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CofS, Inc. Squirreling is the FEAR Button

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Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 18:53:03 -0800
Subject: CofS, Inc. Squirreling is the FEAR Button

Dear Scientologists and Non-Scientologists,

In case anybody hasn't noticed, the revealing of the Miscavige Church of Scientology, Inc. squirreling the works of LRH and the application of it has hit a serious fear button with them.

This is because squirreling is considered the worse crime in scientology by scientologists. So by exposing the Miscavige Church of Scientology, Inc. as the worst squirrel in the history of scientology, the regime fears they will lose support of their current membership.

That's why they have tried very hard to discredit me (which has been a total failure by the way.) Luckily, there is power in truth.

What's worse than their failure to discredit me is that they brought onto themselves, for attempting this Black Pr on me, even MORE exposure to the Miscavige CofS, Inc. squirreling.

No doubt all the scientologists reading this newsgroup are now suspicious of the Miscaviage Church of Scientology, Inc. Though I know it's probably hard for a lot of them to swallow that this betrayal by their church could be happening. I empathize with them. I know exactly how it feels. It was like having my reality totally ripped away wondering what I could believe anymore.

Scientologists may not communicate how they are feeling at the moment because this new awareness of what's going on takes different people different amounts of time to digest. The high-confront scientologists will look at the data about squirreling and see it's true right away.

The next step for these members of the Miscavige "church" is they will likely innocently try using the internal org lines to correct things. This is noble but they will quickly discover the resistance they'll get correcting the squirreling ... just like I got, just like many others who've tried before. Then they'll finally have to conclude that it's corrupt at the TOP. Then they'll have to make a decision whether they should stay with this squirrel group or not.

If the senior management admits to any squirreling, they'll have to admit THEY were responsible for it because they failed to prevent it. But as usual, a criminal is going to insist that they're not guilty even when the facts are right there glaring at them.

We have PROOF of the squirreling now. I suggest we keep drilling on this issue of the CofS, Inc. squirreling. It is quite effective. THAT is what's going to disrupt the power structure.

Having everybody witnessed first hand recently how the squirreling issue is such an effective issue, I suggest all picketers start really driving this point home hard. It's going to drive senior management psychotic (exposing their overts) and at the same time waking up well-meaning scientologists who never realized how rampant the squirreling of their leaders is.

For you past AOL'ers, remember how the exposure blew apart the heavily controlled "Fellowship Board?" That board no longer exists. It couldn't handle the truth.

Picket signs to communicate could be ....

"BIGGEST Squirrel
in Scio History?"


"Miscavige & his
Senior Management"

Another sign:

"Miscavige: STOP
your Squirreling now!"

How about:

"Scientologists want PURE LRH,
not Miscavige Scientology"

Effective signs like this you see. I'm sure others kind think of other things along this line.

These are the signs that Miscavige will hate and scientologists won't feel attacked by them. So they'll at least think about what it says to start the questioning process of what are these picketers talking about. You see, this issue is the MOST important issue to scientologists. Ironically, it's been drilled in the hardest too. Then when a scientologist starts asking the picketers info, the picketers can offer documentation.

I'd like to ask for somebody's help. We really need somebody to put up a squirrel page that's dedicated to squirreling and all the recent posts about it. It should be a simple link that easily remembered. I'll pay for the registration of the website name AND the webspace if I can find a good volunter webmaster.

We need to have an in-depth site that goes into serious detail and documentation for scientologists.

Sound like good ideas?


(Recipient of the Scientologist "Kha Khan" Award and ARS "SP 5" status.) :-)

"Without an alternative to Scientology*, the people in it and the tools and technology of the mind they have are sufficiently powerful that it is feasible and possible it could end up controlling this planet."

(* Church of Scientology, Inc.)

-- Jack Horner (author of Summary of Scientology)

"Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us."

-- Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas (Justice for 36 years)

"Freedom encompasses the irritating, the contentious, the eccentric, the heretical, the unwelcome and provocative". "Freedom only to speak inoffensively is not worth having."

-- Lord Justice Sedley

Scientologists: Work towards Freedom of Speech, Ban the Church of Scientology Censorship Software now!

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