportunities to learn or discover everything that Ron devised. I missed it completely! I was totally clueless! I don’t consider myself capable of making changes in this "workable" Technology. I don’t dare. I am in agreement with the importance of maintaining the workability of the Tech. I am committed to the preservation of the Tech as it stands.

Hat Turnover

I obviously consider myself capable of catching gross outnesses that others have missed. However, I am grossly unhatted for long-term operation of the church. I seek and encourage nominations for new leadership personnel for Int Management, and other positions.

David Alexander, HDA, ISE, SS II, BSM





Report from a Parishioner:

1) In the fall of 1991 after I received a large sum of money for damages in a fall from a faulty ladder, a "Commando Sales Team" ("a special sales team, in addition to regular sales personnel, engaged solely in the promotion and sales of one particular campaign"—L Ron Hubbard, Modern Management Technology Defined, p 90), came to Dallas from across the nation and literally swarmed over me, viciously competing with each other for the bounty. Only two weeks earlier, Scientologists we re calling me a "freeloader" trying to collect money from me for training I had been awarded by church policy when I was a staffmember. A highly trained saleswoman, Barbara Dews, came from the Flag land base in Clearwater, Florida. John Futris came from the NorthEast to sell me an Elite membership in the The International Association of Scientologists for $40,000.00. With him was Lisa Hunter from Author Services, Inc (recent name change to "Church of Religious Technology"). Lisa told me of a top secret, impending press release (unsolicited), then told me it was a "slip" and that I would have to sign a $50,000 bond to pay if I further "slipped" the information. Lisa also wanted to sell me $60,000.00 worth of leather-bound Scientology books which would be donated to each U. S. Congressman--inscribed with someone else’s name as the donor. John and Lisa came to my apartment and stayed all night, over my protest for them to leave. They stayed until I wrote a check for $40,000.00, at 6:30 am. Thomas Self of the Dallas Church wrote a report on them disclosing that they were following "Command Intention" from International Mgt (Church of Scientology International--the Mother Church).

Each Scientologist who has made capital payments to the church is familiar with the drastic counter-measures leveled at church members who are uncooperative with the church and understand how impotent church members can be made to feel when trying to refuse hours-long sales efforts from top management. From the time you enter Scientology, you are subjected to definitions of "evil persons" who oppose the church, and you are witness to "so-and-so" who was expelled as "evil and psychotic", and is no longer allowed to receive the Church’s services. The pressures of church ostracism, threatened and actual, are equivalent to public social disgrace among your peers, branding one as evil and psychotic. Scientologists are constantly hammered and conditioned by staff quoting L. Ron Hubbard’s most belligerent Policies which shame and blame parishioners who do not contribute greatly, and those who could dare to stop payment on a check, and those who are "evil" enough to d emand a refund or to report the church’s crimes to the authorities.

The following morning, after I reflected on what had happened, this action under duress, of giving away my wealth which should have provided a home for my children, and the repair and recovery of my crippled feet...I placed stop-payment orders on a quarter of a million dollars worth of checks at my bank. After seeing how susceptible I was to manipulation by the church, I decided to invest the money in a long-term investment so it would not be available for manipulation. I’m not a sophisticated inve stor and in my haste I made a bad investment and lost it all. All I had left were the homefurnishings I had bought for the enrichment of my family, and my Scientology library which cost about $55,000.00.

  1. Also during this time I met Maya B_______, with whom I became engaged. I introduced her into the Church and she took to the philosophy. During the summer of 1992, Maya expressed to me an interest in having other sexual partners. I tried to explain my view that such a divided loyalty would dissolve allegiances that should remain intact in a marriage—as well as endangering a couple with disease. I had spent considerable time committing to Maya, and before dissolving the engagement outright, I decided to learn whether this were important to her or was just a passing notion. I tried to recruit the church to impress on her the threats from infidelity, and to determine whether this were actually important to her. The church demonstrated no interest in this.

Throughout August, 1992, I made numerous efforts to get help from the Church in handling Maya's 2D outnesses. I sought Ron's advice, in tech and policy, to show Maya. To my disappointment the policy "2nd Dynamic Rules" seemed to say to practice your sex life anyway you please. I felt certain that Ron had more to say than this. I actually learned that this is about the extent of the tech on sex. On approximately August 4, I asked for a cycle with the Ethics Officer. I was routed to Colleen Yeary , a public, OT 7 I believe, who holds the post of Public Ethics Officer. I told Colleen about the unusual partnerships Maya was requesting. Colleen smiled and turned red in the face. I had no trouble understanding this cycle could cause some embarrassment so I dismissed this and continued. I pointed out to Colleen that several sources besides Maya indicated that personal sex practice in Europe was very different and even permissive. I was trying to determine whether a person from such a culture could f eel 'sanctioned' by their society and thus feel moral about this sexual viewpoint without feeling ethical impingement(like a "clear cannibal"). I realized Maya had gotten me into deliberating my own personal ethics and it was rattling me, and I knew it. I was desparately trying to get someone in my church to point and say, for Maya and myself, "Here's what's proper and here's why". I got no help from Colleen. She had been growing uneasy and even angry. I asked her, "Have I done something to offend you? ". She answered forcefully, "No". I began to believe I had missed a withhold on Colleen. She walked me to the church library and told me to read the policy "Second Dynamic Rules". I did so and pointed out to her that it gave no advice and practically said to do whatever you want to do. Colleen said loudly, "If you weren't so out-ethics on the second dynamic you would understand what [the policy] was trying to say". There were several people (whom I knew well) in the Qual library, and I was becoming an noyed by this invalidation. I told Colleen, "I want you to confine this cycle to a small room." We went back to the original room. Colleen was still acting angrily and, I think, nattery. At this point my strongest interest was to gracefully end this squirrel cycle and get the hell away from her. I told Colleen I would seriously consider what she had told me, and thanked her and left.

Had Maya found no Ally (for a computation) to validate her sickness and to paint me as an aggressor, she could have held the focus on her overts long enough to have some permanent wins. As it turned out she found plenty of Ally at the Org (unbeknownst to me until the following March)! On Sunday 23 Aug, Maya, probably on course that day, evidently told Colleen Yeary (who had exhibited missed withhold phenomenon and BPC with me three weeks earlier) some version of our relationship. I believe Maya ga ve only verbal data. To date, no written data from Maya has been admitted. Colleen did a write-up on this meeting and advised Maya to take a motel room and hide from me because I was dangerous and psychotic. Maya confirmed these instructions to me a week later (30 Aug). This action fits the definition of third party action. At some point, Ann Laws, DSA, was called into this, and possibly Cathy Hebert, HES (who had given me dishonest stats for my doubt formula three years earlier). An investigation sh ould be made to determine just which of these three participated in the third party. Eventually all three were to participate. I believe it becomes obvious from later circumstances that Maya bent someone's ear (s) on this day, or else these three terminals arrived at some Third Partied assessment of their own, or perhaps all who were harboring O/W's clucked up a very gratifying assessment. In some form, a decision was made at this time: David must pay... (for?).

  1. On August 23, 1992, the "ethics officer" (Colleen Neary), and the "Intelligence officer" (Ann Laws), at the Dallas Church, slandered me to my fiance, Maya Bednarczyk, successfully breaking up our engagement..



They instructed her to take a hotel room so I could not locate her, and they "ordered" me not to see her any more. I took extreme exception to this. My decision in reaction to this oppressive action of leaders of the Church of Scientology, was to part with this evil, suppressive group. The church Intelligence Officer is highly trained in role-playing as a victim, in order to depict a parishioner as an aggressor. My attorney later commented on how much of an act she was putting on in order t o appear upset and intimidated. I believe "clucking like a hen" was his discription. In Texas, it is often ruled "justifiable homicide" when a man kills someone who comes between himself and his wife. It is my personal policy to defend my family with my life. A person risks loss of life by attempting to destroy my family. Scientologists have great difficulty understanding my upset at my church breaking up my home. I showed great restraint in the face of this aggressive action from this harmful church and no one was hurt—although the church intelligence officer played the role of victim for evidence on the charges she pressed against me.

Long after I got over the loss of my fiancee, I cannot get over the pain caused by church leaders taking my determinism into their own hands.


3) On August 27, 1992, I had my lawyer deliver a demand to the church for the return of my $100,000.00 that I still had on account. The church Intelligence Officer, Ann Laws, told my lawyer that the church had spent my money and did not have it to return. This is a statutory violation called co-mingling of funds, and completes the definition of this action of the Church of Scientology as "Embezzelment" and "Fraud". For the amount of $100,000.00, it is not only a felony, it is Gr and Larceny. It appeared that someone would go to prison if I prosecuted, so I stopped pursuing it. I thought the money would still be on account as services I could have.

4) Even after deciding not to prosecute them for their "interstate Fraud and Grand Larceny", I found it impossible to be admitted to my church. They made good on their Church Policy threats of reprisals to persons who report their crimes. After my continued efforts to go to church, International personnel from L. A. coerced me to waiver my rights to sue them for their harmful acts, as a prerequisite for returning to church. I signed what they wanted, gladly, so I could get back with Maya, but they still didn’t admit me to church, nor permit Maya and I to talk to each other.

5) The slandering persons never explained why they did it. It was done in such a way as to make me doubt my self-worth and make me examine my self endlessly. Their indication was that I did not deserve my fiance, and did not deserve Scientology. Church terminals never gave me any reason for breaking up my engagement. They came through on their threat of retribution to persons who will report their crimes and seek redress. I was not permitted to return to the church. Abandoned by the group I had trusted exclusive to all others, my reality became transparent. There has never been a time in my life when I was so stopped and isolated and needed spiritual help. Their betrayal left me carrying on dialogues in public places as I tried to sort out what had happened. It scared me as I noticed others observing me during these public dramatizations. At that time I was still of the feeling that Scientology was good. I had brought Maya into the church and had made her into a Scientologist. I had always f elt that other church members admired me for getting her into the church. There were indications that other men at the church had been pursuing her while she and I were still together. Sometimes when I could locate Maya, she seemed to be reluctantly avoiding me. She had obviously been told something very slanderous about me. I was left to examine my actions and motives alone, and because I thought Scientology could not be wrong, I could only conclude the worst things about myself—but all the conc lusions were grounded only in mystery. I sought help from other locations of the church. I petitioned the church in L.A. The International Justice Chief told me to go back to the Dallas Church. They would only tell me how evil I was. Guilliame LeSevre, the Executive Director Int’l, whose specific post it is to answer personal pleas from Scientologists ignored three desparate pleas I sent him. I made several visits to the Austin church to see a "special" terminal there. He could offer no hel p that could get me back into the Dallas church. Three days before the incident with the intelligence officer, Maya told me she loved me and wanted to always be with me. I felt an urgency to have Dallas terminals bring Maya and myself together to decode what had happened. But they would never allow that--either to let me into the church, or to talk to Maya. I experienced great emotional upset from these actions. To this date I cannot understand why persons at my church would have an interest in separat ing us. It is a time of my life I cannot deal with. All through the church, in Dallas, Florida, and Los Angeles, there is wide spread consideration and accusation that I am for an unexplained reason, "evil". I have heard persons who didn’t know me, tell me about an evil person from the Dallas church who goes by the same name as mine. Someone is posting consistent, harmful charges at myself. No one is addressing me regarding any wrongs-done.

6) In January 1993, after several months of concern regarding the injustices (breaking up my home, embezzling my money, ostracizing me from the church, and labeling me as evil), I succumbed to the despair precipitated by believing I might be evil and useless. I attempted suicide. I was taken to a psychiatric court-detention facility. They were willing when I asked them to release me to my church for counseling, but Ann Laws, the church intelligence officer, refused to allow it. One of my former cu stomers was a psychologist. I got him to claim me as his patient, and gain custody. Without his help I would have been institutionalized. There is evidence that the Church Intelligence Officer, Ann Laws, conferred with the chief psychiatrist to have me committed. Ann reported material from my confidential confessional folder to influence him. This abuse of counselor confidence ruins a person’s ability to trust, and is described by Ron Hubbard as the act of a psychotic Socio-Path, and as causing h arm to the "patient". Thus the Church of Scientology is not to be trusted with deep personal problems or confessionals. Ron explains further that anyone who seeks help for his inabilities and abberrations cannot be psychotic. Psychotherapists are licensed and regulated to avoid abuses such as the violation of client/counselor confidence. In the United States, our churches and their counselors are by and large, held accountable for their actions, and cause little harm to their public, without b eing discovered and corrected. How the Church of Scientology gained immunity from government regulation, I don’t understand. Interestingly enough, they seem to be the most defiant "help group" regarding submission to outside controls. Contrastingly, they have a technology that describes the inability to submit to control as a serious mental aberration.

7) In March of 1993, a senior Scientologist in Los Angeles made the "alert" that I had a large sum of money on account and should be handled before I "refunded". Shortly afterward I was asked by "The Commodore’s Messenger", Pam Hubbert, to donate my capital account outright. Frustrated by refusal of Scientologists to honor the $100,000.00 I had paid for services, and having lost all hope of recovering it after the church’s embezzlement, I was told by "The Commodore ’s Messenger", that if I made a donation of the balance of my money on account, the church would forgive me my "crimes" (?), and would allow me back on lines. Torn between indignation and fear of reprisal, I angrily refused to donate my large sums of capital I had on account, as the Commodore’s Messenger requested. I struggled with this for a couple of weeks. My church had labeled me as evil. They were denying me all the services I had paid for, and for several months I had considered thei r suppressive invalidation of my goodness to the point that I had attempted suicide. The church had told me they had already spent my money and could not return it. I was led to believe there was no way to get this money without getting the church in trouble. I was told I was not in good standing, and could not receive services. Unreturnable and unusable, the money was useless just sitting on account. She tagged another Scientology Executive as a "sales" assist who began to call and apply fur ther pressure. After a week of nervous contention about refusing a Commodore’s Messenger, and concern about getting "declared" (excommunicated), and after an orchestrated nationwide effort to bring pressure to bear, I submitted to write-off the money I had on account in Dallas as a donation. But the church has never allowed me back on lines.

This account was to pay for everything I wanted from Scientology--including counseling to become "Clear" of "mental blocks" and aberrations, services for my children, and for my fiance--before Scientologists successfully attacked and destroyed our engagement, repulsing her against Scientology. In the mildest way I know how to put it, The Commodore’s Messenger deceived me, thereby dishonestly obtaining my donation of the capital I had on account. What could I possibly believe abou t the Church of Scientology when the Commodore’s Messenger is dishonest? Later, when Dallas personnel discovered more money I had on account, they debited it as part of the same donation without my permission, a second example of a subterfuge technique of theft by Church of Scientology terminals.

Non-Scientologists should note the concept of "The Commodore’s Messenger". Ron made the statement, "What is said or done to [the Commodore’s Messenger] being said or done to the Commodore (Ron himself). This puts an inhibiting effect on one’s ability to speak freely to, or desent, or rebuke "The Commodore’s Messenger".

8) Afterward my self respect and self-confidence were seriously lowered. My business which included persuading my prospects of the usefulness of my services, even while I was introverted and nullified in life, hit bottom. I was unable to earn a living. I had to trade the piano, at great loss, for some rent. Lester Bland, at the Los Angeles church applied strong sales efforts during my trips to Austin, to move to Los Angeles where "my situation could get handled". He gave me assurances t hat my difficulties could get resolved if I moved. After the Church of Scientology would not respond to my appeals in Dallas, my only recourse was to go to L.A. to seek justice. I had to sell the homefurnishings at great loss to afford the move to L.A. Still unable to ply my business trade, and unable to gain employment, I had to sell off my Scientology Library to Scientologists in L.A. for about 12 cents on the dollar. It is a violation of Scientology principles, and of good taste, that the church will not take some responsibility for 1) the loss of my wealth (over $500,000.00), 2) the separation of my family for a period of three years (so far) while my children are growing up (subrogation), 3) mental anguish--to the point of suicide, and 4) productivity losses caused by these years of disability resulting from Church of Scientology abuses, when they had promised me "enhanced ability". A "Flag Banking Officer" at "Flag Land Base" in Florida, Zoltan Bozan, charged that by s topping the checks two years earlier, I "had committed overts of magnitude against Scientology, and must [pay for my crimes]. Now as a senior officer of a senior Org, he made good on the threat by placing a "Flag Order" for "non-clearance for services" on myself as retribution.

9) After I arrived in L.A., in April, 1993, two Scientologists, Julie Nishimuta and Lester Bland from the "American Saint Hill Organization" together told me I had some mistaken information about Scientology and that was the cause of the upset, and that after that was cleared up I could go back to church. Then they told me I should make a contribution of taped lectures to Ron Hubbards office (I had about $12,000.00 more on account at this L.A. church). I bought the $12,000.00 set of tapes for about $8000.00 and donated them to Ron’s office. No other church official would allow that the upset was due to "mistaken information". I was not allowed back into church. For a third time, Scientologists gained a donation by dishonest misrepresentation. I had made the move to L. A. and was committed to trying to resolve this enigma there. I sought an audience with the "Master-at-Arms" at the "American Saint Hill Organization", Ann Garth. Ann was hard-to-get for a fe w days, when I finally got to see her she took on the personality of a scolding mother. She was wholly irrational in her approach to my difficulty. I viewed this as either a refusal to see my viewpoint or as an indication of insanity.

Knowing I wouldn’t have the option of going around her at "Saint Hill", I sought help at another Org. Later I was upbraided for this action, blamingly called "Org-hopping". This term seems to be a manipulative attempt to prevent competition among the Orgs, and has the effect of a monopoly, in that it prevents one from being able to by-pass corrupt or incompetent personnel. I was losing hope that I could find an ethics terminal who wasn’t dedicated to the guilt of persons who seek t heir help.

10) In May, 1993, I appealed to the "Master-at-Arms", Louise Hamre, of a "senior" branch of the Church of Scientology, The Advanced Org of Los Angeles (AOLA), regarding the injustices in Dallas. Although I had asked her for justice, her subsequent actions seemed to be in response to the request, "Will you please give me a spanking?" I spent weeks in her waiting room in order to get action from her. Instead of investigating the Dallas personnel, she investigated me, say ing I would not be permitted back into the Church of Scientology until I handled outstanding financial obligations of mine that she had uncovered, (I was in the process of taking care of these obligations when the church embezzled my money and caused the loss of more money). The vernacular for this is "Kangaroo Court". I was still seriously in need of help. Having given $100,000.00 to the church, and being seriously compromised by difficulties, (for the most part, due to the church’s bungling o r suppression) I couldn’t understand how external obligations should prevent my receiving spiritual help from the church. One more obstacle to my getting back into the Church of Scientology was, I would have to pay the checks to the Church I had stopped a year and a half earlier (about $200,000.00 worth--for which nothing was delivered). Over the last two years I have continued appealing to several top Scientologists including the Chairman of the Board, David Miscavige; the Executive Director Internationa l, Guillaume LeSevre; and the International Justice Chief, Sue Porter. Not one of them has responded to my letters. These persons are now party to the swindling of my family fortune.

11) Upon being requested to provide justice after the attacks and destruction of certain Dallas staff, Louise Hamre, MAA--AOLA, performed a Board of Investigation--on me, and brought up arrearages in financial obligations to non-Scientologists as reasons for not providing justice. She decreed further that I was the type who MIGHT report the Church’s crimes to the authorities, and on this "might" she barred me from receiving further services. The Church was to retain the large sums of capit al which I had paid in.

This was an act of blackmail under the disguise of an act of justice. What distinguishes her denial of justice as blackmail rather than justice is that the Church of Scientology is not a political entity, handing down punishments for infractions of civil laws--it is a church, accepting large sums of capital paid in for spiritual relief and enlightenment. Threatening to use the Executive or Judicial capacities of a local jurisdiction to justify denying the spiritual services I had paid for, while ke eping the large sums of capital (which would have brought my financial obligations current) effectively labels Louise as "Trouble Source, Type C" (threatening to tattle to the authorities about other Scientologists), and comprises the self-righteousness mechanism (Service Facsimile--not practicing what they preach) of the Church Leaders. It should be noted that I was in progress, handling the financial obligations in court before the severe, "Hard-sell" actions from Church of Scientolog y, International Management, and the failure of "Post Duties" of Guillaume LeSevre, Executive Director-International, and the severe suppression by Dallas Staff, whose slander broke up my engagement, whose "co-mingling of funds", caused the loss of my wealth, the loss of my family’s home, and whose statements that I was "evil and psychotic" nearly resulted in the loss of my life.

12) Throughout 1993,94,95 when I came to the church, to buy books or otherwise utilize the large sums of capital I have paid in, personnel have been trained to call security who tell me I have to leave the church, and closely "shadow" me until I leave, telling me I am not welcome at the church.

In August, 1993, I began a course in the courseroom I had paid for two years earlier. Louise Hamre, Master-At-Arms, Advanced Org, L. A., told me I was not allowed on course. There are four courses I have paid for, totaling about $3000.00, which the Church of Scientology refuses to allow me to begin or finish.

In July or August of 1993, my two bicycles, valued at about $2000.00, were stolen from the Scientology parking garage for which I was given a card key. The cables were snipped with a bolt cutter (left at scene). Church Security Chief, Michael Murphy, said LAPD had taken a report, but I never heard more about it. No one can get into the garage but Scientologists, who must pass by closed circuit TV monitors (recorded), and who must use a magnetic card key to enter.

In October or November of 1993, while I lived in a Scientology rooming house, my Scientology leather jacket and Scientology gold ring were stolen while I was out. The lock to my room was not damaged. I locked it before I left. Untouched were a gold watch I left beside the ring, and $37,000.00 worth of Stereo and Musical instruments. The House manager, Joanne Wheaton, from Canada, was an espionage operative for OSA (Office of Special Affairs), of the Church of Scientology. She told me that some o f her clandestine operations included "stealing government documents" from the federal government.

In December of 1993, when I tried to see the Chaplain at the Advanced Org of LA, Louise Hamre impeded and prevented me from getting his services. Chaplain services are a very basic part of promised assistance from the Church of Scientology for parishioners who are having trouble and need assistance. Her impedance added to the swindle and fraud by the Church of Scientology.

Although I believed the Church would keep its promises to deliver services to me at the time I paid for them, I was not informed that they have policy permitting them to renig and to deny at their whim, expensive services they have sold and promised.

On June 13, 1994, I was taking a walk in the "Wash", where the snow melts down from the San Gabriel Mountains. I was looking across this expansive river-like plain. I slipped into a sort of reverie. After some time, I noticed nothing was happening—inside. No thoughts, no thinking, no awareness—except that I really wasn’t aware of anything except the wash. As I tried to regain my thoughts I became aware that I was unable to think—period. This is difficult to explain. At first I though t I had simply reached a deep state of consciousness. I felt a sense that it was time to go, but it didn’t register that I had a home somewhere, or of its location, or that I was someone who had an identity, or a home. I knew it was "that way", and that if I walked there my house would be where I was going. Just out of caution, I tried to orient myself—to say my name, where I was from. My name didn’t come to me. The more I tried to remember who I was, the more evasive this information seemed to get. I tried to remember other things—what I had done that morning, or even how I got to where I was. I had thoughts of how concerned I could get about this, but surprisingly I felt no fear. I felt that if I had to, I could have remembered my identity, but I felt no pressure to remember. When I got home, Gail was there and I began to explain what was happening. Although I remembered her, and knew I was "home", I could not come up with her name. I explained all this to her, and felt handle d just by talking about it. I couldn’t bring myself to really try to remember my name. I kept assuring myself that this would go away. I couldn’t contemplate or remember or review anything—I could only survey what was in front of me.

It was three days before I could use my mind as a reasoning tool to any degree. In about a day, driving seemed to be automatic, and I seemed to "know" the way. I joked with my house-mates about it and they wondered about it a little. I was fully aware of the ability loss, but strangely, I could not get worried about it. At home I saw my name on papers, and I saw my Auto Title, and seemed to feel an effortless cognition of myself and my past—if I didn’t try to think about it. Everything in my environment was familiar, but if I tried to remember things, they wouldn’t come. I functioned better and better over the next week, but my lack of memory and my attention deficit were still substantial. I never seemed to be unable to function, but my short term, or scratch-pad memory, and my attention span are still compromised.

A few days after this happened I talked to Debbie, the Org Exec Sec at L A Org who asked if Gail might have caused this. I didn’t understand. She said that OT V’s were capable of doing things like that to people. I couldn’t comprehend that Gail would have caused this, but I was concerned that some Scientologist may have been interfering negatively in my life. I would never consider this but for the knowledge that Scientologists have committed rape, murder, vandalism, swindle, and that the y believe that it is alright for them to do these crimes. I feel immune generally, to the idea of "spells", and the evil intentions of others. This might be some unrelated phenomenon, but I needed, and still need, assistance with this difficulty.

On December 6, 1994, shortly after I turned in a comprehensive write-up to the Church of Scientology regarding injustices I had incurred at the hands of Scientologists, and the Church of Scientology, two windows were shot out of my van. On November 30, 1994, I pointed out to the International Justice Chief that Scientologists swarmed over me when I had money, then ignored me after the church had all my money. In that letter, I asked her "please send me some statement on what Scientologists con sider important". In retrospect, the two windows shot out of my van six days later seems like a pretty strong (albeit meaningless) "statement on what Scientologists consider important".

My landlady, Gail Rosencranz/Estrada, a high-ranking Scientologist, independently turned in a report to the church, commenting that my van windows were blown out with a gun shortly after I turned in my report. Her report was not made as a supporting report, and it was of her own volition.

I wanted to find help from someone to help me from what I considered a "Catch-22" paradox within the church. I still persisted that the Scientologists acted sanely and that I mustn’t get outside help because I would be branded PTS Type C, a "Judas". The implant that anyone who could act against the church is evil and insane, was very well entrenched. I was frozen in time by the Church attitude that they controlled and even threatened my eternity. I dared not report them. I w as not permitted participation—I was in fact "dead-filed"—a condition in which Scientologists will not relate to me, but will not inform me that they will not relate to me. When I learned of this I recognized it as one of the most harmful, destructive actions that could be taken against others.

During this time everything that happened in my daily life caused me anguish and introversion. The usual share of hostile persons one encounters in a big city seemed to be blaming me for thinking badly about the church. Rock songs on the radio seemed to be about me. A song, "Runaway Train", by a group called "Soul Asylum", seemed to suggest that I had gone so far astray that I could never get back:

Runaway Train

It seems no one can help me now,

I'm in too deep; there's no way out

This time I have really led myself astray

Runaway train, never going back

Wrong way on a one-way track

Seems like I should be getting somewhere

Somehow I'm neither here nor there

Can you help me remember how to smile?

Make it somehow all seem worthwhile

How on earth did I get so jaded?

Life's mystery seems so faded

I can go where no one else can go

I know what no one else knows

Here I am just a-drownin' in the rain

With a ticket for a runaway train

And everything seems cut and dried,

Day and night, earth and sky,

Somehow I just don't believe it

Runaway train, never going back

Wrong way on a one-way track

Seems like I should be getting somewhere

Somehow I'm neither here nor there

Bought a ticket for a runaway train

Like a madman laughing at the rain

A little out of touch, a little insane

It's just easier than dealing with the pain

My self-doubts were strong enough that this made me introvert on my questioning of my church.

Another title, "Losing My Religion", by the group, REM, quipped "That’s me in the corner. That’s me in the spotlight losing my religion." I felt I was being biographed.

A song entitled "Under the Bridge" by The Red Hot Chile Peppers seemed to render an account of an incident too painful to face. This song played incessantly as I wandered for two years in the streets and hills of Los Angeles abandoned by Scientologists.

Under the Bridge:

Sometimes I feel

Like I don't have a partner

Sometimes I feel

Like my only friend

Is the city I live in

The city of angels

Lonely as I am

Together we cry

I drive on her streets

'Cause she's my companion

I walk through her hills

'Cause she knows who I am

She sees my good deeds

And she kisses me windy

I never worry

Now that is a lie

I don't ever want to feel

Like I did that day

Take me to the place I love

Take me all the way

It's hard to believe

That there's nobody out there

It's hard to believe

That I'm all alone

At least I have her love

The city she loves me

Lonely as I am

Together we cry

I don't ever want to feel

Like I did that day

Take me to the place I love

Take me all that way

Under the bridge downtown

Is where I drew some blood

Under the bridge downtown

I could not get enough

Under the bridge downtown

Forgot about my love

Under the bridge downtown

I gave my life away

Even in the duress, I recognized this as pretty advanced neurotic, or even psychotic phenomenon.

Another song, Reason to believe by Rod Stewart, I quote in its entirety, to indicate the stress I was experiencing

If I listened long enough to you,

I'd find a way

To believe

That it's all true.

Knowing that you lied

Straight faced, while I cried,

Still I look to find

A Reason to believe.

Someone like you

Makes it hard to live

Without somebody else.

Someone like you

Makes it easy to give

And never think about myself.

If I gave you time to change my mind

I'd try to leave all the past behind.

Knowing that you lied

Straight faced, while I cried,

Still I look to find

A Reason to believe.

Someone like you makes it easy to live

Without somebody else.

Someone like you makes it hard to give

And never think about myself.

If I listened long enough to you,

I'd find a way

To believe

That it's all true.

Knowing that you lied

Straight faced, while I cried,

Still I look to find

A Reason to believe.

Still I look to find a reason to believe.

(by Rod Stewart)

It was this song that helped me to realize the fraud and criminality of the church.

While in L. A., I rented mostly from other Scientologists. One by one the church Ethics Officers slandered me to them, and I was asked to leave place after place. Finally I was left by myself in a strange culture of 17 million people, while I tried to present the injustices in a way that would impinge on the church leadership.

The traumas of this period could have been stopped by any of the several terminals or Ethics Officers I had visited. But in retrospect I have to realize that an Ethics Officer gets credits for persons blamed and brought to repent—but is in trouble for production if no one is bad. I believe that the Church of Scientology must be designed against itself, that is "contra-survival".

I have complied with the Church of Scientology’s requirement that I remain passive to their abuse, and embezzlement, and their breaking up my engagement, and costing my children their home.

My professional abilities have been seriously compromised. I install possibly the best music systems in the world in large homes. I recall before my problems with the Church of Scientology, I was very capable at selling customers on how I could help them and how my recommended improvements would improve their quality of life. Though in present efforts to ply my business, as I talk to my customers and prospects, I feel the consequences of three years of misery, introversion, self-doubts, and loss o f self-confidence, resulting from the Church of Scientology’s invalidation and suppression in my life. I was reduced to personal Non-existence (suicide) through the bungling, make-wrong, and suppression of Scientologists. When "father" becomes "charred body", do you suppose my children or any other witnesses could care for Scientology? What could a child’s perception of her father as a charred body do to promote Scientology? Try to calculate the damage to these children or to public f rom the mere consideration of suicide as a result of Scientologists’ suppression. Scientology charges that suicide attempts are merely an effort to manipulate or embarrass others. The devastation in my life was nullifying my desire to live. This final insult to one who was on the brink of eternity was not salvaging. If Scientologists can reason that I could give up the woman I loved more than life, in order to bring down a group that loomed as God to me, then their thinking is twisted and they are insid iously evil. I had no desire to hurt myself nor any church. My only thought was to stop the unbearable pain of the losses and disappointments delivered by the Church of Scientology. My children are living at subsistence level. I am ashamed at my stupidity at letting such a harmful group as the Church of Scientology exert such a devastating influence on my family.


Uncontested Affidavits

My investigation, authorized by the Policy, "Ethics Gradients", has turned up a number of affidavits, sworn testimony, against Scientologists and the Church of Scientology including damaging testimony from an attorney, an ex-marine, and a U. S. Judge, as well as several rather high-ranking and accomplished Scientologists. These affidavits charge the Church of Scientology, and Scientologists, with crimes such as murder, rape as punishment, larcenous vandalism as punishment, orders (called E nd Of Cycle, or EOC orders) to parishioners to commit suicide, and stockpiling heavy arms in Hemet, CA, for the purpose of defense from the authorities. I understand that Suppressives are at war against us, spreading malicious rumors, but some of these affidavits are inter-corroborative, and are corroborated by other individuals. Inasmuch as you are swift to attack your enemies through the courts, your failure to challenge these affidavits is tantamount to tacit agreement with them. This generates much doubt toward the church among the fourth dynamic—specifically these uncontested affidavits are ARCX’ing the fourth dynamic. Your failure to address these affidavits is addressed in Ethics Technology as follows:

-Per Policy, It is a listed crime to "[Permit] a section, unit, department, org, zone or division to collapse.(Intro to Scientology Ethics, p201)

-Per Policy, It is a listed crime to "[Condone] circumstances or offenses capable of bringing a course, section, unit, department, org, zone or division to a state of collapse".(Intro to Scientology Ethics, p203)

-Per Policy, It is a listed Suppressive Act to "[to Fail] to strenuously act to clean up an ['Affinity-broken field', and is] deemed a high crime for an Executive Council."(Intro to Scientology Ethics, p222).

You are instructed to disprove these affidavits or apply the Conditions Formulas:


Vicki Aznaran’s First Affidavit

Vicki Aznaran’s Second Affidavit

Jonathan Caven-Atack Affidavit

Michael J. Flynn Affidavit

Steven Fishman Affidavit

Judge John M. Ideman Affidavit

David Mayo Affidavit

David Mayo’s Second Affidavit

Monica Pignotti’s Affidavit

Robert Vaughn Young’s First Affidavit

Robert Vaughn Young’s Second Affidavit

Stacy Young’s First Affidavit

Stacy Young’s Second Affidavit

Andre Tabayoyon Affidavit

Mary Tabayoyon Affidavit

These can be located by name searches on the Internet, possibly most easily found under the keyword, "Scientology".

Ron’s Journal 38?

There was a posting on the Internet of an excerpt of Ron’s Journal 38. I have bought a complete LRH Library and I don’t remember ever hearing this excerpt. It is very incriminating to the church leadership and the RTC. There should be an investigation to see whether this was cut from Ron’s Journal 38, or is a counterfeit!

> Ron's Journal 38

Ralph Hilton posted Ron's Journal 38, dated September 13th 1984, and

intended for distribution following his death. Some excerpts:

"It is true that I took some money from the Church but not all of it. The

RTC has altered my intentions.

"I have found out about the atrocities that have been going on in the name

of Scientology for the past few years. I am heavily grieved that this

could happen, but you will recall that I mentioned its possibility if the

wrong terminals ever got control of the tech.

"Well I am afraid this has happened. The actions of the current RTC,

Watchdog Committee, CMO, Contracted Legal Staff and others have been

nothing less than treacherous. They have not done what I requested after

leaving the Church of Scientology.

"I want you to know that I did take a large amount of money, approximately

one hundred million dollars and put it away for the future. It is for our

future. When I return I know that the research and work to continue

clearing this planet will be critical by the time my next body will be

able to handle the job. Money on this planet is a necessity, not a luxury.

This large sum of money will give us the needed financial strength to take

on the job of keeping Scientology working.

"You fellow Scientologists who have been ripped off in the last few years,

to you all I apologize. You wonderful, glorious, fantastic Sea Org members

who have been falsely RPF'd for being able to question or think on your

own, I apologize. To you Sea Org members who have gone months without pay,

months with poor rations, who have given so much these past few years

while your leaders were ripping you off, I apologize and I cry.

"And finally to my good friend of 22 years, David [Mayo], I apologize. You

were left with the responsibility to keep the tech until my return. You

have been punished and accused of crimes and high crimes for which I know

you are not guilty.

"Disconnect from the RTC. I never donated the tech to them. I only loaned

it to them. They have subverted my intentions for their personal profits.

David Miscavige has become a criminal and coward of the lowest order.

Leave him and his cohorts alone to their hell for eternity."

Message-ID: <>


If this were cut from the original by a church leader the needed action is obvious.

If this is a hostile counterfeit, it is ultimately a result of our ARCX’ing the fourth dynamic—emerging through the Internet. If the field had great affinity for us, there would never be such hostility. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation we must gain their trust and affinity. We have the Technology for doing this. It’s called "Liability Formula". More effective than the Pied Piper, the application of ethics tech should bring the fourth dynamic to our doors. The PROGRAM I h ave devised for you will accomplish this.



Less than Perfect

As the one who gave us something that we pay our fortunes for, Ron seems to be exalted. He is certainly very special. I certainly paid my fortune. Somehow Scientologists must look far enough to see that propitiative worship to the point that we abandon our own beingness is an aberration. We will remain aberrated—needing Clearing—so long as we ogle and surrender our self-determinism to any individual of our same species (fourth dynamic).

Ron is not the Universe. He is not the space around us. He is within that space and we must learn to spot him in that space. The strong influence he has had on each of us has blinded us to the reality of his existence. Like other aberrations, ogling and propitiation are caused by reactive mind bank phenomenon. This overwhelm is an aberration, and none of us can consider himself clear until he identifies and resolves this aberration.

I believe none of you considers that Ron had the GPM (compulsive ambition) that he was a "holy man". Indeed he described feeling "holy" as an aberration. If you have found yourself feeling an importance (a compulsion) about Ron that caused you to abandon Self, then possibly you have felt the pressure of someone else’s ser fac (self-correctness compulsion).

I believe none of you has missed that Ron can on occasion be involved in some mischief. ……………………

Up to this point I have been speaking in understatements and euphemisms for a purpose. As a Scientologist you will undoubtedly find the harsh reality I am about to present to you extremely offensive. To the degree it is difficult for you, you have caused the difficulty for yourselves.

For some years I dallied in Doubt and Confusion, refusing to believe I doubted—refusing to admit to confusion. Next, for a period of two years I carefully applied the ethics formulas, and spotted Ron in this Universe—and found myself in this Universe as well, without feeling a need to be less than I am. I also determined the relation between reactive mind, Ron’s Technology, the state of Clear, and spiritual advancement. But most of all I have defined Ron’s shortcomings (just like the ones we al l have). My willingness to confront his shortcomings while continuing to be impressed by his accomplishments has enabled me to forgive him, and to separate his outnesses from the gains one can make through his Technology.


Definition of Religion


Demonstrable compassion is the true test for a religion.

Compassion can remain unseen, especially in the presence of humility, so...

Demonstrable harmfulness can be used as a positive indicator of lack of compassion.

Megalomanic, totalitarian, arrogant, smug, and elitist are qualities of the harmful person or group.

Buddha used the term "ahimsa" (Random House Unabridged, non + injury) to indicate the most notable characteristic of the religious participant.

Evolution of the Religious Pursuit:

1) We are spirits living mortally.

2) Mortality is an illusionary trap.

3) Prudence is desiring that "I" escape the trap.

4) Sociability is inclusion of others with "I".

5) Compassion is going back for others.

6) Religion is guiding them out along the rope you tied to the doorknob.

Therefore the practice of religion is a function of compassion. Harmfulness betrays a lack of compassion, and therefore, a counterfeit religion.

The "mortal agreement" has always been, "Let’s try all the doors, and the first one out come back for the rest of us".

Ron Hubbard didn’t build a door, he found one. And although he may have woven the rope, He was, as a causative co-constructor of the original mortal trap, in agreement to come back for the rest of us. To say that he wasn’t is to say that he is uncompassionate. Human mortality did not suck Ron in, and we did not trap him. He co-constructed our mess with us. Although I’m in awe of his diligence, we do not owe Ron a heart-beat for the rope. Ron now has more than anyone could ever owe him. The rop e is woven from the fibers of fear, grief, confusion, and dispair, then discovery and enlightenment by many individuals. If Ron had acted alone, he would not have had the fibers for his rope. The compassion that brought him back with a rope, reflects the need he felt for us. Our escape and our company are his reward. Only arrogance could demand amends from us. The rope is his amends to us.

The basic requirement and most observable characteristic of religious sincerity is COMPASSION, also "the greatest good for the greatest number", which is the rule for democracy.

The basic requirement and most observable characteristic of religious insincerity is harmfulness, but also megalomania, arrogance, smugness, elitism, and "the greatest good for the smallest number", which is the rule for totalitarianism.

It’s difficult to run after people with "compassion thermometers". It’s a bit easier to observe harmfulness qualities--megalomanic, arrogant, smug, elitist--and harmfulness patterns--

totalitarian (Random House, #2, "exercising control over the freedom, will, or thought of others), threatening, and menacing others.

Persons without compassion and humility who are permitted to attain spiritual abilities cause harm to others. This is what is happening in the Church of Scientology.. A church acting without compassion and humility is acting fraudulently. They have alienated prolificly as they individuate from the society. Scientologists recognize individuation from the group as a phenomenon which occurs when one has wronged others

Application of religion by an individual, or a group, to others, is for the purpose of bringing others to spiritual cognizance. We all attain spiritual cognizance according to our own abilities. But no one individual promotes to spiritual domain alone (to do so, one would be devoid of the prerequisite--compassion). When all people attain spiritual cognizance, then we all promote to spiritual domain together. It is prudent (prudence, Random House, defn #3, "regard for one’s own interes ts") for an individual to seek promotion to spiritual domain. When the individual wants for all others what he wants for himself, he is said to have compassion. He desires "the greatest good for the greatest number"--the definition for GOOD. When he realizes that all must promote tegether, he has balanced between prudence and compassion. He works equally hard to attain promotion for himself and for others. This drive to assist others toward their spiritual cognizance is the " ;religious activity". When an individual works only for his own promotion, he lacks compassion. His motivation is, "the greatest good for the smallest number" (self)--the definition of EVIL. He will harm others for his own advancement--but will not attain it. Only when we all care for the advancement of all others, will we all promote--together. Imparting compassion is the most expeditious religious activity. Someone you see without compassion is someone who is holding us all bac k. A closed group who seeks for their own advancement to the exclusion of others is an evil group. When these groups are licensed by governments they can do much harm to others. Licensing agencies should monitor compassion among religious groups and group members. Since compassion is observable by subjective qualities, not by objective qualities, monitoring is best done by detecting those qualities opposite to compassion--Harmful qualities such as megolomania, arrogance, smugness, elitism, etc. Elitism is deception, and dishonesty. It is the idea that an importance, or fashion, or "fine stuff", has gained him a place in line ahead of others who have earned their position. It is applied better by actors than by the spiritually cognizant. Smugness is a facial illusion. Smugness is the application of horse manure to one’s face in order to gain preference or position. You can actually see it in the face of a smug person.

It is prudent and compassionate for groups to apply their major efforts to those who SEEK spiritual cognizance and promotion. It is elitist, smug, and arrogant for groups to give priority to wealthy or famous individuals, as opinion leaders, for the purpose of promoting themselves--individually or as a closed group. Inasmuch as Advertising/Public Relations is "professional lying" and leads to demographic selection, this leads to a caste system which is not conducive to planetary sp iritual promotion. As individuals "blossom" into compassion at all levels of society, they should be rewarded, and encouraged to contribute and participate. If they are denied recognition and participation, they lose prudence and eventually forget why compassion once seemed so important. This blossoming is more observable in a democracy where constituents are free to create special groups that cognite on a particular social ill--environment, animal rights, family protection, etc., than i n a totalitarian state where the individual is invalidated, and discouraged from stepping out of the "command channels".

When religious services are expensive, then prudent and highly-competitive sales personnel compete for the positon of "disseminating" the religious services. The stakes are high, and their focus can shift from compassion to prudence. Their motivations and the motivations of the group can darken from motivation for all others (compassion) to self-, or group-motivation (prudence). The shift from compassion to prudence can bring about a "smug, elitist, caste" group. This is not to deny group prudence so that group members, in "cloistered" environments, can develop spiritual cognizance and experience the spiritual domain, but it remains true that "overly prudent" will scorch them as their responsibility to others impinges. Motivation by any principle other than "the greatest good for the greatest number" (compassion) reduces them to "less than" a religious group. The test indications are blatant smugness and elitism, and whether others beco me harmed from the practices of the group. Inasmuch as Scientologists have harmed (not only) myself, by their criminal, swindling, and abusive techniques, they have and will harm others, and they are suspect for being something other than a religious group.

Ron Hubbard is abusive, and totalitarian. The Sea Organization, in their propitiation to him, are this, plus arrogant, smug, and elitist as they "wear" their idea of "a winning personality". They are a closed group devoid of compassion and humility--and others are being harmed.

Elitist and smug disqualifies a group as having compassion, but crime, swindling, and abusiveness indicate a highly harmful group which must be corrected or eliminated.

Whereas a religion should be defined by the aims of its members to provide a solution to the problems of mankind (indicating compassion), and whereas this compassion will manifest itself visibly as an attitude of service to mankind as opposed to an attitude of controlling mankind, please be advised that the Church of Scientology falls short of those properties that would define it as a religion. This understatement does not indicate how much more harmful this group can become if they continue to wor k under the premise that they "own" salvation and mankind "owes" them for it, and that their relationship to those whom they "serve" is one of "controllership", and demanding of political allegiance--controlling their constituents to the detriment of their personal, familial, and public obligations.

The licensing of religious groups should reflect observable compassion, and the absence of harmfulness among the personal traits of its members.



"Scriptures" Used Harmfully


Source Policy would lead one to believe that there is only one reason for unresolved Doubt…that you have some unresolved past ethics situation. I have discerned at least one other reason…an unresolved present contradiction—an enforced reality. It involves PTSness and therefore is also an ethics situation (in present time). An arrogant person who has enforced a reality on you, or has Fleeced you, would have you look (with futility) in the past to locate your ethics problem t o account for your doubt. His purpose would be to cover-up his action of enforcing a reality on you. This is actually hypnosis (if successful). This is perhaps the most severe case of Socio-Path suppression there is. It is Implant Technique. Large groups can be made to introvert and back-track, searching for what they did wrong (rather than if they did something wrong). By Policy they are stuck there until they come up with something they will call wrong. It becomes less difficult to mock-up a "found" outness in one’s past as the reason for the present time doubt.

This first-dynamic stifling has become a third-dynamic seething, and accounts for the nattery staff one can find in the present-day church. A repressed Doubt acts the same as a candid Doubt. It is a "flow 0" overt, and it individuates one from the group—as well as from oneself. PTS staff, with their shared reality (an enforced reality), individuate as a group. As you observe those staff who are nattery and enforcing (as they take on the winning valence), you will identify those who are in f irst-dynamic betrayal—and who, by their actions, are validating an aberrated leadership.

From this time on, the "Repair of Past Ethics Conditions" ethics procedure (RPEC), with a rising TA, or which will not flatten, will include a prompt for an enforced reality in PT, and if necessary, for a suppressor, in PT. Individuals do find doubts—in any religion—and these must be handled correctly. The statement that one enters a new group in Non-E is not entirely correct. More often than not, one enters the group in doubt, and if not resolved, causes—and incurs—damage.

Enforced Reality, with covered-up blaming and "held-accountable" (in RPEC), then, is the chief source of the damage done to the third dynamic, The Church of Scientology. And this has followed a policy of "The End Justifies the Means", which is an extension of "Gray-Scale Ethics", which is a reflection of the "many-valued logic scale" (righter vs. wronger).

When you advertise that Scientology is compatible with Christianity you are giving false stats for individuals’ doubt formulas. During doubt application they come to wrong conclusions about Scientology. This knocks them down to Enemy condition when they pick up your contra-Christ elements in the Tech, or from other Scientologists. One is incapable of successfully applying Doubt Condition when they receive your false reports for their formula. Then when they approach OT III, or when your true view s regarding Christ come out through their studies of the Tech, or on the Internet, or any other channel, they naturally vacillate around Doubt, Enemy, and Liability. You then have a group of Christian-background parishioners who are "stuck in doubt". This is going to carry across even through OT III by which you are endangering them with your bypass of truth. You have bypassed full disclosure, and you have bypassed their minds—deciding directly for them what they will accept. Even if this < U>is based on truth about Christ from 75 million years ago, it is a harmful act toward 1/3 of the fourth dynamic as you cause them to be "stuck in doubt", and you endanger their safe transit of OT III. This is called deceit, covert hostility, and there is sufficient support of this covert hostility among all Scientologists to establish you as suppressive toward the fourth dynamic labeling yourselves actionable under Scientology justice procedures. Your agreed-on viewpoint of this is such as to obligate yourselves to accept the authority of one who steps in as a deputy in a crises. Your compliance with the ethics program outlined herein will correct the labeling and avoid SP declares for all Scientologists who comply. As you passed Enemy Condition on your way down to Confusion, you abandoned your post and consequently no longer have authority or jurisdiction—or even the entitlement to act as [your post name]. It is too late to reverse a forty year policy of representing that you a re compatible with Christianity. It might be too devasting to take a stand as "Anti-Christ", or even as "Contra-Christ". You have gotten yourselves into an extremely difficult situation. You should consider carefully how you will resolve this. I strongly suggest full disclosure, and that is the action I shall take. 2 billion Christians are too strongly committed to destroying the Anti-Christ to ignore this, or to take a position of "covert hostility", (deception, or 1.1 on the tone scale). Their viewpoint is too strongly entrenched in society, the governments, and in the militaries, of Western civilization for you to take this lightly. Only truth can correct past deceptions, and past Doubt, and leave you surviving. If you represent your beliefs candidly, you can at least have the protection of a society indulgent of opposing viewpoints. It would be best if you had never chosen a path of deception.

Speaking for myself, I fear for my eternity on deciding to stand with you. I have reality on your "regression" techniques of resolving past traumas, griefs, aberrations, and wrong understandings. I have hope for the idea of subsequent (after Clear) spiritual enlightenment. Until I undergo the OT levels (which are secret) I cannot possibly make a decision on them. Any one who does is dishonest both to himself and to society, and to the church. Thousands of you have done this, as you wil lingly declare your belief in everything presented to you. Hopefully this is the single item responsible for your nattering, witholdiness, and harmfulness (vandalism, grand larceny, rape, murder, and orders to commit suicide [End of Cycle Orders] ).

A choice to continue deception will result in warfare with many established religions. An effort to fairly persuade, or convince, will assure your survival. Giving the fourth dynamic the "Granting of Beingness" inherent in free choice, is easier than you think. There are many Christians who consider their religion unconvincing. Many of them go through doubts perennially. The only requirement is to demonstrate that you do not represent, for them, the "Anti-Christ"—that you are not a negative, "other-worldly", adversary. To date, you have demonstrated that you are a totalitarian dictatorship, opposed to Democracy and to Christianity, while using a line of "compatible with Christianity" to lure Christians. You have demonstrated that you, in order to impose your rule on the world, will stop at nothing. By deceiving, stealing government documents, murdering, raping, swindling, stockpiling heavy arms, ordering your parishioners to commit suicide (End of Cycle, or "EOC" orders), and other demonstrable charges, you have established yourselves as the worst we can imagine.

Even if you succeed in this route to "World Dominion", you will have merely substituted "Incident Three" for "Incident One", or for "Incident Two"—requiring as much future undoing for the trauma as you say is now required for Christ’s previous wrong-doing.

The Church of Scientology seems to have tread a path of total insanity and non-survival. In order to survive, you must reverse this. As you know, Ron’s "Ethics Conditions" are fully capable of turning this around, and even winning the world to your cause (via Liability Formula).

By reason of the items discussed under this topic, RPEC will be included in your Ethics program.


Internal Policy Conflicts and External Law

There is a policy on "Trouble-sources, healing, and Insanity", which serves the purpose of protecting the church from enemies who would attack us through their connections with unwilling or unwitting members who are prone to cooperate with them under duress. As it oppresses the rights of others, this is a much abused policy, although in one place it advises, "Consider the facts and act accordingly". This policy establishes the doctrine—alien to Scientology—that "Scientology cannot handle trouble".

This policy, in the estimation of Scientologists, threatens reprisals against others’ eternity. It specifically recommends:

Trouble Source Type A) Ostracism of those who do not abandon friends or relatives who are skeptical or opposing to Scientology

Trouble Source Type B) Blackmail of those who criticize the Church’s criminal actions.

Trouble Source Type C) Punishment for those who inform the authorities of the Church’s criminal actions—much like organized crime "hits" its informants, or adolescent gangs bully their "snitches". It is very much the childish threat, "If you tell on me, I’ll beat you up.

Trouble Source Type D) Ostracism of those for whom Scientology has failed—creating a hostile environment in which one is fearful of reporting failures of Scientology, thereby generating propitiative "Success stories".

The policy, "Trouble Source—Type C" (Threats of reprisals against those who report the church’s crimes to the authorities), flies in the face of other Policies: a) "Keeping Scientology Working" regarding being a "panty-waist"—taking no stand—when staff are taking actions which can alienate (ARCX) the public, or which can cause the collapse of Scientology, b) the doctrine of writing Knowledge Reports [to a body senior to the offending person] to expose the wrong actions of others, c) PTS/SP Technology regarding coming to cause over a suppressor, d) The Scientology doctrine of Responsibility, and Scientology Ethics, regarding allowing the suppression of others, e) "Ethics Gradients" which warrants an investigation, and by which such a suppressor can be brought to justice, f) The "Personal Integrity Course, which promotes maintaining one’s integrity, g) Scientology sales technique which instructs one to quote frequently, "Scientology can handle th at [problem]", and h) The Scientology "Code of Honor".

Application of this "Trouble Source—Type C" policy and its threats against one’s eternity constitutes various crimes, high crimes, and suppressive acts regarding, "permitting", or "condoning" the collapse of the Church, or of Scientology. This policy attempts to imbue the church with qualities so holy that their crimes shouldn’t be reported to the authorities. Current usage of this policy is applied under the viewpoint that the church permits the government, instead of the real world viewpoint that the government permits the church. Current application of, and compliance with this policy violates a members citizenship rights including first amendment rights under the constitution. The fact that Policy or church staff would willingly deprive us of our third dynamic rights under the constitution, presents the church as a suppressive group—witness how strongly they enforce this deviant reality on the membership. This policy makes the Scientology "Code of Honor" mean ingless.

The use of this policy which has damaged the church’s reputation, and has oppressed countless individuals could be prefaced with a simple test. "Is this punishment directed toward an enemy, or toward one loyal to the principles of Scientology?" By "saving" ourselves from each other—seeing ourselves as enemies, we have generated fear and hatred within and outside the church.

There is a line from the Scientology "Hardsell" course which reads, "The only [wrong] you can commit is to not [sell] the person in front of you". After reading affidavits alleging murder, rape, fraud, larcenous vandalism, suicide, and orders to commit suicide, all by Scientologists, I feel the need to review the distinctions between right and wrong.

In summary, this Policy on "Trouble Sources, Healing, and Insanity", is a declaration of irresponsibility for all trouble associated with the church, or with helping others.


Verbal Data

The Rule against Verbal Data reduces one to a squelched state, and one of robotism. It dismisses any doubt you may have ever had, and dictates that even if you don’t totally believe all the matters in Scientolgy, you must behave as if you do. This is a key component of the enforced reality which Scientologists face. I have never known the statement, "If it’s not real for you, it’s not real", to stand up against the rule prohibiting Verbal Data. There are consequences provided for violators. "If it’s not real for you…" validates one’s first dynamic. The rule against Verbal Data quashes first dynamics.

It is sufficient to rule that the Technology will be used only as printed. It is acknowledged that verbal data can lead to mistaken assumptions. All Tech courses will include instructions to that effect, and possibly drills regarding refusing verbal data and requesting references to original documents as a test of a speakers knowledgability.

Intimidating or punishing is low-toned and will not be practiced. Teach individuals as well as possible and rely on that education for the seven years it takes to reach our goal.

Persons with a propensity for controllingness, or desire to punish should be counseled to correct these aberrations.


Not Full Disclosure

>Advertise that Scientology is compatible with Christianity, then take anti-Christ stand.

>"Obey the law"…(Way to Happiness), hold parishioners responsible for misdemeanors (even reporting them to the authorities), when you commit felonies (arms caches, stealing documents from the government, raping parishioners, stealing and destroying parishioner’s automobiles, and taking an anti-democracy stand).

>We should, perhaps, discontinue claiming compatibility with Christianity. All religions differ. No other religion demurs nor feels wrongful in telling others that their religion is their religion—it is unlike others, except in that all religions deal with attaining salvation. Some religions seek some leader to dole this salvation to its members. Some religions believe you earn Salvation by hard work. Some religions believe you figure your way out. Some religions believe you process your viewpoi nt to that of seeing clearly. We have plenty to gain by candidly stating our techniques. We have much to lose by deceiving others into our camp, especially when we are critical of Christ, or Jesus, and, by this deception win Christians into our camp. This is very dangerous because Christians are super vigilant for a boogey man called the "Anti-Christ". When you take a critical stand against Christ, you are posing as the target that was prophesized for about one-third of the world ’s population. It so happens that most diligent seekers, from time to time, glance outside their belief systems to see what others have to offer. If we practice no hostility to their belief system then, we cannot become their targets, and we will not become alienated (ARCX’n) from them. If we acknowledge that, like them and all others, we are seeking personal salvation, then we will loom as an option to them at a time of doubt when they are seeking another route. If, on the other hand, we try to deceive them out of their differing viewpoints, with a deceptive (1.1 on the tone scale) sales technique—lying to the fourth dynamic about our actual intentions, then we will alienate (ARCX) the field, and will incur a wrath like that of the Crusades of medieval times. Do not underestimate the sincerity of Christians regarding their readiness to save Christianity and Christiandom from the "Anti-Christ"—their religion teaches them that the Anti-Christ will be totally destroyed. If you cons ider that you are powerful enough to withstand a mortal holy war from what you might deem an aberrated group, still do not make the mistake of posing as that target. I am talking about Western Civilization. You are physically less powerful than Sadaam Hussein’s armies. You, too, can lie in smoking desolation. Witness Waco. Witness Ruby Ridge. Witness the FBI. Just ask them how much they are going to enjoy taking your arms cache in Hemet, California. Ask any Christian how he will lose h imself for eternity if you win as the "Anti-Christ".

You have been very stupid in this. You do not understand the Christian mind. You do not understand that the greatest military might in history is staunchly influenced by this mindset, and loves to tackle oppressors, as you have presented yourselves. Unless, of course you actually are "Anti-Christ", and your battle-plan is to annihilate Christianity. If that’s the case, watch how fast your prospective markets "duck" to avoid being between the Stealth and the Fool. If you will just be honest, you have nothing to worry in Christianity other than the acrid dogma of the fundamentalists. Jesus demonstrated himself to be a social personality, offering help, as well as acknowledging the universal need for help, and propounding the sovereignty of the virtuous person. You would do well to evaluate your jeering and taunting of virtues such as compassion and meekness.


We should practice truth-in-advertising, and full disclosure when asking parishioners to invest heavily.

You should disclose your contra-Christ stand before you accept sums of capital from persons expecting Scientology is compatible with their former belief system, Christianity. To fail in this is economic dishonesty—fraud. And it is 1.1 on the tone scale.

You should disclose your totalitarian military command channel organization, and your intention of bringing all persons—all nations on Earth—into the Church.

You should disclose the claimed extra-planetary origin of the Galactic Federation of which the Sea Org is a member…

The Sea Org symbol adopted and used as the symbol of a Galactic Confederacy far back in the history of this sector, derives much of its power and authority from that association.(FO 3350).

[defn #2]...the star is the confederation and each one of those leaves is counted[26], it's the number of stars.(6804SM__).

[Modern Management Technology Defined, by L Ron Hubbard—definition of Sea Org symbol, Defns 1 and 2.]

So our Solar system is part of a confederacy of 26 systems? Is this left over from Ron's Science Fiction days? Are these systems in deep space or from nearby--Andromeda or Horse's Head Nebulae? Is there anyone from Texas? Will spaceships descend and pick us all up at some future star date? If they do, is that survival or indenture? Can we examine the Captain's log? Is there something about a signature on a billion-year contract that commits our 'soul' without "informed consent"? This has the sound of "selling one's soul". Why is it important to get a signature on such a contract? How do you enforce such a contract? This could be 10 million lifetimes. In terms of todays monetary standard that could amount to a value in excess of 20 Trillion dollars—add interest for a billion years—adjust for inflation over one billion years! You're taking only the best minds on the planet. Do you feel you are in exchange asking that kind of committent?

If your goal is truly to save all mankind from aberration by relieving trauma, grief, and implants, you will distance yourself from that Source Policy and that segment of Church Leadership which dramatize an insatiable desire for control of your constituency—the plan being that all Earthlings will ultimately be a part of that constituency.

Catch Phrases

These phrases inhibit others from being right, or they avoid responsibility or trouble for the church, or they threaten reprisals to others. You won’t observe the use of these critical phrases among compassionate persons--only among Staff and field leaders and those with unresolved/unconfessed sins. Much of the practice of Scientology is the art of transferring your wrongness to others, so that your statistics (accomplishments) appear greater than they are. In his efforts to make a universal i ndex to the human mind, Ron over-simplified many things into neat, packagable cliches. I have included many of them in this list.


"You’re Ser Facking" (You’re being hypocritical.) one feels guilt instead of expressing rightness. Often used by persons who have no comprehension of its meaning, but who find it as a way of making themselves right. Persons who used to use foul or loud language to intimidate, find that this phrase is a powerful substitute for foul language to make themselves heard, or right.

You’re being a prevent one from assigning aggression, or harmfulness to Scientologists--as doing so makes him appear to be a victim. Ron has successfully implanted shame and regret about admitting another has damaged you. This implant saves the church from the profuse law suits it would otherwise face. Ron’s ‘wrong definition’ is so strongly husbanded by Scientologists that they have totally forgotten the original meaning in their mother tongue.

"non-compliance=doubt"--shaming and blaming--"If you disobey, we assign you doubt condition". Very effective "or else" phrase, as the next condition down from doubt is "enemy".

"The only wrong you can commit is not to close (sell) the person in front of you." (quote from the "Hardsell Course", by L. Ron Hubbard.) This is blanket authorization to commit any act of coercion or domination toward another in order to close a sale. This is Scientologists’ "License to Kill" phrase. This justifies all wrongs done to others. This is encouragement to "reg’es" (registrars—Scientology salesmen), and Ron’s instructions to others to app ly boiler-room tactics "under the guise of doing good" for them. It is treachery and deceit. It is a fund-raising ploy. It is a statistics push. It is 1.1 (covert hostility) on the emotional tone scale.

"Other Fish to Fry"--Ron’s action of invalidating an individual’s right to "have a life". Ron ridicules individuals’ private goals by sneering at, and disallowing them to have "other fish to fry". This was an implant to prevent Scientologists from "having a life". Ron jealously wanted all staff to benefit only him--no one else, not even themselves. This is one of the most significant examples of his hypocrisy, greed, and megolomanic insanities. This is hyp ocritical in light of his statement, "It is the [reactive mind] bank that says the group is all and the individual nothing" (from Keeping Scientology Working--THE senior Scientology policy). Ron profusely displayed these "hypocrisy neuroses" (ser facs).

"helping otherth geth one tho muth cathe gain"---a "theety-weety" prosurvival, or manic implant to prevent staff from having "other fish to fry". No one in Scientology doesn’t want auditing. Especially staff want auditing (as it was promised as part of the exchange for staff work). Auditing is the method for getting case gain, but it is time consuming. When you need more work from staff, tell them the tooth fairy brings case gain, so their attention can go bac k to getting more work out. It has been known for millenia that service gains credit, and gives one an opportunity to work through his aberrations, but as Ron says, [people just haven’t been attaining significant case gain, or immortality, until I developed the Counseling Tech].

"Don’t be reasonable", or... "reasonable is a bad quality"--->"You’re being reasonable"...Once Ron got sarcastic about "being reasonable" as taking the comfortable way out, and forever after Scientologists have exiled the word from the language--and have become very unreasonable individuals. From "THE STUDENT HAT" COURSE, review the phenomenon of "WRONG DEFINITION". Ron was instructing you to avoid compromising Scientology to reactive mind--not to lose your sense of "reason", a virtue as defined in the English language. This is one of many examples in which, doggedly adhering to what you assert is Ron’s meaning, has compromised your sanity. The catch phrase goes, "Don’t get reasonable". Now read chapter 3, "On the Death of Consciousness", from Self Analysis, by L. Ron Hubbard: "The primary target of the enemies of his right and ability to reason." Each time you scold another for " ;being reasonable", you are like an "enemy of man", targeting his "right and ability to reason". Contrast this with your alleged goals and purposes. This viewpoint against being reasonable is like having a "held-down-five" on that little calculator inside your head. With your badly programmed minds (implants) you are misleading and actually harming persons who come to you for advancement. This is an example of how Scientologists, via blind extension of Ron’s casual com ments, can give others implants, preventing them from reasoning through harmful catch-phrases. Can you think back to when (and from whom) you received this implant about "reasonable"?

"What is said to the Commodore’s Messenger is being said to the Commodore". ("Commodore" means Ron). No differences allowed, enforced compliance, totalitarianism, one-way comm, domination technique, insulting invalidation of the individual’s response. Hypnotic control implant requiring that parishioners give mindless, unquestioning adherence to the instructions given by the children sent out to relay non-negotiable orders from LRH (actually from the church leadership). Domi neering presumption that Ron’s slightest wish was our eternal command. A product of the brainless, hypnotic over-validation given Ron by his groupies during trance-like worship manics excited by mob psychology.

Imagine the frame of mind that comes over you when, as you realize the incredible effectiveness of the Scientology Technology, you feel "moved" to express profound appreciation for the gains you have received, then this innocent young thing appears before you, saying emotionlessly, something like, "Lick my nostrils". Immediately you are impinged by your prior resolve to never do anything that would offend the memory of this man who accomplished the impossible task of figuring the way out of the mortal dilemma. You smile and stoop as your tongue seeks the level of her nostrils. You would indulge the most demanding test to demonstrate your gratitude—this is nothing—can’t they give you a more challenging test of your loyalty?

What’s wrong with this picture?? This is the reactive mind bank that Scientologists are clinging to—a masochistic, propitiative worship implant. The same aberration that has caused every other religion to lose its meaning. This mindset is the mental equivalent of the smell of feces. Ron was the one who produced it—with the help of mindless Scientology groupies.

LOOK AT YOUR INSANITY!!! I do not permit you to continue this insanity in the name of religion. What would YOU do if you discovered such a Technology? It would be your spiritual duty to distribute it with all your beingness. To do less would label you as a cheating deadbeat. You would be cosmically indebted to every other individual to spread this. I accept Ron’s great work as amends for every wrong he has ever committed. Thank you Ron. Now I’m through with that! Clear the word, " ;fixation", in any dictionary. This is dumbshit, demonstrating the insanity of Scientologists. Let me spell out the ultimate outworking of this insanity. Your copyrights run out in a few years. After that, if you continue your totalitarian domination of humanity, You, your church, and your founder, enter oblivion, as mankind takes over what is rightfully theirs—restoring sanity to the application of liberation.

Ron is not God. No Divinity could be so mean and contemptible. No Deity could set up such a destructive, dominating, totalitarian, invalidative, organization as the Church of Scientology.

"We threaten their eternity" (Intro to Scientology Ethics, p 156)—duty compulsion (GPM), self-righteousness mechanism (ser fac), to hold fear to enforce compliance (totalitarianism). This is the basis of Ron’s threats of harm as a reprisal. This is what Ron holds over others. Ron is emotionally capable of condemning others for eternity. This is the threat of "harm worse than murder" that Ron threatens to others. Every Scientologist that "buys" the totalitar ian, military command channels, has surrendered to the idea that immortality is assigned by Ron. This is the definitive statement of Ron’s lack of compassion and humility, as well as his megalomania and totalitarianism.

Immortality is attained by an individual’s realizations. Ron does not control our fate. If immortality is our "allowance" for complying to military command channels, then Ron is beneath Hitler. Without divinity, this enforced implant is the only thing Ron can invoke to smother others with ultimate control. This transparency is probably what impinges Ron and the church leaders to attempt Deification of "Himself"--in order to clinch authority for world dominion. You can recogni ze hypnotic Scientologists by their submission to this implant. Immortality is in bookstores everywhere. It is ours. It is Ron’s amends to us. Our accomplishment of it is his reward.

"you’re out-rudes". By the time you think you need a catch-phrase in a conversation, you’re out-rudiments--hence, a useless catch-phrase. (defn: out-rudiments: bad attitude).

"you have overts". We all do. It is a moot point. To remind others of theirs, as a means of responsibility-shift is spiteful (level 1.1 on the Emotional Tone Scale).

"You’re 1.1" (1.1, or One, One: That numerical position on the "emotional tone scale", charactarized by deception and spitefulness, which identifies one as chronically destructive to others.) Simple name-calling--by the ones who actually are 1.1 (deceptive and spiteful). Supposedly, a Sociopath Discovery Counseling Process (S&D) is required for this kind of labeling. This is a popular catch-phrase among Level 5 Operating Spirits I’ve met. Routinely, these person s smile and validate when I comply. They scowl and invalidate when I don’t...pretty much the definition of 1.1. Ron defines this as "Domination by Nullification"--the chief activity of the 1.1 person, as he becomes chronically destructive to others.

"You pulled it in", or "you brought this on yourself" (basically a nattery statement).....a church technique for blaming the parishioner for the church’s wrongs (Picture a rapist telling his victim, "You pulled it in", and you are picturing the Staff ser fac. I don’t recall actually seeing this in print, but it is a favorite with Scientologists. Possibly this phrase is staff vernacular. A camouflaged way for another to tell you that you’re responsible for the difficulty that he has caused you, which was in response to the difficulty you caused him (tit for tat). It seems to say, "You pulled in what I pulled in, but you did it first". The moral?...It pays to natter back so you can blame others for what you pulled in. This all makes for a very nattery work environment. When the Food and Drug Administration raided the D.C. Org, Ron never considered that he pulled it in. He only considered that others pull in their problems. This is mere irresponsibility.

"You’re nattering, your behavior indicates you have overts (unconfessed sins), and are thus wrong". Ron explained that your harmful acts cause you to seek to point out the wrongs in others--like a "red herring" to hide your own wrongs. He calls this nattering. Some skillful Debate Team Members try to use this as a divining technique to "discover" when another has sinned. What they overlook is, "All nattering is complaining, but not all complaining is nattering". T hey also overlook that we all have overts (have sinned). There is no defense against these recriminations. Any self-vindication gets interpreted as self-condemnation. We all have overts--therefore the use of these as a guilt factory against chosen targets is moot.

You’re responsible for everything". A doctrine described by Ron in his book, ADVANCED PROCEDURE AND AXIOMS. Ron writes that an individual is responsible for all wrongs committed throughout eternity, even on planets where he has never been. Although the statement is not possibly true, it is assigned to the individual, but never to the group, where it is more possibly true. Ron never took this much responsibility...he just assigned it. Christ alone took the sins of all others as his . Ron seems to be the ultimate "not-responsible" person...then senior Scientologists, then middle management, then lower management, then high-level parishioners, finally, the not-so-high-level parishioners are responsible. The most "responsible-for-everything" persons on this planet are those Scientologists who have been "denied" services, or excommunicated. The most blamed=the most responsible. Thus it’s actually a play on words. This is a true representation of Scientol ogists’ pecking-order of shifting responsiblity downward. Consequently, "irresponsibility" drifts to the top. It is most mystifying that this principle works by the self-righteousness mechanism (ser facs). Mystifying because those at the top are the ones most expected to be "Clear" of their self-righteousness (ser facs). Therefore Ron is the ultimate responsibility evader. He assigns all, but denies all. Ron writes that "you" are resonsible for all wrongs in the universe. You who? He assigns and blames others for their wrongs, but he dodges all complaints. "Trouble Source" labels are techniques for Ron and the Church of Scientology to avoid responsibility. This is shifting responsibility from Ron to everybody, and from staff to parishioners--the very opposite of what Ron preaches (Ron’s responsibility for all wrongs).


On "Trouble Source" labels--the "Duress" of Scientology.

These are a set of "command channel orders" that threaten harm to any who would violate them (offers we can’t refuse). These are "enforced realities" (which always carry the power of suppression). They successfully eliminate any "trouble" the church would otherwise have to confront if the church were a responsible group. "Trouble Source" definitions are a distortion of the phrase, "The pen is mightier than the sword" ;. When staff choose to oppose another, they simply "write" down that that person is "He whom we no longer like", instead of stabbing him. It is similar in use to a popular phrase of the 1960’s, "Color him gone". One of Ron’s rules is, Disliking someone indicates you have unconfessed wrongs against him.


Trouble source phrases...threats of eternal harm (We threaten their eternity) or reprisals (denial of services) to thwart inconvenience, exposure, and reports of the church’s crimes to authorities. This is Ron’s self-righteousness (ser fac) arsenal. The threatened harm is Ron’s feigned retribution against us--to deny us immortality, thus condemning us for eternity. "Feigned", because no one can deny another’s immortality unless he considers himself worse than a murderer. These actions are those of a mercenary, amoral, immoral, and irresponsible person or group--unwilling to endure the trouble normally encountered during the act of serving parishioners who pay large sums of capital. These "Trouble Source" phrases are the basis of the fraud and swindling actions of the Church of Scientology.


>Trouble Source Type A, "If your family or friends trouble us, we will harm you." This is a wrong target.

>Trouble Source Type B, "If you criticize [or blame] Scientology, we will look for crimes or other dirt in your confessional folder or elsewhere, and keep it on file to blackmail you for any inconvenience you may cause, or to explain our failures." This is a "statistics boost", designed to hide failures. It is also extortion and blackmail.

[additional on Type B:] Type B> Ron threatened to excommunicate any who criticize him. Ron claimed that the only reason that anyone would criticize him for his crimes is because they have committed crimes themselves--rather than because Ron had done something wrong. This is equivalent to saying, "I committed my crime because you committed your crime". This is similar to, "The devil made me do it". I remember hearing a small child’s defense when he was accused of a w rongdoing: "So did you." The favorite defense of Ron and Scientologists is recrimination--counter-accusation. "You lied." "So did you." It carrys the threat of blackmail to thwart reports on Scientologists’ crimes. If Ron used his adage "Criticizing indicates you have committed crimes", as a means to discover crimes for counter-attacks on those who discovered his crimes, then he did not believe in social rehabilitation--eventhough his "Tech" includes & quot;Confessional Technology" bragged on for its power to rehabilitate. When anyone criticizes Ron or the church, Scientologists investigate into their past, including their confessional files, searching for crimes and wrongs, as a counterattack on them. This denial that Ron’s "Confessional Technology" works can only lead to doubts on the whole of the Technology. Later Ron formed a group for social rehabilitation of criminals--possibly as a PR maneuver. Ron states his intention to hold pa rishioners’ statutory outnesses as blackmail in case the parishioner reports Ron’s outnesses to the authorities.



>Trouble Source Type C, "If you report our crimes to the authorities we will harm you": This is equivalent to the school kids’ threat to "kick your ass if you tell on me". It is used mostly in organizied crime toward informants, or "snitches". If someone is at effect enough to be a coward, your threats to harm him if he reports you, will cause him to seek a regulatory agency on a nine-foot fence ( a position to retaliate). If someone is causative enough that he does not fear your threats to harm him if he reports you, he will not hesitate to report your crime (extortion or backmail). This is a violation of Ron’s tried and true formula for Quality Control (Knowledge Reports) as a means of disciplining others. It is unlawful, immoral, and amoral to use coercion to squelch reports on one’s crimes.

>Trouble Source Type D, "If you complain about our failures we will harm you": This has the effect of a "statistics boost", to hide embarrassing failures of staff. If someone is at effect enough to have a help button so that he can’t ask for help, or disclose his difficulties he is having, then when others on your totalitarian command channels force importances of "Success Stories" on him, he loses credibility to know he must help you hide your failures. This th reat against people who complain about problems with Scientology Services is simply a ruse to avoid refunds and to falsely report a 100% success record. This destructive act by L. Ron Hubbard is effectively a statement that Scientology is a lie. This is a violation of Ron’s assignment of responsibility (Advanced Procedure & Axioms--chapter on Responsibility), [Paraphrased], "You are responsible for all wrongs anywhere, even on a planet in a solar system light years away that you never hear d of". He obviously meant that parishioners (not Ron) were responsible--otherwise he would take responsible for any dissatisfaction with Scientology services. Ron never took that kind of responsibility. History tells it that Christ is the only one ever to take on responsibility for the sins of everyone. This "degree of responsibility" clause from Advanced Procedure & Axioms is the pliers and screwdriver of thoughtless Ethics Officers’ blaming and shaming parishioners for the wrongs of others when their "things to do" basket is empty.


>Reprisals as "Duress"

-nullification of your eternity



-disallowances of services

-non-Enturbulation Orders

-Separation Orders




totalitarian command order to exercise control over the freedom, will, or thought of others. [Random House--"totalitarian", defn #2]

Power to invoke disqualification for services ("trouble source" labels, others), in order to expel without expelling, hence no refund owed.

Refund terrorism..."You’re evil, You’ll be expelled. We will harm you. "We will threaten your eternity if you ask for a refund".

"Personnel, Order!". Cry of attack (as the person so shouting points to the victim). Staff dependence on Scientologists’ belief that they don’t have the right or ability to refuse to restrain the targeted person when ordered by a personnel terminal. I’ve never known a Scientologist who would refuse to cooperate with this auto-suggestion.

Blue Star Ethics Condition (rewarding high achievers with license to suppress) awarding the condition of "Can do no wrong".

Many-valued Logic Scale (situation ethics, or "gray-scale" ethics) "If I murdered fewer persons than you did, You’re a murderer, and I’m not". This puts ethics in a shade of gray instead of right or wrong. The many-valued Logic Scale represents the height of Ron’s confusion.


Gray-Scale Ethics

Gray scale Ethics, alias "Situation Ethics, alias "many-valued logic scale".

This is an ethics system which provides justification--"the other guy also has wrongs".

Use of this system involves finding dirt on someone else when he points at your wrongs. This system is what makes Scientologists so nattery. What is actually happening is missed-withold phenomenon, followed by motivator-overt sequence:

Joe: "You took my pencil".

Fred: "Well, you took paper from the Copier stash", ("so I’m keeping your pencil").

This includes overt-motivator sequence motivating (justifying) a blackmail. Restimulation of missed-withold gets compliance to blackmail. Scientologists constantly respond to m-w/h’s and pulled witholds by stating the accuser’s wrongs as if that made every thing OK--with a sense of accomplishment. Scientologists are pots calling kettles black (tech analysis: mw/h, o/m sequence, blackmail, compliance/concession).

This is the foundation of Ron’s "Trouble-Source Type B"--vindication of self by other’s guilt--a ser fac (hypocrisy mechanism).

The "Gray Scale" of ethics, or many-valued-logic-scale is the most important tool for the justification of the harmfulness of the Church of Scientology. It has been used in confusion with the definition of good--greatest good for the greatest number. Fifty-one percent helpfulness, forty-nine percent swindle, is viewed by Scientologists as acceptable.

Skillful staff get away with their wrongs by keeping count on others. It is a subtle blackmail technique. Some are so skillful at it that instead of out right "discovery" of your wrong (which would make you confront it), they "nearly discover it" (missed withold as a suppressive act). This way the victim can’t report, or own-up to, "Blackmail" as he would be acknowledging the crime that was "missed", (if he had "discovered" it, he could at least defend himself, but with this subtle make-wrong, defense is equal to announcing your own wrongs). Throughout staff you will find these "ser facky" cliques of Scientologists who manipulate and control others through "guilt" in this manner. Admin and Ethics personnel have developed expertise in this. For the most part auditors who have spent their careers auditing are oblivious to this. Those Admin and Ethics personnel who move on to auditing, as well as auditors who have soaked" this s kill from their SP’s, become evaluative and invalidative auditors, and infect the church and its application of the Tech. All this is involved in practicing the "many-valued logic scale", or "Gray scale Ethics". Scientologists could think back to whom originated this manipulation machinery. Staff are so steeped in this kind of manipulation that I believe it is not possible to operate as a church without using it. You should train a mirror image of staff who are well trained to recogn ize the various catalogued manipulation techniques, and who will, on a planned timing replace the entire church. This will correct the situation.

I’m a pianist. I’ve always had to memorize my music with much effort. I have met persons who play piano "by ear". I’ve marvelled at their command of "piano tech", but I would never let them "rule" me--especially not as a tyrant. Ron "played" psychotherapy "by ear". He was marvellous and wonderful at it. Keeping this in mind, read Ron’s Policy entitled "Responsibilities of Leaders", and observe Ron’s solutions to "keeping control&q uot; over others. Would you vote for this dominating totalitarian? Why do you not move to Havana, Cuba?

The Church of Scientology is under the control of a harmful, totalitarian leadership who consider "Ron could do no wrong"--and actively seek to deify him, to justify "totalitarian leadership", and "Gray-scale Ethics", so that they can keep control of the church as it begins to include the entire planet. Your leadership seeks planetary control. It will become increasingly difficult to stop them. Perhaps we should consider doing it now.

Instead of Gray-scale Ethics, you should learn "right and wrong". Practice Virtues daily. Make a list. You might start with "humility". Next try "compassion". There is case-gain to be had by becoming virtuous. It can lead one into a natural reversal of reactive-mind bank. Seeing your own ser fackyness can blow ser facs as you very casually notice, "Gosh, that wasn’t a very

compassionate act I did."

Seeking spiritual enlightenment is complicated by every group’s unwillingness to be wrong. No one says, "We’re sort of mediocre. We’re not sure, but there may have been some miracles although we can’t guarantee it. Brother Joe saw a three-legged frog once while he was praying. I got chills once when I lit a candle. We don’t know if it works, but we’re very friendly, and we’ll accept a lot of your money".

Testimonials read: "I made a donation, and now I have a new job. I prayed to get my car fixed and this guy with good insurance hit me from behind. "Would you like for others to experience the same gains?" (How do you answer "No" to that question?). David, if you don’t believe totally in our religion, why don’t you go find one you do believe in? Lose your mother who doesn’t believe like us. The only reason you criticize our church is because you have done something wrong . If you report our crimes to the authorities we won’t allow you salvation. If you complain of our failures we won’t allow you our salvation. We’re so right you must believe."

Try knocking on doors and asking, "Are you the one?" You’ll think "Yes" is a sound your ear makes. After all the hype..., after everyone believes he has impressed you, and you are finally alone, you decide for yourself--based on observation of virtues, getting results, and being allowed to be yourself (and many other factors I’m sure).


DEFN: GPM-- "An aberration stated as a compulsive drive to duty caused by thwarted ambitions".

Ron’s thwarted ambitions caused him to persist with the "engrained" verbal statements, "I am a great religious leader", and "I am a great military leader"--a combination that leads to despotism and domination.




-needs constant stroking, or reassuring in order to maintain normal behavior.

-attempts to totally annihilate opposition at slight provocation instead of more comensurate handling.

These two characteristice of the biochemical personality--domination and nullification--are touted by Ron as the characteristics of the Socio-Path, or Suppressive Person.

-attempts to nullify all opposition indicates unawareness of "consequences of wrong-doings", and dismisses valid viewpoints of others--trademarks of megalomania.

-disallowing of the golden rule, or as Ron put it "unwilling to be the other fellow"--indicative of individuating from society and civilization

-dominating of associates

-nullifying associates

-Military command channels as attempt to dominate any opposers.

-Trouble Source legislation as attempt to nullify any opposers.

-enforced Reality

-Higgens (Wiggens?)—Ron’s former shirtmaker—visited me when I held the post, Test Center in-charge. He told me of Ron’s avoidance of synthetic fiber in his tailored shirts because of allergic reactions (biochemical?).

These add up to despotic control, megalomania.




We, Y’all, and They—Collective nouns and pronouns, and Group Responsibility

Ron trapped us by threatening to label us as "Trouble Source" Type C, (those who would report our crimes to the authorities), and the Anti-Social Characteristic (making broad, sweeping generalizations about "they", as targets), and by denying group petition (sharing our discoveries of church crimes). Yet he (quote) establishes that "We threaten their eternity", (ISE, p 156, "Ethics Gradients". Are "We" not the "They&q uot; that our victims refer to when they seek justice? This was Ron’s broad, sweeping generalization, in his anti-social episodes.




Iraqi soldiers share in the responsiblity for the damages caused by the invasion of Kuwait. The Nazi soldiers shared in the responsibility for the damages caused by the Third Reich. TV audiences who contribute, share in the good results caused by Jerry Lewis’s Labor Day Telethons.

It is the nature of a group that it is united behind its cause. And they CAN be referred to as "THEY". It is impractical to recite the name of each member of a group, saying, "Saddaam, Ackbar, Ahab,… invaded Kuwait". That sentence would be 50 miles long. "They" invaded Kuwait. "They" are a harmful, destructive group. Unification varies from group to group, and consequently, the responsibility of the group members varies. It is truth that there has never in history been a group more united than Scientologists are, behind the Church of Scientology and behind L. Ron Hubbard and his policies.



Group Dynamics

Plural vs singular. They vs. many its.

Scientologists do harm as a group of individuals who have in common, over-validated their leader, looking the other way to not see their leaders’ and founder’s outnesses.

-Ron’s prohibition of refering to a pluralality helps Scientologists to avoid responsibility. His instructions give him many "patsys".

It is properly said, "Scientologists threaten our eternity", they dogpile the HAS’s ordered target at the invocation of "HCO, Order!", They participate in Fairgame, They participate in Deadfile, They participate in Ron’s ostracism. They avoid due process of their 3rd Dynamic (Government). They say, "Telephones are psychotic". They unanimously and unquestioningly support group enforcement on the individual, as well as thoughtless surrender of their own individuality.

Ron’s good accomplishments are very, very good. His bank aberrations are very, very bad. The fact that some policies are harmful proves their source within the bank. The fact that they are all supported unquestioningly by ALL Scientologists indicates the bank activity of the Church of Scientology.

There is a Source of the Church’s harmfulness. There are channels for the Church’s harmfulness. And, there is a complying public. All are participants, sharing the responsibility, and all are THEY!

And awareness of this plurality—THEY—is forbidden! Awareness of THEM is listed as an anti-social quality. Thus no group leaders, or Source, can be held responsible. Ron’s first dynamic is out as are Scientologists’ in general.

Ser Fac defenses of this include:

-We are doing so much good that our bad can’t be considered.

-This is Source!

-The only overt you can commit is to [not sell Scientology] to the person in front of you.

-the end justifies the means

Even as you train new followers your emphasis is not on belief—it is on selling. You have new PC’s selling things they do not understand—much less believe.


Broad Sweeping Generalizations

>All sickness and all accidents are exclusively the result of being a "potential source of trouble". (incidentally this is qualified—"to a greater or lesser degree")

>"We threaten their eternity" (ISE, p156). Here Ron identifies the broad sweeping generalization that declarees and PTS’s broadly refer to. It is notable that Ron makes these "broad sweeping generalizations, but if our victims should observe that "They" threaten "our" eternity", then they are classed as, or bordering on, being anti-social persons.

>"Telephones are SP’s"—here Ron makes a broad sweeping generalization and comes up with "more enemies than there are people". In 1967 Ron started labeling enemies. His first statement is that there were less than a dozen. . Essentially, he was labeling the "Bilderburgers", those who have charge of this world—somewhat more than a dozen. In recent years, "declares" and "enemy" labels have been bandied about as harmful acts by the Church of Scientolo gy. I have observed social individuals who are qualified pre-clears pleading to receive Scientology while church leaders order that they be ignored and church officials turn a deaf ear.

As Ron labeled further and further, he eventually labeled telephones and certified mail as SP’s—coming up with more SP’s than there are people. Incidentally, when Ron labeled "back-track" (decarnate) SP’s, he essentially established "more people than there are", i.e., that it is possible for one to have "more [suppressors] than there are people"—this could account for some of the Type III’s suppressors who are not otherwise accounted for (Type III means lunatic). It is con tradictory to Ron’s philosophy to believe that the number of people presently living accounts for all the individuals there are. What was Ron thinking when he said "Type III’s [lunatics] are only hallucinating when they see their antagonists. Possibly they are indeed surrounded by decarnate individuals. This brings to mind some stories of Scientologists, from the Office of Special Affairs, who are private investigators, who commit acts of vandalism and rape toward other Scientologists as acts of fai r game. This is over my head, but is it possible some decarnate Scientologists gather to haunt those persons they consider fair game? Why would Ron try to establish with his instructions, that you can only be victimized by persons who are present in body—that it is lunacy to believe you are "fairgamed" by persons who cannot be accounted for with a body count? This phenomenon is real to Scientology philosophy. Ron relates incidents of acting without a body. Could Ron’s ridicule o f seeing more SP’s than there are people (which is contrary to his philosophy), be an effort to cover-up some nether activities of gung-ho Scientologist activities of driving their enemies mad? This does match the spirit of OSA. How would you explain Ron’s contradicting himself? It is a fact that Ron matches this mold when he declares telephones and certified letters to be SP’s—creating for himself more SP’s than there are people. Was he wearing thin at the time? (Wow, this stuff can drive you to drink !)



>HCOPL 14 Nov 1970 "The Product as an Overt Act"...Para. 11, Org as "they".

>Origins of Aberration: last tape: Ron's statement of his uncertainty re: group as unit of individuals acting together.

>ISE, Chapter on Ethics gradients, pp155-159: We threaten their eternity.


There is no principle or person in Scientology who can dispel the evidence in my Doubt formula--that this was a sinister cult. One can only encounter so much evil intention from a group without properly drawing conclusions about the purpose of that group. Would you require a "Moonie" to determine that each person in Sun Yung Moon's Organization was contra-survival before you would support his disconnection from that group?--of course not. Would you require him to label a thousand--You would not. I think you would support him long before he labeled twenty-five high ranking "Moonies! Thank you for your support of my Doubt Formula. I ethically opted to disconnect [in 1992. Within 2 weeks I reversed my decision] as an ethical reaction to the preponderant evil in the group. I considered suppressing the group but I didn’t consider it worth my time. I had tens of thousands of dollars still with the group. I would be in first and fourth dynamic treason to leave that money with an evil group. This wa s not an anti-Scientologist action--It was an anti-persons-who-dishonestly-call-themselves-Scientologists action. These evil persons were fair game. This was not an anti-Scientology action--It was an anti-evil-person action, because I was still planning to adhere to Scientology--I had the complete Library of books and tapes. My plan was to find others to Read it, Drill it, and Do it, and to exchange auditing and Course supervising--my only option, after the group that Ron had trusted went into confusion. Observe that I used Scientology ethics to arrive at these decisions. I applied the proper formula and cognited that this church was used to suppress and extort money from people. ANY action I could have taken against the church after that would have been (and was) an Ethical, survival action! Every group, especially a church, is obligated to present their fronts and not their behinds to their public. YOU are morally obligated to take responsibility for what I inevitably had to interpret from all the b ehinds that were presented to me. Observe I have never departed Scientology. Please observe also that you, if you found yourself in a group such as I have described, would come to the same Ethical conclusion (you have obviously never found yourself). Please observe that my actions were admirable, honorable, laudable AND were SURVIVAL actions. If your shame burns you, then be aware that you too, recognize my ethical action.

I believe that decades of opposition have made you punch-drunk and trigger-happy! What did YOU do to PULL-IN all this opposition? If YOU don't like some group or individual, where is YOUR overt? Why do YOU not take responsibility for EVERYTHING? What is YOUR ORIGINAL OVERT against the IRS?...against the psyches? YOU are lost in smugness! You are lost in a GPM! You are in CONFUSION! YOU need help! Fourth dynamic orientation is n ot a warring feeling..., it is a loving feeling. You are not a loving people. You are a nattering people! You are vicious to your friends! And I intend to put ethics in on this group if it takes me a billion years. And if someone doesn't do it soon, you will never reach fifty years!

[These two paragraphs are excerpted from my Doubt Formula, page 33, section M.--"I develop doubts".






Confused Ethics Purpose

Scientology Ethics are so strong you have to keep your perspective. Glib use of the word "Enemy" can make you sound overbearing or downright paranoid—and can mislead those in your environment to see you as overbearing and paranoid. Refusal to bless and accept your friend’s enforced use of the word "enemy" can make you concerned about whether you are accepted by him. Then you find yourself uncertain about his estimation of you. The more strongly he rebukes others, the more impinged you might feel to side with him against those he rebukes. Such loud use of discipline and power is overbearing, belligerent, and suppressive. Criticism and Vigilantism can be persuasive if only because it makes others fear to cross you. Overbearing Ethics terminals can create a dangerous environment for those in their vicinity. Agreement with an overbearing personality causes you to occasionally side against a "wrong target". This is mob psychology. It is heavily implanted in the reactive mind bank. This, coupled with the viewpoint that "we threaten [others’] eternity" (ISE, p156), gives one a "dangerous environment". No one threatens your eternity without your consent. Anyone who considers it acceptable to be a menace to others does not grant sovereignty or beingness to others—he considers he has the upper hand, irrevocably—especially if he wishes you to believe he controls your eternity! If one recognizes what your fears are and speaks them, he is using your implants and fears to control you. Ron calls this person a "merchant of fear". Consider with this, the church dogma that the statement that sums up all man’s drive is the command, "Survive!". Ron gives this as the driving force behind all of man’s ethics striving—to survive! Does this not suggest that we might not survive if we don’t stay ethical?--suggests that we may cease to exist?--to die? Does it concern you that you might die if you do not abide by the ethics Tech? Does it c ause you perhaps a dangerous environment? Who merchandised this Fear? Who defined Merchant of Fear? Who teaches that the motivation for existence is, "Survive!". Do you consider that a Thetan can die? Then why the obsession with surviving? You have no choice but to survive.

On top of this, you are working in a military command channels situation in which you do not have the option of disagreeing with or disobeying "uplines" orders. Reactive mind example: When two dogs meet, the smaller rolls over to please the larger with the option of ‘sniffing’ or harming the smaller. The larger dog maintains this pecking order by regularly enforcing his "rite of sniffing or harming". Scientologists, generally, readily accept the current leadership’s outnesses as y ou accept this social technique from the animal kingdom. Go somewhere by yourself and reflect on this. See if you can disagree that you have consented to be ruled by a belligerent leadership—and that you are kowtowing to them. Just remember—you share their responsibility for their suppressive actions. What is the only reason for using military command channels? It is to assure that you will follow and submit to the orders of a central leadership. It is effective only if you are ready to take another’s life if so ordered. It is useful only when a group is in physical combat with others. Do you consider that you are ready for physical combat with another group—or will be at some time? Do you consider that a bickering group who has begun to cache heavy weaponry—and is ready to let their superiors "sniff" or harm them, might at some future date get involved in deadly combat? Have you considered the legality of this? Do you consider that you have a greater effectiveness against military armies than the people in Waco?--or at Ruby Ridge? How about Desert Storm? When do you consider you will be properly prepared to conquer a civilization that is ready to die to ensure its personal freedom? Do you believe that a dictatorial form of government has a place in this world? Have you ever studied Public Relations? Do you consider that physical force is useful to our cause? Then you have a very low estimation of the effectiveness of Dianetics and Scientology.

There are too many who are "comfortable" with democracy for you to consider that you are going to "take" this world by storm. Think about how much you have already alienated the fourth dynamic with your arrogant, insulting actions—ungranting of the beingness of others. What do you expect TWO BILLION Christians to do when you take an "Anti-Christ" stand? What do you expect a democratic world to do when you have taken a stand against Democracy? The countries tha t invented communism have come around to democracy. Do you consider you might be unpopular at this time? Are you aware that there are groups who are interested in "taking you out" even without waiting for you to get involved in a confrontation? You are making them SO right, and yourselves SO wrong by the route you are taking.

Finally, consider how convincing was your first win, the first relief you felt from Dianetics or Scientology. Or how revolutionary your first really dramatic and earthshaking experience in auditing was? Why would you consider cramming your message down the throats of others? Do you feel respect or compassion for others? You are in a better position than a drug dealer—one taste of what you offer and public cannot forget you! You should concentrate more on learning to audit than on learning to com mand.

Ron’s idea that the drive behind existence is the command to "Survive!", gives me a bit of a dangerous environment. The difference here could be one of definitions. I believe that the universal drive is to improve and enhance our existence toward an always higher goal. Hence the drive to achieve "quality of survival". Does this not suggest applying some virtue? If we postulate a virtuous lifestyle that will enhance our eternal Theta existence, and will ensure a long er mortal survival. Postulating "meekness" will help us to not do anything that overwhelms another—as advised in Ron’s course on Integrity. Practicing "humility" will help us to grant beingness to the seeker in front of us. Postulating and attaining "Compassion" will expedite our goal, as Compassion is the drive behind the religious pursuit. These are the outstanding virtues pertinent to Christianity. Do you get the idea that the belief that &qu ot;the universal drive of all existence is to "Survive!"—rather than to "enhance the quality of survival", invalidates the virtues of meekness, humility, and compassion, and perhaps is the rift between Scientologists and Christianity? There are other accounts in history that Christ sacrificed himself in the Crucifixion to make-up for some offense he committed some time earlier which had a negative effect on our progress. So I’m not insisting that Christ didn’t do something eons ago whi ch impeded us for a time—as Ron claims.

As for as "Christianity" being entrenched in the bank, I believe that to be a result of individuals—following the cutative/additive theology of St. Paul, a Roman prosecutor, after he successfully aborted Christ’s specific instructions on healing the sick and raising the dead. Paul substituted an obsession with integrity and an abhorrence of "naughtiness"—thereby causing Christians to become self-righteous and guilt ridden. I believe Ron may have opted for the wrong target.


>The keynote of Christ’s ethics seems to be virtue…The keynote of Ron’s ethics is survival.

>The ethics of virtue seems to enhance our spiritual existence. The ethics of survival seems to be for the purpose of lengthening our physical lifetime (Survive!).

>A Thetan, spiritual and eternal, naturally focuses on "quality of existence"—or virtue. The Genetic Entity compulsively focuses on "length of [physical] existence", or survival.

This fixation on physical survival is what fixes our idea of existence on decaying bodies rather than eternal spirits.

Survival is a concern only for the genetic entity. It is a concern for a thetan only while he has a bank that makes him mortal (dying). So "Survive!" is a bank concern, and a dangerous environment.

Since a Thetan cannot die, concerns about death are a moot point, at least for thetans without banks. So for a Thetan, the driving striving is for quality of life (virtue), and constant embetterment

"Survival" as an Ethics dictum is a material reach for material survival.

"Survive" as an individual’s greatest striving is an aberrated bank command, born in a dangerous environment—who told us we will die? Telling us that our greatest concern is to "Survive", is telling us that we can die—a dangerous environment.

>An example of Ron’s corollary to virtue is to wash his hands after using the bathroom so he won’t transmit disease (The Way to Happiness, chap 1). This material concern is not inducive to an OT civilization.

>Among Buddhists it has long been known that the attempt to attain spiritual domain before developing one’s virtue leads to spinning out, and spiritual demise.

>Practice of the virtues is a postulate of proper behavior, and develops compassion. Focus on survival brings affluence which can act as a narcotic as affluence can isolate one from former difficulties and grief. Without virtue, or behavior postulates, affluence can jade one’s sense of responsibility, as obligations and former liabilities cease to impinge on him.

>Virtue is a perennial indicator of sanity. There are many wealthy but insane individuals—with high stats.

>Sheer survival without virtue envies and attempts to rob virtue, as in the story of Jacob and Esau.

>Inclusion of the virtues of meekness, humility, and the golden rule, and compassion will bring spiritual affluence—OT qualities and havingness.

>Survival focus without virtue leads to depravity and to craving, as in an addiction, leading to a Biochemical Personality.

>OT IV, the OT drug rundown, without virtue practice, restimulates craving and depravity, or generally, the Biochemical Personality. This is demonstrable in the psychoses of OT V’s who dramatize "Biochemical Personality".

>Biochemical Personality means materialistic, or spiritually blinded due to survival focus.

>Survival focus without virtue



The Way to Happiness, by L. Ron Hubbard is a behavior guide for thetans with banks—to enhance material success. [Comment: Material success, occurring as it does while one is still alive, is observable. The effectiveness of The Way to Happiness for the individual is therefore observable.]

The Sermon on the Mount, by Christ, is a behavior guide for thetans, with or without banks—to enhance spiritual success. [Comment: Although spiritual success cannot be conclusively determined in a lifetime, one’s theta-qualities can be seen to improve by postulating Christ’s virtue teachings. More importantly, Western civilization has demonstrated an exponential growth in culture and prosperity since the advent of Christ, notwithstanding the current degeneration of western culture which see ms to have begun around 1950—or year 1, as it is designated in Scientology. Note—The "virtue practice" referred to here is strictly that taught by Christ—and is not a reference to St. Paul’s "Christianity" and its obsessive integrity and naughtiness-avoidance (never mentioned by Christ) which foster self-righteous, guilt-ridden congregations.]

The many-valued ethics scale (righter vs. wronger) is a gray-scale of ethics, and gives an advantage to one’s material survival. "Survival", as an ethics dictum orients a thetan toward a dangerous environment—one in which "dying is an option", but we should still strive to survive.

The bipolar ethics scale (right vs. wrong) guides one from being bank-oriented to becoming spirit-oriented, and through daily postulate and practice of virtues leads to individual integrity and non-fearfulness of death. Christ and Buddha both prescribed right vs. wrong (hiyana vs. nihiyana, in the Sanskrit) as an ethics scale.


Survival focus can restimulate "Biochemical Personality" (as materialism)—especially following OT IV, the OT Drug Rundown.


Spirits are eternal, thus need not fixate on survival—they can only survive.

What a spirit concentrates on is quality of life—virtues.

Only mortals need be concerned with survival—they are the only ones who may not survive! Thetans, on the other hand, are stuck with it. It’s not so easy to get out as to just…die. Merchants of Fear and Chaos might try to get us to focus on survival as something very, very important, and create a dangerous environment. For example, this could give one the idea that he might not survive. Also, this unnecessary focus might trip us up by keeping us in survival mode, or restimulation.

Survival concerns are the natural fixation for mortal, or earthbound, entities.

I believe Ron’s concerns about finding a way out of entrapment leads to concerns about survival as a mortal entity in order to enhance our chances to solve our entrapment during a physical lifetime. Promotion of survival is obviously important during our mortal dilemma, but our ultimate concern should be toward developing spiritual propriety—behavior as a spiritual being. Neglecting this is the cause of our mortal dilemma. We will not always need to be so concerned about survival. When we supercede t he necessity for physical bodies, non-survivability will not be a possible concept—as there will be no way to cease to exist. At that time our "flourish and prosper" will be measured by our spiritual degree of advancement—the morally depraved beings will be looking to the compassionate beings for guidance

The striving for survival can be an aberration. If I burn my finger on a hot iron, I get an ingram with locks. The next time I am around an iron, I am cautious out of restimulation of the ingram. Then when I audit out the engram, my survival reaction ceases to restimulate. Does this lessen my chance for survival?

Kittens play fighting and stalking games with their siblings due to Genetic Entity implants (instincts) which are passed down in their genes, and through the "contagion of aberration" from the mother cat. These fighting and stalking games are the restimulated implants from the genetic entity. The mother’s aberrations also restimulate past engrams. These instincts enhance the survival of the kitten by developing his survival instincts. Clear his engrams and implants (instincts), and his survival is lowered. It would be the equivalent of de-clawing a cat—he would be unable to defend himself.

Mankind has ascended from the jungle, and civilized people cling to the golden rule for their survival. When less cultured persons who continue to live by the sword, or by the law of the jungle, are introduced—in masse—into a civilization, these less cultured people "bully", or suppress the more cultured individuals, if they can avoid observation or impingement by the monitors (police). Cultured, civil individuals have lowered their physical survivability (prowess) by developing their mental and emotional and spiritual abilities. Cultured groups seek to cut out any "nidus" (ghettos, barrios, etc), in order to stamp out the influences that devastate the spiritual lifestyle which results from clearing out "survival instincts" (reactive mind).

Degenerate beings, through generations of validating each other (mob rule, herd phenomenon) are conditioned to cringe at the thought of "being good", or abiding by the golden rule. Through folk art and folk music, and other arts, the jungly are able to develop themselves out of a situation. Subsequently, they can depart the grip of the ghettos through mental development by learning a discipline with which they can earn and interact with civilized persons. As their social endeavors are re cognized by others they can be more and more accepted. In some cases as in racial characteristics that are associated with a degenerate, an atmosphere of racism develops because the less affluent of the civilized segment identify the degenerates by their racial characteristics, and fear encroachment of the law of the jungle.

Here we have an example of those who live by the law of the jungle developing their abilities of intimidation, extortion, protection scams, murdering, etc to enhance their survival, e.g., underworld organized crime. These are aberrated suppressive individuals who would be without their survival mechanisms were they to be cleared without learning and practicing new behavior patterns (virtues).

We have the other example of civilized individuals destimulating their "jungle" survival mechanisms, and rising to the group survival mechanisms of "the Law" to promote their survival as they develop their emotional, mental, and spiritual abilities.

The OSA structure within the Church of Scientology applies the law of the jungle to eradicate those who do not seem to abide by tenets of Scientology.

It is taught in certain circles that, while fasting in the desert for forty days, Christ established certain emotional and mental blocks—implants, if you will—for all who would accept and abide by his teachings which contained the keywords and concepts for the implants. For two thousand years now, western civilization has developed along these implants and have developed a society with orientation toward living within the guidelines of the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes. Now suppose that on e develops a technique for undoing the progress imparted by these implants—with a process called "counselling". All the ground that was gained by centuries of influence by the "Church" could be undone and lost.

It will not suffice to claim that a religion is evil and that one is to replace another. The Golden Rule and the virtues taught in the Beatitudes are too undeniably "survival" and elevating for Society to claim that they are implants by an "evil" Messiah. One who would try to foist this forcefully on a society would have to be despotic by nature.

There is also a teaching that Christ’s work was thwarted by a Roman double-agent, Saul of Tarsus, who took control of the new church and introduced teachings of his own that were never mentioned by Christ, which include an obsession toward personal integrity—for class distinction, and an aversion of "naughtiness"—a combination that could discipline a society through guilt and greed. One side considers the other to be implanted and conditioned by a deceitful Messiah. The other side considers t he one to be the "Anti-Christ". You can go to war, or you can make full disclosures. It is time to choose between these two alternatives. No more secret societies. No more secret teachings.

It will no longer suffice to "deadfile" those who express doubts, nor to whip dissenters back into the party line. Individuals are ready for apprisal and enlightenment, followed by discernment and judgement. Foisting and fleecing was for Industrialists and missionaries of a century ago—themselves uncertain of the side they promoted.

Individuals find themselves today pulled by two camps involved in a great struggle.



An Ethics system based on the adrenal squirting command, "Survive!" is good for a mortal existence. It tends to keep our reactive mind in restimulation, but is somewhat more effective than our survival instincts which trigger our defensive and reactive instincts. The problem is that it imposes a dangerous environment which prepares us for materialistic conflict as we feel threatened. Therefore focus on "survival ethics" is applicable for the mortal phase of existence. But for developing our operations as a spiritual being, we need to add to our arsenal of ethics the concept of postulating spiritual behavior—or practicing virtue. Incidentally, the Scientology Ethics Conditions and Formulas are not based on the primal command, "Survive!", but on the postulate, "Produce!".

The purpose of this section is not to undo, negate, or cancel Scientology ethics, but to observe the tendency for the primal command, "Survive!", to restimulate, our primal fears. The purpose is also to encourage people everywhere to develop their spirituality.


Scientologists Are Dramatizing "Biochemical Personality"

The outstanding symptom in the Church today is the belligerence and disdain of Scientologists toward others—always some staff-member verbally duking it out with someone. This "dukingness" is actually the Biochemical Personality—on the upper levels by restimulation, and the lower levels by persons in the "winning valence"—what they fancy is demanded by their controlling seniors. I have observed OT V’s dramatizing psychoses. I have made no te of eight cases of these, but there have been hostile symptoms matching the "Biochemical Personality" in many OT V’s. From my observations of these psychoses, I have deduced backward to the following suggested cause for the phenomenon. I wouldn’t stake my life on every word and punctuation, but I’m on to something here. If you can have it, it could be a major solution for Scientologists. It involves no alter-is of Tech. The idea of virtue-practice is not an additive—it is the act of postula ting social behavior. Virtue-development in one’s personal life has always been an indicator of sanity, and of social behavior. To be unconcerned about virtue is an indicator of antisocial mindset.

The basic cause of Biochemical Personality is that the person used a chemical crutch, a drug, as a solution to a problem, or counter-effort, and developed a dependency on this crutch. Then without the drug, he has even less energy and patience to confront the problem. By depending on chemistry, he has effectively forfeited his spiritual ability to accomplish the task. When he tries it without the crutch, the original inability impacts him again as a counter-intention/counter-effort, and reminds hi m of the opposition that caused the inability. He finds himself in the past dealing with the original opposition. This is the GPM (Goal-Problem Mass=Duty compulsion resulting from thwarted effort). There he is, squared-off and duking it out with a counter-effort he never handled. Some poor guy in his present-time environment finds himself the recipient of the duking. Step into almost any Sea Org environment and watch them verbally swinging at each other.


OT V’s are restimulating "Biochemical Personality"

On OT IV, "The OT Drug Rundown", the "Biochemical Personality" from past lives is handled. If all goes well it is run out sufficiently. If not, then not. Even in cases where it is run sufficiently, there are other insidious addiction manifestations which can, in this lifetime, restimulate the Biochemical Personality, that may not be covered in OT IV.

Other examples of dependencies, or crutches:

>The spoiled brat, who believes that everyone must do as he "orders".

>The delegating senior who relies on his Command channel dependency.

>Hypoglycemics who depend on nicotine and caffeine for the courage of their convictions.

>BPC restimulation from incomplete handlings and non-handlings

>Blood sugar problems from nicotine/caffeine addictions

The normal individual, Tone-4.0 or higher, has the intention level, and effort level to realize his responsibilities and goals. The qualities which determine intention and effort level, and success are: Emotional Tone level, Self-determinism, Body Metabolism, and Dependencies.

1)Tone level:

-Tone 4.0 (enthusiam) or higher, periodically recharged and inspired by aesthetics, or by games, or by postulates.

-Tone 3.0 (conservatism) or lower, periodically taken down-tone by interference from others, or from one’s own bodily pathology.


-Self-determined, one realizes his own postulates with little influence from others.

-Other-determined, either from another, or from his own problems, finds that his products do not match his intentions.

3)Body Metabolism:

-Endocrine balance, gives one the courage of his convictions. He has the pancreas, and the adrenal and thyroid hormones to give him sufficient blood sugar to operate causatively as a genetic entity.

-Endocrine imbalance, reduces one’s determinism, as he becomes nervously driven (diabetic or thyroid), or becomes slothful (hypoglycemic).


-Biochemical personality traits--This is the area of the OT Drug Rundown. Some chemical substance gives one the courage of his convictions. Some stimulatant gives one the blood sugar necessary to accomplish his responsibilities or goals. Or, some Opiate alleviates the pain of drawing against depleted blood sugar stores. I have seen OT V’s, while dramatizing hypoglycemia, become muderously out-rudes when their body reaches for blood sugar that’s not there.

When he incurs counter-intention, or counter-effort, the very high-toned person romps right through it. But during an occasional down-tone episode, or when the counter-intention/counter-effort becomes chronic, it can develop a mass that can become restimulative of the Biochemical Personality, but may not indicate as a Drug Rundown item (e.g., in the case of a non-chemical dependency such as out-ethics habits.

There are many dependency machineries besides drug dependencies that restimulate the Biochemical Personality.


1) Pathological: Glucose Tolerance Factor—Tendency toward Hypoglycemia or Diabetes, or a Thyroid case. There are handlings for Diabetes, Hypo/hyper Thyroidism, and Hypoglycemia through medicine or nutrition—or, if your auditor swings it right, through New Era Dianetics.

2) Havingness dependencies—e.g., Formerly affluent person suddenly having to confront subsistence levels. This is either a havingness shortcoming, or a victimization difficulty (the guy lost his wealth or it was taken from him.). Run "havingness" process, or "Search & Discovery" for the suppressor. The "spoiled brat" fits into this category.

3) Undiscovered "Un-social" machinery that helps a person to "feel no pain", for example, the control case—the expert "delegator" who sits back and lets other people’s blood sugar accomplish his ends. Then when he must perform for himself he is overwhelmed by the energy required. This case is solved by the Confusion Formula—regarding "acceptable behavior". The person simply realizes that using others toward his ends is "unacceptable behavior".

4) The person overwhelmed by counter-intention/counter-effort. The additional effort required to override, if he does, depletes his energy stores.

So among OT V’s I have observed, Hypoglycemics (from nicotine/caffeine abuse), the "driven" or thyroid case, spoiled brats who are accustomed to praise and attention, command channel authoritarians who are unable to cope without wielding power, havingness "crises",…and finally, the "concertizing founder" whose groupies validate his every fart and hiccup, but dare not put his ethics in.

None of these are actually drug abuse cases, except perhaps the Hypoglycemic, but they can all manifest the dependency-related "Biochemical Personality traits of 1) vengeful annihilation as retaliation for only slight provocation, and 2) a constant need for stroking and over-validation—like a biochemical musician gets from his "groupies".

I’m not proposing this as "new" or additive tech. I’m just doing my best to figure out belligerent, dominating, arrogant, abberated OT’s and other Scientologists.


There are other dependency related causes for the "Biochemical Personality" besides drug addiction. If you would handle all such experiences in the time frame of OT IV, you would have more stable OT IV completions that can’t be restimulated by their own "lack-of-energy" syndromes.

The "Way to Happiness" book promotes survival for the physical body. It doesn’t seem to deal with an approach to virtue or spiritual quality eventhough some of the practices lead one to good social behavior. The very word survival is for the genetic entity—dependent on a physical vehicle for life itself. Spirits cannot die, and thus cannot be preoccupied with concerns of mere survival. They must focus on developing their spiritual abilities, including virtues.

Animals’ inclinations toward survival are engrained into reactive mind as instincts.

Concern for survival is the practical approach to physical body maintenance, and to enhancement of the mortal existence.

Concern for spiritual qualities—virtues—is the approach to developing quality of life for eternity.

As Scientologists promote to Operating Thetan status, they must postulate a pattern, or model, of spiritual behavior—or virtues. Thetans without banks will soon have banks if they neglect this necessity. Spiritual awareness necessitates a bipolar ethics scale—one of "right/wrong", or "spiritual/contra-spiritual" polarities.

This "good/bad" has nothing to do with avoidance of naughtiness. Spiritual relationships will be so intimate and universal—shared with all other spiritual initiates—that there will be no concept of jealousy, or of "ownership" relationships as they are now seen. Spiritual intensity will be shared with all—not just with one’s partner. Not only does a spiritual life preclude body-centered relationships, but sex does not even compare or indicate for those who experience spiritual inten sity.

The "many-valued logic (ethics) scale" is good for "survival" during mortal existence. This gray-scale ethics (also know as situation ethics, or gray-scale ethics) promotes continuity of our efforts in a mortal existence.


Survival as an ethics determiner is a materialistic outlook, and can restimulate "Biochemical Personality".

Virtue practice or virtue postulates can lead one to integrity and greatness, and naturally raises ones tone toward serenity—imbuing one with vigor and healingness qualities.

More than any other group, the Church of Scientology includes "Biochemical Personalities


OT V without Virtue

"1.1" means cunning

More on OT V's: Patanjali warned of it, and so did Buddha. Breaking through before spiritually deserving--in other words, before becoming virtuous. Ron’s technique for breaking into the kingdom before raising his consciousness with virtue practice, brought him into cosmic awareness in the environment of his peers—virtueless, nattery beings. This describes the nattery Sea Org that I am familiar with. Ron’s solution to "breaking through" into the environment of his "unvirtuous peers&qu ot;, is to "build an OT Civilization" in isolation, to escape the influence of his "unvirtuous peers". So guess what?--Ron "broke through" into an environment of nattery Staff Members. Where does this band of renegades find sanctuary?--at sea. The Sea Org is a band of pirates (witness their suppressive "reg cycles" as they indenture others). He "missed" that virtue surrounds one with qualities repulsive to deadbeats. He could have had his OT civilizatio n among others!--if only he had developed virtue. Being set on going to sea, he never saw any reason not to alienate the third dynamic—the government, the FBI, the FDA, the IRS. Ron’s action of "blowing the third dynamic" is his testimony to his second phenomenon as he altered the definitions in the language (a ser fac) to make self right, and others wrong. His third and fourth dynamic o/w’s caused him to differentiate from others. This word, "renegade", aptly describes the corner th at Ron painted himself into. I acknowledge some degree of imprecision in this paragraph, but I do make my point regarding Ron’s blowing, valence-shifting, ser facking, individuating from society, and committing daily crimes against the third and fourth dynamics. His hudspah has influenced all who have followed him, including myself until I applied Doubt and Confusion formulas. There are among the Church of Scientology virtuous individuals who sense this and are persisting in their deification of Ron even though they have seen his outnesses. These persons are holding on to their sanity with an iron claw, but occasionally slip into psychotic reactions as the pressures—and inconsistencies mount. To forgive Ron without admitting that he sinned would be counter-productive to their task of deification. The psychoses will only be relieved by first acknowledging Ron’s imperfections, and then forgiving him. How could anyone forgive a "perfect man"—a diety? To set the example, I have acknowledged and & quot;as-ised" his wrongs, forgiven him, and accepted his accomplishments that are impeccable. I don’t have to impress the IRS, or the FBI with my deity, so it’s a little easier for me—than it is for you.

In your typical assassination attempts, you won’t have any trouble demonstrating my faults. I’m not cleared. I can on occasion, feel my ser facs swimming around like fish in my head. In my more lucid moments, I feel yours swimming in your heads. We can carry out a battle of the Ser Facs while the Fourth Dynamic is the loser. Those of you who say forcefully that you have no ser facs are the most demonstrably ser facked. The virtue of Humility shall bring you humility. Consider the statem ent, "Boy, am I humble!" Then consider the statement, "My rightness is due to having no ser facs". How right can you get? How wrong can others get?

Smug, Elitist, and Totalitarian…you shall be overcome.

I have heard of others who have fallen victim to vicious, cunning church leaders. I have read some reports. I have read David Mayo’s affidavit of abject victim (it is free to public on the Internet). In the face of your taunting and jeering cries of "victim", I find myself wondering if you feel no remorse for your suppressive victimizing. Yes, they sound like crybabies--the same as I do. Clear the English word <victim>. Do you feel that we are crying just because we have had our bu tts kicked? And that you are the glorious victors, and we the infamous victims? Lose your "Glory" GPM's! There are so many "ex" Scientologists crying in disbelief as they see what they consider the tool for "escape" ruined by David Miscavige's (and others) "I am a great butt-kicker" GPM. There are so many current Scientologists living a nightmare, in treason and confusion, on their first and second dynamics as they "try" to comply with the church leaders’ "control psychoses". There are so many "almost" Scientologists who cannot believe their ears--or are repelled by the stinch of totalitarian SP's within the church. Other almosts include those who are convinced you are Black Magic.

David Miscavige, or someone else on his team got a concession from the IRS--a United States Government Agency--to the Church of Scientology. What a breakthrough! We had a non-antago terminal in an important government position. What a beginning! Then David had to announce over international satellite transmission that The Church of Scientology had conquered The IRS, comparing them to Hitlers OSS, and the IRS’s lawyer, whom David portrayed as the "Wicked Witch of the East" from the Wizar d of Oz. This was a friendly act from a government agency. What a precedent! What a message to other countries! What a plus for planetary dissemination! Did David apply the affluence or power condition? Did he reinforce his successful action? No! He saw Roman Centurions! He wrong targeted concessionary government terminals, slandering them on world wide satellite! He enturbulated the field! Our founder put some pretty serious labels on this action.

So what was occurring in the minds of these government officials? In their "group think" they had been in agreement with the "bank think" of, "These Scientologists are an upstart Cult". Through decades of steadfast impingement by the tenures of successive church administrations, these politicians came to think out loud, "Or are they?" These people were turning, albeit feebly, in their consciousness. Yes, the church wore them down somewhat. But do y ou think it’s possible they can report to their seniors--or the populace, "Well, we’ll let the devils run free." ??? Don’t you think they had to express some conclusion to the effect of, "After many years of careful consideration and investigation and close observation, we have decided that these Scientologists contribute to society and they seem to be a worthy group...". They have to have done profuse soul-searching to stand behind their faces and give a positive report where previous ly they had given a negative. The fact that they courageously decided to risk "face", and to announce approval in the place of former condemnation, was a result of someone(s) coming around to sanity. Now observe David Miscaviges psychotic viewpoint... "We kicked these oppressive tyrants’ asses and made them run like fools". He was bragging this to a church whom he obviously felt needed to hear these brags. He demonstrated Scientologist psychosis over international satellite--telling the fourth dynamic, "Look out, we’re psychotic and we’re gonna get ya!" He considered it "Acceptable Behaviour"! David and his braggart supporters need to consider their confusion--in black fatigues--while they rid themselves of their false purposes! For two years now you have played the video of that IAS event in your lobbies over and over--like trouble-making braggarts. David Miscavige’s (and others) actions are poisoning the water and impeding planetary Clearing. I n your own vocabulary, there is not a greater suppression! Then those of us who become your "weeping victims", the result of suppressive use of Scientology Ethics/Justice actions, are labeled enemies! Your support of a suppressive church leadership, implicates you and many others in the Church’s enemy actions against the fourth dynamic!

I’m not depending on this one incident of psychotic wrong-targeting by church leadership to make David and the others wrong. This is just one item in a continuing demonstration of Scientologist insanity. How did they become so insane? By trying to assure their seniors--and their ethics and justice Lords--that they believe Ron glows and floats!--where they once knew better, but came around to this psychotic viewpoint so "We [wouldn’t] threaten their eternity"! (ISE, p156). This suppressi ve, enforced reality by Ron is one of his odious actions that Scientologists had better come to smell, and feel repulsion for! (or did you think that Ron cannot smell bad?). David Miscavige’s (and other church leaders’) attempts to deify Ron are destructive of the fourth dynamic. Ron did not glow, or float, or smell like a rose. He simply dispelled the bank’s hold over us all. That’s sufficient "good deed" without trying to apply the ageless bank valence, "Holy Man", to a skillful me ntalist who was not a particularly nice person. The psychotic bank that this church has built up alienates you from the fourth dynamic--and will prevent the attainment of "The Goal of Scientology". You got your non-profit status--now lighten up on the idea that Ron was immaculately conceived of the Holy Mother! It’s a bad lie whose time has passed. This is not just goofy--Scientologists are actively being insane!

The only solution is to apply the fourth dynamic conditions formulas from confusion up to liability. You know as well as I, that this action (liability formula) will bring--hell, it will drag--the world to your doorstep. Then when you apply Non-E to this newly acquired fourth dynamic ally, you will be flooded by a world demanding that you give them their eternity.


Misplaced confidence: Possibly our suppressor, the one we are victims to (Random house, sample sentence using victim: "Victim of misplaced confidence".)


Virtue, the Solution

(Virtue vs. "No Case on Post")

An "Ethics" system rightly consists of affirmations and avoidances—do’s and don’t’s. Buddha referred to them as hiyana and nihiyana. Traditional society refers to virtues and vices.

Ron advises more avoidance than affirmation. He gives a blanket avoidance technique, "No ‘case’ on post",--meaning, "curb your aberrations around here". If only it were that simple!--ordering others to be unaberrated.

While it is good to know some things to avoid, it is a more positive approach to know and practice proper behavior as a daily postulate. This is the more positive way. Postulating is the way to develop ouselves.

One of the underlying reasons is that Ron’s motivations for "Ethics" is "SURVIVE!". Whoever mentioned that a Spiritual Being could die? "SURVIVE!", as an Ethics basis gives us the fearful heeding that we will die. A more realistic basis for Ethics is "HAVE SPIRITUAL QUALITIES!". This means VIRTUES!

Ron’s virtues are just about limited to, "Wash your hands before leaving the bathroom so you don’t spread disease", (The Way to Happiness, by LRH). We could all use a little more advice than this, regarding proper behavior.

"No ‘case’ on post", as an ethics basis leads to compulsive avoidance of aberrations we are already blind to, as in the following cases:

a) When a person avoids ser facking (being self-righteous), he is being self-righteous.

b) When a person avoids dramatizing GPM’s, (compulsive duty behaviors), he is imposing on himself a compulsive duty.

c) When a person avoids his own aberrated valence (valence—a personality worn like a cloak), he is seen to take on another’s valence, usually the "winning valence" of someone who has dominated him. This is seen among staff who try to be just as scolding and dominating as (they believe) Ron was. Incidentally, avoiding one’s own valence, and taking on that of another, is the basis of schizophrenia.

So, orders to have "No case on post"—a behavior avoidance—is a negative approach to behavior and tends toward insanity, and accounts for the present situation in the church.

But there is a positve way—that of postulating Spiritual behavior. It is called Virtue, and is accomplished by postulating and practicing virtues.

It is possible to be impressed by another’s efforts to be free of aberration, or at least to appear to be free of aberration. However, I have sensed that a mystique and a pecking order have developed from the skill of avoidance of dramatizing aberrative behavior that one has learned to identify. Practicing NOT behaving aberratively, is the negative of practicing behaving virtuously. Having a set of positive virtues could replace a negative action with a positive one. Ho wever I have observed that Scientologists seem to avoid virtue. Virtue is used here to mean "that behavior which is conducive to survival and sanity across the dynamics. I have heard Scientologists criticize meekness, devotion, and compassion (the counter-belligerence virtues) as being "Christian", or non-causative, or being "at effect".

Scientologists typically demonstrate a superior economic survival, but there is a deteriorization of sanity within the group. This follows the viewpoint that the end justifies the means, but an aberrative means always leads to an aberrated end. Thus a behavior, albeit tending toward survival, can yet lead to insanity. An accomplished bankrobber is a fool. He believes his attainment of wealth justifies his violence. Although Scientology Technology has proven to be effective at de-aberrating individual s, where psychology and known religions have failed, persons without aberration (such as natural Clears—whether or not they have ever heard of Scientology) seem to survive longer as unaberrated persons when they practice (or postulate) virtuous behavior and action. Postulating a virtuous lifestyle is more positive and much more effective than avoiding an aberrated lifestyle. This postulating action has traditionally been called "practicing virtue". The effectiveness of Scientology Technology does in no way denigrate "practicing virtue". Similarly, practicing virtue does in no way conflict with Scientology. Strategically practicing virtues can replace aberrative behavior with virtuous behavior. If parents would instill virtuous behavior in children (have them practice virtue), there would be less aberrative mind bank, and more natural clears.

But thetans without banks who do not practice virtue will soon have banks. It is how we got banks in the first place. "Practicing" virtues is a postulate of how we intend to behave. There IS an ideal scene, or model, for being and acting—which is neither a ser fac, nor a GPM, nor a valence. Practicing this ideal scene perfects our behavior and de-aberrates us. This is called practicing the virtues. The many psychoses seen among OT V’s is, I believe, due to the absence of positive reprogramming (with virtues) of individuals who have been stripped of past drug-induced aberrations and machinery. Not having a postulate of virtuous behavior to replace the aberrative behavior resulting from eons of drug-induced implants and machinery, leaves them susceptible to behavior patterns suggested by peers and seniors. And as 40 years of declares and expulsions have taught us, many harmful persons have become peers and seniors. Virtue practice can re-establish social personality for OT IV’s an d OT V’s.

The avoidance techniques that are developed by not-Clears who study ser fac, GPM, and valence Technology places a focus on their aberrations, possibly keeping them in restimulation, and is the negative of the positive practice of postulating virtues.

Many religions have demonstrated that practice of the virtues tends to lead one naturally toward greatness, integrity, and the development of spiritual abilities. Although our Technology is "perfecter" than theirs, Ron has taught us that ours is imperfect. Nothing about practicing virtue conflicts with the Technology. Virtue is a perennial indicator of sanity.

The Scientologists’ aversion to virtues is a learned quality. This is aberrative. Scientology is a religion that has converted "good vs. evil" to "sanity vs. insanity" as measured by Survival. Using survival as a gauge for living will lead one to greater production and income, but there are many elements of sanity that will be enhanced by incorporating virtue into your daily focus as a practice—and there are many wealthy, but insane, individuals.

If I’m wrong, the worst consequence is, you are Scientologists plus you are nice persons.







The Implant Sequence…

"Brother Dave" Gardner, a comedian from the 1950’s, told a story of a secret hideout where some really strange members of a secret clan came to see "John". People spoke in hushed tones when there was any mention of "John". He was the high authority, higher than which there was no one.

A neophyte named Clyde came to see "John", for whatever it is people come to see him for. Clyde was a small cowering man, and sat quietly in a corner after knocking on the door. While he waited, a small hairy troll slithered up and asked, "You gonna be here when ‘John’ gets here?". "No Sir". The troll left.

Later a larger, "Swamp Thang" splattered in and asked, in a somewhat louder voice, "You gonna be here when ‘John’ gets here?". "No Sirree". Exit "Swamp Thang".

Even later a slimy giant wearing a lizard skin loin cloth shows up and thundered at Clyde, "You gonna be here when ‘John’ gets here?"

Clyde jumped up and cried, "Man if you ain’t "John", I’m gone!", and fearfully runs


When "Brother Dave" told it, an audience roared with laughter—his intent was entertainment. But it is a story of respect by association. My intention is not humor. I am uncovering group insanity.

When I first came upon Scientology, I noticed the others were respectful of some common group control—like they had all agreed upon some common menace to the group.

Early on, I experienced the intensity of relief gained from Dianetics auditing. I had read some on Freud, and had very attentatively experienced psychological and social worker counseling. I made up my mind that I wanted a lot of this church’s superior counseling techniques. This helped me to resolve to dismiss embarrassing idiosyncrasies of the group.

I was disappointed in Ron’s inability to accept help as I had many ideas to alleviate the hostile environment in the church. "You will do it my way", coupled with, "I alone can save people’s souls", lays the foundation for the neophyte to accept the Leadership’s efforts to deify Ron.

Other Policy letters described persons as "stupid" who could not follow policy blindly without questioning, and explained that they could only be trusted at remote outposts where they would invent policy to handle situations.

The required reading of these arbitrary statements by Ron were the beginning of a long chain of implantations.

During these early days I heard parishioners talk about so-and-so who had been "declared", and was a psychotic, evil enemy of Scientology and of Scientologists. One person told me about a person who was discovered to be evil because he reported the church to the authorities for something the church had done. This person might just as well have said to me, "You goan uh be heah when ‘Ron’ gets heah? I felt my postulate physically—"I won’t give this group any reason to believe I’m evi l". I shuddered at the thought of being that much of a villain. People talk about Judas in just that tone. I resolved I would never be mistaken as an enemy of the church.

It’s not unreal that I was very excited about the prospects of Scientology counseling. I had paged through different religions all my life "knowing" that one of them could teach and impart enlightenment and immortality. Now here was a procedure that was applied to someone, and it rid him of the "mortality" aberrations that cause harmfulness, insanity and death. This group has a strong focus on returning after death so I knew they weren’t just talking about a physical phenomenon. I understood them to be talking about the ability to spiritually manipulate birthing and dying.

At the large Scientology events, emceed by the church leadership, the audience had obviously been groomed for years, to stand and cheer at the mention of Ron’s name. If one was attentive he could tell, "Uh-oh, here comes another stand up and clap signal". It was painfully predictable. There are possible indications of group hypnosis.


Dissemination from Doubt

Before I had certainty, or even reality on Scientology, I was posted on a hostile, public post—the LA Test Center on Hollywood Blvd. I had had one warm feeling from Dianetics auditing, and then left alone to promote Ron Hubbard and Scientology to a public who had been enturbulated by Scientologists who preceeded me. I was left to invent certainty for myself and the lukewarm public who demanded answers from me—or challenged me to support the ideas I was presenting. As a newcomer, I was introduce d to the "Sales Department" techniques of persuasion such as "ask the person which of two services he would like to buy, rather than to ask him if he wanted to buy a service". I was being asked to use persuasive manipulation on newcomers while I myself was seeking to be more persuaded about Scientology. That presented to me the possiblity that the technique—"Keep one busy explaining to others so he himself can’t admit to his own uncertainties"—could be used to gloss ov er one’s concerns about being deceived. I swallowed this idea of tricking others to buy a service, and held it somewhere behind me so I would never catch on to it. I succeeded (at not catching on to it). I saw many other examples of policy techniques to persuade and manipulate with fast sales language. I found myself desperately trying to convince others. As they watched, I shuffled quickly through pages to find passages that would convince them. Sometimes I did—at other times they left in amazement. It was embarrassing. In the seven years since, I have observed that mine was not an isolated occurrence—many Scientologists try to disseminate from a position of unknowingness. I remain in disbelief at how much of Scientology dissemination occurs in just this manner. Ron seems to expect that if you give someone a warm feeling he’ll pleldge allegiance to you. Ron wrote that one comes on to a new post in "non-existence" [newcomer] condition. That is not a universal truth. Before one knows and can demonstrate the Tech, he takes up his post in "doubt" (uncertainty) condition—and as the theory goes, if he doesn’t handle his doubt, he drops to enemy. Many Scientologists try to persuade others of what they themselves either do not believe, or do not understand. Obviously this will not fly. The result is a sales approach that sounds like trying to "buffalo" the public. Coupled with all the other ways in which we continually ARC break the public, this paints a picture for the p ublic person of a slithering, sneaky, "stop-at-nothing" group who want their money at all costs. Their complaints are impinging on me, and I have to admit to, and share responsibility for, the monsterous image we have built. It was Staff who enforced this "cart-before-the-horse" sales technique. Still I saw Source Policy prescribing it exactly as I have said. Ron had many fine skills and accomplishments. I don’t consider him a Sales Manager.

In the course I was studying, I read "Keeping Scientology Working", in which Ron said he was the only one who could come up with Scientology counseling, and that when he accepted help from others it always caused upsets in the church and halts progress. For this reason he would not accept help or suggestions for change to his Technology. I don’t know that anyone could help in that capacity, but Ron couldn’t accept help in any area, and although he had much managerial ability, his solution was military command channels—totalitarianism! That’s a cop-out on granting beingness and self-determinism. Ron’s solution to management and saving the world was "duress of eternal damnation and annihilation"!

-"None of you is able to help me" (help button)

-"We threaten their eternity" (dangerous environment)

-Military Command Channels (control button)

-"The only [wrong] you can commit is to fail to close the [sale]"—(Gray-scale ethics)

-RPF, False Purpose Rundown, and RPEC—used as invalidative squelchingness

-PTS Type C (fairgame on informants)

-Comm Ev (Court Martial)

-SP declare (excommunication)

-Eternal damnation (dangerous environment)

I see a man guiding a donkey from behind with a big stick! This can only add up to "Domination by Nullification"—Ron labeled himself. What threat could Ron have imagined from others that he feared and squelched others’ assertiveness? Did he see Roman Centurions? This overwhelming control and invalidation of others labels Ron a "Biochemical Personality"! I have to say it again, "Virtue postulates a social personality". Yet Ron scoffed at humility and meekness, and showe d little compassion except for his taped PR efforts—as do Scientologists generally as they "wear" the "winning valence". I believe I hear "Swamp Thang", "You gonna be heah when "Ron" gets heah?"

I had had no small experience in sales and marketing. A sense of usefulness rose in me as I considered I could help this "fledgling" group. During several weeks at the "front lines", I came upon many ideas for demonstrating the Tech I was offering. I felt they had much to learn, and I had much to impart. Then came Staff Status I and II.

In KSW#1, it seemed that Ron was "thoroughly disabused" of the idea of accepting help from followers. He points out that the "Technology has not been discovered by a group". I got that the Technology was developed by Ron through his insight into the reactive mind and through field experimentation by many auditors which he supervised. I have observed that Ron has developed a Clearing Technology that none other has approached. I am so impressed with the Tech that I almost feel i nferior. I would never in a hundred years take it on myself to suggest alterations to it. It goes over my head that his abilities at undoing human aberration means that no one else has any contributions to make in other (policy) areas such as Marketing, Accounting, Public Relations, Sales, and Dissemination in general. The contributions that Ron considered worthwhile were friendship, defense, organization dissemination, application, advices on results, and finance. Staff discouraged me even in these are as. It seemed, sadly, that the most help I could be to the group was as a warm body. But Staff Status II discouraged me from offering my best suggestions at the risk of appearing psychotic and evil (suppressive)—this in light of the PR debacle Scientology has suffered in Today’s world (by direct survey). Scientology and Jehovah’s Witnesses rolled off the tongues of those surveyed as "bothersome" and "mercenary". I have proven my interest ($110,000.00 worth) in Scientology. I have ex perienced the total loss of this much interest at the hands of psychotic—and evil—staff. Scientology has too much to offer, to be so corruptly presented. Scientology was not magic and Ron was not a magician. He was a skilled craftsman with a very scientific craft. He perceived mental aberrations and their origins exactly. There were things that Ron did not perceive. And like Simon Bolivar, his refusal to accept help in these areas cost him beyond his ability to "glow" them right—just as Ron predicted it would.

Had you been courageous enough to handle Ron and apply ethics, and yes, Justice!…He might have seen his ways and come around. But instead you threw your pledges of eternal sucking up—like groupies at a rock concert. Staff were and are PTS Type "A" to Ron. If it’s any consolation to you that places you as his family.



Two phenomenon follow dissemination from doubt:

>You have the appearance of trying to convince yourself, which conveys doubt to the listener.

>This unconvincingness gives the public his doubts.



Religions have to let parishioners come around as they gain reality. To enforce behavior in the name of religion is to gloss over doubts and cause "stuck in doubt" syndrome. Further, forcing parishioners to search through past doubt searching for their past wrongs when the "stuck in doubt" was caused by the oppressive enforcement, ARCX’s the field.

Zarathustra forced people to follow his teachings. Hitler forced people to become supermen. Stalin forced people to follow a system which would "cure all their ills". History proves perennially that you cannot force perfection on others—they must find it for themselves.

The strongest stand you can take is to introduce and promote it—impart it to those who are interested. Dictatorial religion is what has led to all of Ron’s "punishment", "banishment", make-wrong policies. When Ron felt threatened he habitually threw out STOPS to enforce his will. He redefined "victim" to dare others to complain about his oppression. He held PC’s responsible for everything on Earth and Marcab—responsible, that is, to him. Parishioners at the botto m of the command channels were held responsible for the wrongs on far, far away planets. Higher-up staff were less responsible for Marcab and Earth. Finally, nothing was Ron’s fault—he was responsible for nothing. His later ethics tech about witholding salvation to troublesome cases, about SP declares, about expulsion and about EOC orders ("End-of-cycle" orders to commit suicide), he pertually devised new tech to STOP anybody from resisting him. His military command channels put a S TOP to anyone disobeying orders.

You must have noticed that now, all of Ron’s arrogant oppression, as carried out by Scientologists, is STOPping the growth—even tolerance—of Scientology.

If you have the power to SEPARATE a PC from his fiance; if you have the gall to place a non-enturbulation order on him when your action causes his ARCX; if you are destructive enough to lead him to believe that these events prove his unworthiness…; more; more; more;…

…then you are psychotic enough to cling to the present methods of operating The Church of Scientology.

Ron tried to build a group that "must" do his bidding. He established controls which would give importances to complying with enforced policy. He saw it work in the Navy. With "We threaten their eternity", he reigned with terror. By threatening and blaming others with SP/PTS technology he implanted mental "obedience" commands . Thousands of people seek Scientology—demand it. It will flourish by choice. On the internet—the emerging fourth dynamic—many abhor and despise S cientology because of its oppressiveness. You are totally ARCX’ing the field by trying to force your thoughts on others. Look for the "winning valence" you have accepted.

Enforcement=Oppression=Stop. Ron developed such a network of stops and punishments that Scientologists are being attacked by something like an "auto-immune" reaction. Ron’s auto-immune system is attacking itself and has become like a cancer on the group and on Scientology. But at least you are exercising good control—toward parishioners, that is. The Bilderburgers reign supreme—but no Scientologist is getting away with anything! Your priorities are confused and you are wrong-targeting. You have no control over the Committee for Foreign Relations, but you have the power to make a Scientologist sorry he lost his fiancee. This seems to say, "If you can’t hit the target, hit the gun. This is not sane!

When one sees through the enforced reality and is declared an enemy, and is required to "come to his senses", he is literally required to forsake his senses. Consider how sincere and devout a parishioner must be to consider replacing his own conscience with the directives of another church member. This is a primary step toward psychosis. When you forsake your own judgement, your conscience, your self, then your thoughts and conclusions can only be directed by an "other". You b ecome worthless to yourself and valuable to unscrupulous individuals.


Abusive Misuse of Church Policy

While I believed that I was the only one having trouble with the Church of Scientology, it seemed to me that mine must be the errant viewpoint. When I heard other viewpoints on the internet, my ears perked. When I read affidavits from former high-ranking Scientologists, they sounded just like the painful experiences I had had. Suspicions I had dared to entertain only in the back of my consciousness loomed at the familiarity of these stories. The reports of these sadder but wiser former Scientolog ists was the open door to my discoveries.

Think of it. The mere mention of "Trouble Source-Type C" ("It is an evil, psychotic sin to report the church’s crimes to the authorities"), shys one away from reporting—even though this conflicts with the policy on "Knowledge Reports". This implant imbues us with shame (-0.2 on the Tone Scale). Who can be causative over a suppressive implant from -0.2 on the Tone Scale?

Ron mocks up an elaborate picture (implant) of the anti-social person saying, "they"

are a harmful group. This implant results in self-condemnation at saying "they" anything.

Ron so implants us with shame of being a victim that we actually consider it our cause when another wrongs us. The catch-phrase "You’re being victim" lowers one’s tone to (-0.2 on the emotional Tone Scale). The catch-phrase, "You pulled it in", imbues us with shame at being this victim. Picture the rapist telling his victim, "You pulled it in". Picture the raped trying to recover from Tone Level -0.2 while she explains to herself, "DUHHHH!, I pulled it in!"

Ron states that "We threaten his eternity" (meaning we threaten "the being who is guilty [and] knows with certainty that he is offending against the future of all—Intro to Scn Ethics, p155). Are "WE" not the ones this guy refers to when he says "they" threaten my eternity? (the anti-social use of "they").

Have you ever petitioned? (Intro to Scn Ethics, p160). Do you follow the cunning in step three?--"No two persons or more may petition simultaneously on the same matter…" Continuing…"Collective petition is a crime under Ethics as it is an effort to hide the actual petitioner". To Ron, the Magna Carta and the U. S. Declaration of Independence are crimes of treason! In reality, these historic turning points were an act of "Ethics Gradients" (Intro to Scn Ethics, p155) a gainst tyrannical rule. Singular Petition is attempting "Ethics Gradients" with one’s hands tied behind his back. By the time Tyranny necessitates the investigation by "Ethics Gradients", it no longer matters what the tyrant thinks about collective "petition". Coming to cause over a suppresser is the glorious action of a causative person.

But then, how could you have a co-petitioner? How could you know what another suspects of the church? It is forbidden to know. It is forbidden to apprise others of your differences with the church—You’re nattering! You’re third partying! Have you ever heard the church’s third partying reports against David Mayo? What do you think of David Mayo? Does it hold true that in any dispute there is an unseen, unknown third party? I always thought the worst of him because of the reports I’ve heard fro m Scientologists. I’ve always feared reprisals from Scientologists if I got close enough to him to find out. And this brings us to one more implant against discovery of church outnesses…

Mere association with expelled members is punishable by expulsion. It’s like a law against discovering harmful actions by the church, or by Scientologists.

Now where does that leave Ron’s Policy on "Staffmember Reports"?…and "Knowledge Reports"? There can never be a seamless integration of conflicting tyrannical policies.

Ron trapped us by threatening invocation of "Trouble Source" Type C, and the Anti-Social characteristic (of accusing "they"), and by denying group petition. Yet he (quote) establishes that "We threaten [their] eternity", (ISE, p 156, "Ethics Gradients"). We are each forbidden to express our awareness, or to participate in another’s awareness of church outnesses.


The application of the following policies has been used to discourage discovery and exposure of church corruption:

>Trouble Source-Type C

>Use of "They" as anti-social label

>Real or imagined threats against another’s eternity.

>Naming one a victim

>forbidding collective petition

>forbidding association with former members and "SP’s".


LRH Overt Policy

"The only overt you can commit is to fail to close the person in front of you".

This is the policy that the end justifies the means.

>aberrated means always bring about an aberrated end.

>This is justification

>It is suppressive sales technique

"We threaten their eternity"

>a broad, sweeping generalization typically used by socio-paths. It is also used to imply that all Scientologists (WE) concur with this evil idea. Anyone who fancies that he can threaten another’s eternity is an enemy to the fourth dynamic. This phrase seems to menace out-ethics parishioners, and is used against those who are targeted. Also to introvert, intimidate, and terrify those who would question Scientology for themselves in order to find answers in their own universe (disallowed).

"Trouble Source" policies are threats of reprisals and blackmail in support of the idea that the end justifies aberrative means. It defines parishioners with "uncomfortable" problems which need attention as "Trouble Sources". Sincere parishioners are not trouble…they are seeking help, answers, correction. Policy provides to label Trouble Sources as unable to gain from services. But this labeling is often used deceptively by staff to exercise vendettas against individuals .

Ron’s "Trouble Source" policies and "Suppressive Acts" list betray a viewpoint that goes, "If you don’t accept me you’re crazy!"

If you…

-don’t like me

-don’t understand me

-don’t agree with me

-report my crimes

-don’t handle your relatives

…then I…

-will make reprisals against you (retaliation)

-will harm you (domination)

-will declare you to be insane (psychiatry)

-will withold my help and support from you (domination by nullification)

-will threaten your eternity (public enemy)

>I don’t know if the church leadership has come to it’s stance contrary to Ron’s intentions or with his intentions, but he seems to have supported, indeed authored, your outnesses. If this is not true, then he is at least responsible for this ultimate out-working of his actions and teachings. I have observed many outnesses, and other evidences of unresolved internal conflicts, on Ron’s part:

>Dead file…This is mob style "silent treatment". You are led to believe that you are in good standing with the church, but in practice, you are literally excommunicated. This is not only a suppressive means to drive someone mad, it is very handy with persons who have donated capital sums to the church—as it would be expensive to expel them outright and have to return their money.

Fair Game…this is group sanctioned assassination. This equals an aberrated end of aberrated means.

Inasmuch as Scientology ethics is an ethics of sanity vs. insanity, evaluative accusations are used to cause parishioners to question their sanity. This action is used by suppressives to undermine others. Seeking to cause others to question their sanity is a "psych" action.

Ron is:

>Anti-Democracy…while courting and wooing the leaders of democracies…

and… >Anti-Christ…while assuring parishioners that Scientology is compatible with Christianity.

There is also evidence that church leaders, and followers, are trying to present Ron to be God.

What contention could Ron possibly have had with Christ? Christ propounded lovingness in the face of adversity as a means of overcoming the adversity. It works! Ron viewed this as a weakness. Observe that Christianity is currently the religion behind the most flourishing, prosperous, and powerful nation on earth. "Flourish and prosper", and "Power" should count for something. Where is the weakness? Ron measured success by survival. The Christian countries are more civilize d, more productive, and more prosperous than Buddhist and Muslim countries. Where is the survival?

Christ expounded "raising the dead" (attaining immortality) and "healing the sick" (being at cause over reactive mind). Christ’s failure to incorporate this was hardly his own doing. An intelligence plant from the Roman government, Saul of Tarsus (later, St Paul), filled the new church with volumes of shamefulness and abstinence (the "Epistles" to the remote churches), thereby focusing the groups attention on self-righteousness and naughtiness. Christ never mentioned anyt hing about naughtiness. It remains today as merely a membership and an ethics code—based on "contrived belief" as the membership requirement. Paul successfully quashed Christ’s teachings on liberation and immortality. Paul’s successful action (shamefulness and guilt) is the only reason the Roman Church has maintained a grip on humanity for 2000 years.

This was all the result of not having and applying Christ’s Technology. So where is the problem with Christ? Why Ron’s ARCX with Christ? Why would Ron indulge in an ARCX when he taught that it was a source, and effect, of aberration? Could this be intra-"corporate" warfare? Must Ron quash Christianity so Scientology can prevail?

And why tackle Democracy, the most survival, most productive, most "flourish and prosper" form of government in use? Does Ron have to stage a world coup in order to "survive"?

Ron’s mere personality was in conflict with his listed "crime" of "ARC-breaking the "field" (4th dynamic). Ron experienced, daily, the overt action of alienating the fourth dynamic. Ron fancied he was doing this to give impetus to the group. Ron’s impetus in doing this came from an ARCX. Need I say more? Any Scientologist knows the harmfulness inherent in ARCX’s and the aberrative results attained.

>Louise Hamre, MAA--AOLA, simply made me feel guilty—as her idea of an ethics handling. My respect for the church and for LRH tech was so great I swallowed your blamingness. For two years I was upside down because I believed your false reports on me. You have caused me to question my sanity. This harmful action by Louise and others is what has caused the damage. And this is your way. Arrogant and blaming, you are leaving a path of destruction through mankind.

A preponderance of Sea Org personnel are wearing some bullying valence that they seem to consider is "the winning valence". Where did they obeserve this valence? Where was there such a bullying valence that impressed Sea Org members so much that they universally have adopted it as THE winning valence?

Each of you loves your parents. Each of us loves our founder. Members of any group love their founder. It is a natural outworking across the dynamics. There is nothing about your love for your parents that pre-determined anything they have done. There is nothing about your love for Ron that makes him a better founder. If you despise Ron, he is still what he is. The properly functioning Church of Scientology will attain its goals without an aside of expressing dreamy feelings for this or that p erson. Neither exaggerated applause nor propitiative cheering and hooraying on Founder’s Day, or any other day, will have any effect on the success or failure of the Church of Scientology to attain its goals.

Propitiative worship will spin in any parishioner. Undeserved gifts (including one’s mind or body) can confuse the best of leaders. From this we can isolate two qualities which are contra-survival for any group:

    1. Diminishing one’s first or second dynamics to the point of propitiative praise of someone of your same species (our fourth dynamic).
    2. Considering that you deserve the insane, propitiative worship from such demented persons.

Since these are contra-survival actions, Ethics officers will stand by to isolate persons exhibiting these qualities.

[Ethics personnel are instructed to be on the watch for telltale characteristics such as hurriedly grabbing coats and other belongings to stand and applaud and cheer (while at our events) with a show of zeal at every mention of a person’s name, or just to match the tempo of others’ similar manics.]

[They are likewise instructed to watch for persons in leadership who exhibit arrogance, smugness, or who indicate an obsession for admiration—or who appear to consider that the admiration is due.]

Ron’s deception didn’t begin in the Church of Scientology. In the 1930’s and/or the 1940’s, Ron dressed up and posed as a "Swami" in a Hollywood Blvd office. He received fees—as a "Swami"—for "advising" people who came to him

Spirit of the Guardian’s Office & Office of Special Affairs

"Responsibilities of Leaders", (Intro to Scientology Ethics, p235)

A Treatise on Machiavellian Domination

Ron wrote a treatise on the wartime mistakes of Simon Bolivar and Manuela Saenz, and used it as a scathing roast of morality. The work was aimed at church leaders to make them perform as mercenaries. This was Ron’s idea of how to "impose" Scientology on the world. In this treatise Ron cited the mercenary, amoral antics of wartime intrigue to promote them as appropriate behavior for church leaders.

>Ron expresses that it is admirable for a leader’s wife to offer her spy, or her hitman, a "nice night [with herself]", as a reward for his work well done.

>Ron portrays putting a bullet through an adversary as admirable behavior.

>Ron ridicules Manuella Saenz, Bolivar’s mistress, for not handing over daughters of enemy families to Negro troops, and then asking, "Which enemy family is next?"

Here is Ron’s reprehensible, mercenary concept of ethics, exposed for all to see. This man, for all his good deeds, had serious problems, and none of you had the courage to help him.

Early in the church’s history, Ron set the mood for individuation from the society. Ron wrote policies for training church personnel to evade registered mail and process service. He labels telephones as "suppressive persons"—raising the spectre that there can be more suppressives than there are people. Ron was not a well person. The Church of Scientology has its own intelligence branch, uses private investigators of which it has its own trained group, and its own system of detention and correctional facilities. Besides the fact that most Scientologists stand ready to boycott anyone who would take a stand against the church’s crimes, there are individuals who will make retaliatory strikes against targeted individuals. Ron is, by and large, disdainful and cunningly antagonistic towards authority.


Ron set up a wartime scenario to establish that, "The only crime you can commit is to [fail to sell to] the person in front of you"—for peacetime dissemination of a religion!. This explains Scientologists’ felonies in the name of dissemination. This is Ron’s morality. Ron gave these wartime, amoral, intrigue tactics as a model of inspiration for Scientologists. And this treatise was set up as a model of mercenary leadership to be applied by the church leaders. This treatise was given t he status of "scripture", in the late-breaking policy that labels Ron’s management policies as "inspired scripture".

>Mach·i·a·vel·li·an·ism (màk´ê-e-vèl¹ê-e-nîz´em) also Mach·i·a·vel·lism (-vèl¹îz´em) noun

The political doctrine of Machiavelli, which denies the relevance of morality in political affairs and holds that craft and deceit are justified in pursuing and maintaining political power.

This includes the viewpoint that "the end justifies the means"—a mercenary, amoral ethics viewpoint.

>Deceit, deception, covert hostility--1.1 on the emotional tone scale.




Tracing the "winning valence", (or Identifying the dominant personality)

The behavior outnesses I see among you are identical from individual to individual. I know that the behaviors among all of you have one common Source. I know whom you admire above all others. And I will disclose some insight to you.

There was a man—a leader—in a different group, whom I admired very much. I adopted his character—his personality—as a role model. He was aberrated and abusive to myself and to the other group members. And I believe the confusion that led him to believe his abuse was acceptable to us was the degree of our admiration for him. We had led him to believe that his behavior—whatever he chose to do—would be acceptable to us. More and more admiration (actually propitiation and permissivess) on our part made him bolder and bolder in his outnesses. Some time after we expelled him from the group I noticed that some of my acquired bad habits and aberrations—as well as those of other group members—could be traced back to our admiration and assuring him that we accepted him. My toleration of his wrongs made them OK for him—as well as for myself. I had looked the other way when I recognized his outnesses, and my conscience was out to lunch as I felt free to indulge in the wrongnesses I had validated, an d as I felt obligated to countenance them.

Another example:

Returning after several years of absence from my family, I was surprised to notice oppressive characteristics arising in them when they dealt with overcoming rejection, objection, or adversity. There was something very familiar about the mechanisms I observed. I could not help but recognize the mental machineries as my own techniques for holding attention and impressing my commands on my family from years earlier.

Applying my experience, I understand that there are not several controlling personalities influencing Scientologists and causing their [name the outnesses…]. There is only one who is responsible for your confusions about personal behavior. My cognition is that you are dramatizing arrogant controllingness—Machiavellian Domination impressed on you from only one possible source. You know this phenomenon as "taking on the winning valence"—after enduring "enforced" or "i nhibited" reality.

This propitiative degree of admiration is not a proper part of group protocol. Exaggerated admiration, propitiation, and permissiveness toward a leader can only encourage his permissiveness and generate the same aberrations in the followers. And whom did Ron have who might dare to enforce his ethics? He could do no wrong…other than fail to sell the person in front of him. He threatened your eternity. You accepted the implants when you permitted and embraced the outnesses of another.



Ethics Gradients

Ron Hubbard’s "Ethics Tech" provides for taking actions to bring an individual or a group into "Ethics change" by the application of gradient impinging actions called "ETHICS GRADIENTS". Due to the ruthless and sustained harmful actions of Scientologists, I began applying gradient ethics pressure in the summer of 1993. The Church of Scientology and Scientologists have been totally unresponsive to the gradient ethics application.

Here is a full quote of the...


(Intro to Scientology Ethics, p 157)

1. Noticing something nonoptimum without mentioning it but only inspecting it silently.

2. Noticing something nonoptimum and commenting on it to the person.

3. Requesting informatin by Ethics personnel.

4. Requesting information and inferring there is a disciplinary potential in the situation.

5. Talking to somebody about another derogatorily.

6. Talking to the person derogatorily.

7. Investigating in person by Ethics.

8. Reporting on a post condition to Ethics.

9. Reporting on a person to Ethics.

10. Investigating a person by interrogating others about him.

11. Asking others for evidence about a person.

12. Publishing an interrogatory about a person that points out omissions, or commissions of ethics offenses.

13. Assigning a lowered condition by limited publication.

14. Assigning a lowered condition by broad publication.ç ===Current Action

15. Investigating a person thoroughly in his or her own area.

16. Interrogation stated to be leading to a Court of Ethics.

17. Interrogation in a Court of Ethics.

18. Sentencing in a Court of Ethics.

19. Suspending a Court of Ethics sentence.

20. Carrying out a Court of Ethics discipline.

21. Suspension or loss of time.

22. A Committe of Evidence ordered.

23. A Committee of Evidence publicly ordered.

24. Holding a Committee of Evidence.

25. Findings by a Committee of Evidence.

26. Submitting findings of a Committee of Evidence for approval.

27. Waiting for the findings to be passed on or carried into effect.

28. Suspending findings for a period for review.

29. Modifying findings.

30. Carrying findings into effect.

31. Publishing findings.

32. Demotion.

33. Loss of certificates or awards.

34. Denial of auditing or training by a Committee of Evidence for a considerable period of time.

35. Dismissal.

36. Expulsion from Scientology.

Considering your opposition and non-cooperation, I have done the best I can up through steps 14 and 20. This document completes my actions thru step 14) "Broad Publication of Lowered ethics condition", and leads to my application of steps 16) thru 20) in a Court of Ethics. Due to your opposition and counter-efforts, I’ve had to improvise on "Court of Ethics".

Ethics Condition Assignment

There were 70 forest rangers who were in charge of 100,000 acres of forest land. Twenty-five of them frequently left embers glowing in their campfires after cooking duty. Over time these twenty-five had left many campfires glowing. Their individual conditions were treason. Many fires from these embers destroyed thousands of acres. Unhandled, their condition eventually became confusion. The other rangers became confused about the source of the destruction the group was experi encing;. They rationalized that because they were doing such a wonderful service for everyone, the positive results outweighed the bad. The condition of the group had become confusion. Soon ninety-seven and one half percent of the forest had been consumed with fire and the people decided it was not worthwhile to keep the ineffective rangers on post. The forest rangers had nullified their purpose and they had done it faster than the Roman Empire did. One day, some of the people c ame back, and decided to establish the forest rangers again, but this time they also established the Forest Rangers, Ranger Corps. The job of this corps was to handle glowing embers. They reasoned that these embers could be handled, thereby ensuring the long term success of their group. Their condition became powerful.


Your assignment is to work up to POWER CONDITION.


1) Issue Authority, International, will provide complete, exact copies of this paper to all Scientologists—Internationally, immediately.

2) All Scientologists who wish to be considered cooperative will submit Knowledge Reports declaring whether they know any church leader who has used his office in a criminal agenda to violate local, state, or federal laws. If the indication is positive they will list time, place, form, and event, and submit the report to the Assistant Attorney General of the United States. The Church of Scientology will no longer be used as a springboard for a criminal agenda.

3) All Scientologists will begin pairing off and twinning on the Ethics Formulas starting with Confusion Condition, giving each other locationals per the formula. All public parishioners will submit up through Liability Condition. All Staff will submit up through Normal Condition.

4) The axiom, "Virtue postulates a social personality", will be used as a model for Scientologists. An entry level course on Virtue Practice and "Personality Postulation" will be developed from LRH materials and offered in all Scientology Academies. The list of virtues might have to be improvised on, as LRH seems to have scoffed at some theta virtues. Daily practice charts of important Virtues will be prepared and distributed to all members.

5) Upon completion of these three steps, I will arrive at my office to return the church to normal operations.




dueness (noun)

dueness, what is due, what is owing

accountability, responsibility, obligation, DUTY

the least one can do, bare minimum

what one looks for, expectations

payability, dues, PAYMENT

something owed, indebtedness, DEBT

tribute, credit, ATTRIBUTION

recognition, acknowledgment, THANKS

something to be said for, something in favor of, case for

qualification, merits, deserts, just deserts, RIGHT

justification, VINDICATION

entitlement, claim, title, RIGHT

birthright, patriality, patrimony, DOWER

interest, vested interest, vested right, prescriptive right, absolute right, indefeasible right, inalienable right

legal right, easement, prescription, right-to-work law

human rights, women's rights, animal rights, FREEDOM

constitutional right, civil rights, bill of rights, the Constitution, Magna Carta

privilege, exemption, immunity, NONLIABILITY

prerogative, privilege

charter, warrant, license, PERMIT

liberty, franchise

bond, security, TITLE DEED

patent, copyright

recovery of rights, restoration, revendication, compensation, RESTITUTION

owner, title-holder, POSSESSOR


claimant, plaintiff, pursuer, appellant

person with a grievance, PETITIONER



As of the date of this issue, there is declared a General Amnesty. No person is ever again forbidden to approach the Church of Scientology. Possibly the major reason for field opposition is that we have expelled from our ranks some of the more convinced Scientologists on the planet. Where else can they practice their 1st amendment rights of freedom of religion? Copyright and its relentless enforcement—almost like a persecution—keeps them from practicing their chosen religion. From this date, the only requirement to receive Scientology services is to ask for them—to put in writing: "I respectfully ask to receive the service "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _". Wanting Scientology is indication enough. Persistence on the part of any parishioner to receive services will suffice as evidence of sanity and goodness.

The action of "Declaring" another to be some ethics case is hereby cancelled. Instead, a Master-at-Arms and a Magistrate will state a joint opinion that "(Person) has demonstrated "X" gradation of anti-social tendencies and must address this opinion in writing and by submitting at the examiner a form something like this:

My opinion of Scientology is…

My opinion of (principal) is…

My opinion of (2nd principal) is…

I seek Scientology because…

I intend to apply my training/processing in the following manner…

I do not believe that I am an anti-social person because…

I acknowledge the church’s consideration that I am anti-social and choose to address their consideration in the following way…

[Other such qualifiers will be devised to poll his desire for help, control, etc.]

Any Executive Council (EC) at any Scientology group may decide on the basis of this Examiner’s Questionnaire whether or not to heed the Stated Opinion of any other church. All such examinations shall be included in an uplines folder for any such inquiring group to peruse. Any EC examining a parishioner will report their findings and decisions to the uplines folder. This will be developed appropriately. Options will include an EC recommending to him that he address other of his actions or view points at the examiner. Or, he may be directly accepted for services at the local org.

Our urgent predicament is that we have cleared only 50,000 of 5,000,000,000 individuals. We are sitting on a good thing. An exponential curve must be plotted by which we intend to "Clear the Planet". Our stats are anemic.




>victim: a person who is the receipt point of an action that causes loss or damage to his person or property; person at effect(it happens); PTS person

>victimizer: suppressive cause point; one who makes a victim by his suppression of others. LRH refers to the action of victimizing in Ethics, Justice, and the Dynamics (HCOPL 7 Jul 1980) under the topic, "MORALS"… "One cannot go through life victimizing one’s fellow beings and wind up anything but trapped—the victim himself".


-first dynamic: the realm of personal endeavors.

-second dynamic: the realm of family endeavors, including sex and child-rearing.

-third dynamic: the realm of societal, or group, or sub-group endeavors, e.g., Glee Club, Young Republicans, Boy Scouts, the country of Italy, United States, Kansas, etc

-fourth dynamic: the realm of civilization’s endeavors, or that of "all mankind".

>smug, smugness: the art of not feeling the consequences of your own overts.

>3rd dynamic ser fac: circuits, machinery, manipulations, intimidations,

agreements, actions, omissions, convictions, games, gimmics, policies, and arguments used to make the individual wrong and the group right.

-Tech on ser fac applied to the 3rd dynamic.

>collective noun: word in the singular number expressing an aggregate of individuals.

>aggregate: consisting of individuals united in a compound group.

>expletive: a word considered as regularly filling the syntactic position of

another--'they' for he, she, it

>they, their, theirs, them: (random house) Pronouns used in place of he, she,

him, her, hers and his to avoid ambiguity of number and to avoid sexist use of "he"

to indicate common gender.

>common gender: indicating either male or female gender.


The fact that there are overwhelm and spinout as overts implies responsibility for causing them. If enturbulation is an overt,…then overwhelm, spinout, and heavy ethics

gradients are also overts.


These definitions are not contradictory to policy. These definitions are part of the language that Ron contributed to and are common sense! Nothing Ron wrote can be interpreted to denigrate the English language.

PTS: Sap. Person at effect. Chicken. Coward. Prone To Suppression.

>Bodhisattva: One moved by compassionate zeal to aid his fellow men toward salvation, hence willing to postpone his own entrance into Nirvana to this end(Nirvana: The state achieved by the conquest of craving; the spiritual goal of Buddhism).

>Endomorphic: [anthropology], one of three GE/Personality types. Characteristics include Jolly, overbearing, with heavy body build. Generally presumptious that he has the support of others.

>Megalomanic: A psych word for spoiled, feeling greater than others, swollen head, delusions of grandeur, having the consideration that one is made of finer stuff than others.

>Holy: glows and floats

>entity: a thetan, a marriage, a partnership, a corporation--a decarnate terminal.

>smug, smugness: the art of being unaware of the consequences of your overts.

>3rd dynamic ser fac: circuits, machinery, manipulations, intimidations,

agreements, actions, omissions, convictions, games, gimmics, policies, and arguments used to make the individual wrong and the group right.

-Tech on ser fac applied to the 3rd dynamic.

>collective noun: word in the singular number expressing an aggregate of individuals.

>aggregate: consisting of individuals united in a compound organism.

>expletive: a word considered as regularly filling the syntactic position of

another--'they' for he, she, it

>they, their, theirs, them: (random house) Pronouns used in place of he, she,

him, her, hers and his to avoid ambiguity of number and to avoid sexist use of "he"

to indicate common gender.

>common gender: indicating either male or female gender.

>antecedent: (to go before) The noun which is replaced by a pronoun, usually the noun immediately preceeding the pronoun, but occasionally remote from the pronoun, in which case the reference can be ambiguous.

Here's an actual example of a remote antecedent causing confusion in reading: In KSW#1, the infamous "Thetans without banks" paragraph reads like this:

"The common denominator of a group is the reactive bank. Thetans

without banks have different responses. They only have their banks

in common. They agree then only on bank principles. Person to person

the bank is identical."

[Prerequisite Data: "Thetans without banks" means Clears.]

Sentence number three seems to say that "Clears only have Clears'

banks in common." (because the nearest antecedent is "Thetans

without banks".). This is confusing because the definition of Clear is:

One who no longer has a reactive mind [bank]. The correct (remote)

antecedent is "group". Using "group" from sentence number one,

as a remote antecedent, sentence number three now reads: "PreClears

only have PreClears banks in common." The resolution of this paragraph

lies in realizing that sentence # 2 was an interjectory comment to give the reader

reference to another fact. It happens to have been inserted between a pronoun

and its antecedent.

So what happened here? Ron A used remote antecedent B in sentence C.

Course Supe D told student E to "look back for a word". Course Supe D

and student E nearly blew from second phenomenon. That's all that happened.

Can you feel the bank phenomenon, "I just hate someone who's always right"?

Can you say, "Spirit of Play"? I expect 90% of the Church to come out of a Coma

after applying "remote antecedent" to sentence number three.

>natter: verbal chatter, conversation., [Scn Ethics] Complaining when there are undisclosed overts or witholds. In the absence of undisclosed overts or witholds, the complaining is not called natter, but is a valid complaint (this is the case with angels). Hence, a statement that one is nattering is an invalidative accusation that the nominee has undisclosed overts or witholds--a moot accusation as we all have undisclosed overts and witholds. Hence the word is almost totally useless- -being useful to shift blame to another or to make another wrong (which is itself nattery). One other use in detective and investigatory work, is to know one does not have undisclosed overts and witholds if one is an angel. As an argumentative accusation it labels an investigator/MAA as having undisclosed overts or witholds. [Scn Tech] indicative of charge in the area.

>complain: to notify of an outness; to signal out-ethics; to bitch

>overwhelm: to not be nice; to apply Black Dianetics/Scientology.

>spinout: go bonkers, or to cause another to go bonkers.

The fact that there are overwhelm and spinout as overts implies responsibility for causing them. If enturbulation is an overt, then overwhelm, spinout, and heavy ethics

gradients are also overts, and the spinner outer is responsible for the damages to the

case, and is Type D--"responsible for case".


>non-sequitur: Technique used, when asked to confront his outnesses, one non-sequiturly points to the outnesses of others (What are you responsible for?) in order to shift the blame and attention away from himself--also see "Bamboozle" and "Jedi Mind Trick".

>Bamboozle: a macho Endomorph technique of fleecing others.

>Jedi Mind Trick: an OT technique of fleecing others--used by the Jedi Knights in the movie, Star Wars.

>Prudism: Invalidation of the second dynamic for others. The action is usually committed as an effort to compensate for one's sexual inadequacies. Often those who wear the "chaste", or "asexual" valence typically imposed by some religions, are Prudist in nature--and are therefore invalidative of the second dynamic for others. When this is done by members of a fourth dynamic oriented group, it becomes an overt on the first four dynamics. It is therefore, a Crime of significant altitude for church members to enforce their "sex is evil" valence onto their public. It is acknowledged that overly sexual persons are unsuitable for staff and out-qualled for Sea Org, but per Policy on "Second Dynamic Rules", it is fine, permissible, and unprohibited for public to govern their own sex life. Staff should swallow their pride and their tendancy to enforce prudist rules on public. Public are wholly permitted to govern their own lives without nullification by Staff, and are not required to wear chastity belts, or chastity valences enforced by sexually inadequate Staff.

These definitions are part of the language that Ron contributed to and are common sense! Nothing Ron wrote can be interpreted to denigrate the English language (I think).

>Ally computation: compensation neurosis (q.v.)

>Cramming Order: A request that an Ethics or Justice terminal cause one who demonstrates ignorance or lack of compliance to policy or law be required to study or review that policy or law to prevent future non-compliance or disobedience.

>wrongful validation, wrongful condonement, condonement.

>one, one: 1.1 on the Emotional Tone Scale. insincerity, deception, covert hostility, viciousness, hidden harmfulness, secretly nullifying (as in deadfile),

>deadfile: the harmful, suppressive, psychotic Church of Scientology action of secretly persecuting a parishioner by allowing him to believe that he is accepted, yet all the while disallowing participation and secretly blocking his communications though allowing him to believe his communications are heard. This is at the point, 1.1 on the emotional tone scale called covert hostility and is charactarized by viciousness on the part of Church of Scientology staff. There are a number of pers ons who are deadfiled, giving Church of Scientolgy staff daily practice in viciousness. This is an action by the Church of Scientology calculated to dominate and nullify a parishioner they "don’t like".

dynamic (s): Nouns are said to represent persons, places, or things. This list of three, doesn’t include words for concepts (e.g. love), or activities (e.g. exercise). We tend to apply the word "things" to include everything that is not a person, or a place. Ron pulled out a pocketful of "things", wrote them down as eight areas of endeavor of individuals, and for lack of a better word, called them "dynamics", instead of "things". These different &qu ot;areas of endeavor", or "dynamics", as Ron called them consist of:

First dynamic: endeavors of an individual

Second dynamic: endeavors of sex and marriage, and family and child raising.

Third dynamic: endeavors of group activity, e.g. girl scouts, UCLA, Masons, a football team, Army, Navy, The United States, Lithuania, etc.

Fourth dynamic: endeavors of mankind (inclusive of all nations, groups, and sub-groups), e.g., world peace, religion, etc

[There are four other dynamics I’ll define for you when you’re 21.]

MEGALOMANIA: An exaggerated personal importance such as believing that others’ qualities and successes depend on your validation or invalidation. examples: "We threaten their eternity"--L. Ron Hubbard. "If you tell on me, I’ll harm you".--L. Ron Hubbard.

BY-PASSED-CHARGE: smouldering resentment, or smouldering embarrassment, or any other form of unnoticed bad indicators, brought up by rudeness, or guilty conscience restimulator (missed withold), offending one’s Affinity, Reality, or Communications.

FAIRGAME: Domination by nullification. The harmful, suppressive, psychotic Church of Scientology action of denying a parishioner protection from open hostilities of other Scientologists, such as vandalism, looting, etc. Scientologists’ battlecry against individuals whom they don’t like. Much like crying, "Dogpile on this guy who won’t cave-in to us. This is an action by the Church of Scientolgy calculated to dominate and nullify a parishioner they "don’t like".

GLEE OF A SCIENTOLOGIST: smugness, arrogance, megalomanic

SERVICE FACSIMILE (ser fac): 0) HYPOCRISY NEUROSIS; 1) self-righteousness machinery; 2) "not practicing what one preaches"--Preventive of incoming actions (flow one actions), but permissive of outgoing (flow two actions)--can dish it out but can’t take it; 3) "half-golden-rule machinery" (demanding of in-flow, but unattentive of out-flow); 4) Being two-faced.

GPM: Compulsion Neurosis created by implanted ambition vs. thwarted ambition--anxiety caused by what you are driven to be but can’t be.

OVERT: a wrong or crime

WITHOLD: undisclosed wrong or crime

PULLED WITHOLD: a wrong or crime which is fully disclosed or confessed.

MISSED WITHOLD: awakened guilt feelings at being reminded of, but not confronted about, a wrong or crime.

ENTURBULATION: arcx, hence enturbulated persons have overts/witholds. This is a major

major ser-fac.

Non-Enturbulation Order: Gag Order, an order to consider that everyone else considers himself a victim—helpless to your offenses—and requires you to tiptoe so as not to offend them. A statement from the church to the parishioner that all church members consider themselves victims.

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