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Why I don't 'out' myself

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Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 10:13:08 -0800
Subject: Why I don't "out" myself

"Enzo Piccone" <> wrote in message

> Safe ... <> wrote in message >

>: Just because some guy may have signed a message using my handle with an AT&T >: account doesn't prove anything. Why are there two names, one is Wayne >: Froemke and the other is Wayne Gerald? Which person is allegedly Safe? >: >: My signature has been forged many times on A&E. Somebody pretended to be me >: and made "confessions" on "my behalf" there. >: >: That's why I have Safe ... so people can easily see if it's me >: or not. >: >: Sorry, I will not "confess" who I am yet. Is OSA really in such a mystery >: who I am? Public Relations, why don't you just go ahead and announce who I >: am? You know who I am. Go ahead! >: :-) >: Safe > > So, why haven't you revealed your identity? OSA knows who you are. I imagine > some individuals know who you are. The only ones who don't know who you are are > most of the people here who read what you write. And it's not as though you're > attempting to maintain a profile or the like. > > So, why are you withholding your identity? Why don't you want the rest of us to > know what your name is?

Good question. I and others have already explained this before. OSA, under penalties of perjury, cannot use the information they got from my ISP (AT&T) for anything other than protecting Bridge Publications copyrights.

Should I "out" myself, that gives OSA a free license to use their dirty operations on me because I publicly revealed who I am on my own. It would give them a way out. Otherwise, if they use their black ops on me and get caught and I have not revealed who I am yet, I can nail their ass with perjury and abuse of law.

So if they are using intelligence on me now, they are forced to keep it low profile ... very covert. I'd rather it be this way. I'm sure they're really itching to publicly Black PR me but they can't. The law is keeping them in check. Though Robert is trying very hard to "dead agent" me as Safe without any luck.

Even if they tried their black PR, they are not going to have much luck because I have a clean slate. I have no criminal record and I have perfect credit. Scientologists, I DON'T "have crimes." :-) I just don't want to give them an opportunity to make up lies and publicly post them and especially ... start picketing my family.

Besides, believe me, they don't want to picket my family. My entire family are right wing Christians who think scientology is of Satan. My dad would have no scruples in protecting his family if they trespassed his propertly and/or he felt imminent threat of life. The small town sherriff there he knows well would surely side with him.

If they started picketing in my neighborhood in the small town I live in, certainly it would back-fire on them. They don't want the bad press I would make sure this town would give them. The harder I'm tried to stop, the bigger fight the Miscavige CofS, Inc. is going to get. I have lots of alleys who are very willing to support me if I ask.

I hope this clears up any confusion about this by anybody.



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