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Squirrel PL in New Ethics Book

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Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2000 17:36:13 -0800
Subject: Squirrel PL in New Ethics Book

Hi Fellow Scientologists,

On page 323 of our "new and improved" BOTWO ethics book, there are 9 1/2 paragraphs, and many sentences OMITTED from the original policy letter of HCO PL 7, September 1963. (which this PL is NOT referenced in the book ... I had to FIND it.)

You can find the "almost source" on page 924, in Vol. 1 of the also squirrelly green policy volumes from dba "L.Ron Hubbard Library" (Church of Spiritual Technology, Inc.)

You can find the real source on page 538 in Vol. 1 of the "by L. Ron Hubbard" green policy volumes.

Also the HCO PL of 24, February 1965 important ADDENDUM to the above policy letter is TOTALLY OMITTED from the BOTWO ethics book.

When I report on squirreling by our own church, I really HOPE you get outraged by this because taking the lax attitude and "letting it slide" will kill authentic Scientology. You will be partly responsible for it's slow death.

So we CANNOT tolerate squirreling Ron's words for ONE-SECOND.

You see the problem in NOT referencing the data in "new editions?" Data can easily be snuck by, eliminated, or perverted because it's "too much trouble" for you and me to look up source and find out where that data originated from. If that's trouble for you to do, it's easy to slip changes on you without you knowing it. I would have never known myself unless I wasn't inquisitive.

In the early days when Ron was here, Scientologists were quite meticulous in referencing source data. That feeling and watchfulness is now LOST because everybody trusts RTC to maintain the purity of the tech.

But once that watchfulness is lost by EVERY Scientologist, Rons' original words can too easily and DOES continue to get squirreled and perverted. This is what is happening to us here and now, and most Scientologist are NOT aware of it.

So are you going to sit there still and take easy route, turn a blind eye, and not check out what I report to see if it's true?

Or are you going to be an informed Scientogist and DO something about this squirreling?

It's time we put a stop to this.

Yours for no squirreling,


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