The 'Safe Asks Papers' -- CST or RTC have not fulfilled mandate
CST or RTC have not fulfilled mandate

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Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 10:55:12 -0800
Subject: CST or RTC have not fulfilled mandate

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CST, Inc. (Church of Spiritual Technology, Inc dba L. Ron Hubbard Library) was MANDATED to PRESERVE pure LRH tech.

RTC, Inc. (Religious Technology Center, Inc) was MANDATED to KEEP THE TECH PURE.

Neither of these organizations have fulfilled their mandates in their charters.

I believe there is enough evidence of this now for a Class Action Lawsuit for FRAUD by scientologists. Scientologists have expected to be sold pure 100% LRH and yet have gotten a DELUTED and SQUIRRELED version.

1) Besides having to resort to a Class Action Lawsuit, what other methods are there to get ethics in on CST/RTC, Inc?

It's clear that it's virtually impossible to get OSA Public Relations to even LOOK and ACKNOWLEDGE the squirreling which has been profusely presented to them recently.

2) So if they don't even want to listen, what other justice recourse is there?

I would rather RTC/CST, Inc. and OSA just get their ethics in on themselves.

3) But what if they refuse like they are doing in present time?

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