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Since some of the materials which describe the $cientology cult could be considered to be copywritten materials, I have censored myself and The Skeptic Tank by deleting any and all possible text files which describes the cult's hidden mythologies. I have elected to quote just a bit of the questionable text according to the "Fair Use" legal findings afforded to those who report. - Fredric L. Rice, The Skeptic Tank, 09/Sep/95 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- From!!!!! Mon Jul 10 17:01:08 1995 Message-ID: <> Path:!!!!! Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology From: (Andrew McPherson) X-Anonymously-To: alt.religion.scientology Organization: Anonymous forwarding service Reply-To: Date: Fri, 7 Jul 1995 05:01:56 UTC Subject: Re: Scientology and Kids Lines: 313 >In article <3scbqe$>, > (Tilman Hausherr) wrote: >> (Cornelius Krasel) wrote: >> >>>David Talbot ( wrote: >> >>>>[stuff inbetween snipped] >>>> >>>> >> (Peter McDermott) wrote: >>>> >> >>>> >> >"Make money. Make more money. Make others make more money." >>>> >> >>>> >> >Scientology policy document by ElRon Hubbard. >> >>>> I will supply the context if you supply the reference where this >>>> quote comes from. In fact I never read anything like this from >>>> LRH. >> >>>John Atack quotes this sentence in "A Piece Of Blue Sky". I don't have >>>my copy at hand, however I seem to recall that it originated in the 80's >>>as part of an advice for companies how to operate by Scientology >>>principles. >> >>>Maybe that helps? >> >>Talbot is bluffing, hoping the we won't find the quotes. There are from >>Hubbard's time in Morocco. He wrote it in March 1972, in his "Governing > ~~~~~~~~~~ >>Policy" for finance. Point A and J were the same: >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ > >> MAKE MONEY >> >>Point K was >> >> MAKE MORE MONEY >> >>And the last point, L was >> >> MAKE OTHER PEOPLE PRODUCE SO AS TO MAKE MONEY >> >>At last, an honest admission of this major plank of Hubbard's >>philosophy. >> >>(p. 202) >> >>So what's the "context", Talbot ? > > >Very good Tilman, > >You are very close to the solution. As you can see above >Tilman says that the above three sentences are taken from >a policy about Finance. Of course Tilman doesn't post the rest of the >policy because otherwise the full context of what LRH wrote could >be understood. > >So here is the simplicity of it: > >LRH has written policies in many areas of administration. The above >is one of the many policies that he wrote about finance. So the correct >context of those quotes is the financial managment of any organization. >This data can be applied to any organization, not only Scientology >organization. This is completely distinct from the religious aspects >and application of the technology of auditing and has nothing to do >with the aims of Scientology nor LRH's. > >In fact this is like saying that if the Pope writes an internal directive >within the Vatican where he says that the financial status of the Vatican is >worsening and they have to get more money. Maybe, the Pope will use more >"religious" terminology however the message is the same. > >Otherwise I do not know what is wrong with telling people >to make money? Does any one of you want to be poor? > >It is not LRH's fault if this society is centered around the >money "God". > >People without money in the U.S. risk being thrown in jail for >"being a vagrant". So I consider the above quotes (if true) pointless >and only a propaganda trick to create a false impression of Scientology and >LRH about the subject of money. > >To use Woody's words this is an example of distortion and bigotry. > > >David Talbot - I knew it, I knew it, I knew. Some scientologist would finally have to come with this great explanation. And indeed he would be right - IF there were not dozens of other references which clearly show the true importance of money. Thank God I did not throw all the goodies away. ARS is starting to become fun Mr. Talbot. In 1987 Scientology published the so-called "Hard-Sell Pack". It's a binder with over 300 pages of references on what the scieno-salesman needs to know. But before I quote from this masterpiece I shall quote what the master had to say about how the newbie is to be treated. And this applies to anyone who takes one of those personality tests: In HASI policy letter of September 27, 1957 ElRon writes: "It has come to my attention that we have several times dismayed people on training and processing on their first contact with Scientology by quoting them high prices for training and processing. "Anyone doing this mistakes our basic mission, which is not the charging of high prices, but the dissemination of Scientology to the end goal of bringing a newer and better culture to Earth. "Indeed, we dismay even a financial goal by quoting high prices at once to newcomers. Well, well, well. I remember when I was offered my first joint for free. How do you hook a person to a drug? That lesson was well learned. When I buy a car and the salesman says: "It is going to cost you $400", then I know something might be wrong. And indeed it is. "Mr. McPherson, you mean you want to drive the car out of the show room?" asks the salesman. I nod and he says: "Well, in that case, in addition to the $ 400.-- for the keys you shall have to pay $45,000.-- for the engine, $15,000.-- for the interior, $8,000.- for the tires, etc." But now back to our non-money-motivated Mr. Talbot and quotes for him from the hard-sell pack: "Hard Sell is based on knowing and promoting in this line (TRUTH!) and not being reasonable about people who want 'other things' or 'other practices'. "There is nothing to compare with Scientology, Dianetics, Advanced Courses. They are infintely valuable and transcend time itself." (They live longer than the average scientology's bank account, sort of preparing him for a soft spiritual landing when he learns that he is broke.) "Hard Sell means insistence that people buy. It means caring about the person and not being reasonable about stops or barriers but caring enough to get him through the stops or barriers to get the service that's going to rehabilitate him." "... There are Reges [Registrars = the scieno-salesman] who seem utterly magical. People walk in and people buy in doves, the money mounts up to great heights.... They just plow right ahead and SELL a_n_d CLOSE and take the money in full." And scieno-management adds: "Buy using hard sell and the standard tech of selling you can handle any prospect objection." That does sound very religious indeed, doesn't it, Talbot? No money-motivation, right? Why do you think you are being approached by several staff members after an event where a new item has been released (e.g. a book which used to be 50 pages is boosted to 150 pages by using large letters and bigger spacing)? Because he cares for you? Come on, you probably already have two copies of that book's earlier edition and ElRon is dead. So what's up? Simple: The staff member gets a commission or his own free copy when he sold ten books, etc.... When you only make $20/week then a little extra commission is worth fighting for. On page 5 we learn: 4. "BE RUTHLESS WITH Q AND A - it's your future at stake as well" And on it goes to the last points in this first issue: "5. BE HARD SELL "6. BE HARD SELL "7 BE HARD SELL "Remember, "We are not playing some minor game in Scientology..... "So use this data to handle the prospect's objection that he need not buy now, or that there could be some better time to get up the Bridge. His eternity will depend in no small part on your insistence he buy and buy now. ...... "I AM COUNTING ON YOU TO PUSH TOTAL EXPANSION N_O_W! "This is OUR planet. "MOVE IN!" A real famous quote, and any former Div 2 or Div 6 guy would recall this one is from HCO PL Feb. 21, 1961, Issue II; Choosing PE and Registration Personnel: "Control = Income. "When you have people who cannot control people on PE and Registration posts your income falls or vanishes. "This comes from the state of "self-determinism" in the society today. What with advertising and stepped up political and economic controls, the "self-determinism" of the general public is only re-activism. "As any control we exert upon the public brings about a better society, we are entirely justified in using control. ...... "One must discover what is best for the applicant and then control him into obtaining it. Leaving it up to his "self-determinism" is really leaving it up to his reactive mind. This should suffice for today, and we have only reached page 11 of the Hard Sell pack. The above is so incredible, it needs time for digestion. Mr. Talbot, are you saying that no one is able to make up his mind whether he wants to buy scientology or not? Controlling someone to obtain a service based on the above regulations is one of the worst pressure tactics any salesman has ever seen. It is the first drill to obtain obedience in a new customer. Now that is concentration on money, isn't it? You guys simply overdo it big time! I agree, money makes the world go 'round. However, when someone has an excellent product for sale, then the product, as soon as it is known, will sell like burgers. People will praise it. But with your control mechanism you are basically instilling into the minds of your sales guys that anyone who doesn't buy your courses is "reactive". With such an attitude it is no wonder that your sales guys clobber member until 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning to pay another $ 10,000 or more. You may never have been on staff anywhere, so I'll give you a glimpse into thw inner workings: Say the org is in trouble. It's Wendesday night, 10 pm. The boss of the org notes that gross income is low. A "battle plan" is decided upon. The followingis done: Step 1: a. Who are our wealthiest customers? Make a list! b. Who are their FSMs? c. Which staff member is being considered an opinion leader for each of them? Step 2: a. Staff members under (c.) above to contact (b.) above for their respective prospect to find out current financial status unless known and get any suggestions and double-tag assistance as needed. b. Decide which course or auditing can be sold. If none, imagine which advance payment might be proper sometime in the future. c. No matter what time of night it is, call up the prospect and convince him of the urgency of his payment (e.g. "We have arrived at a crucial point in our expansion. We are proud that you are one of us. You will need the following service any way: ...... You will recieve a nice commendation if you pay now." d. Go and see the prospect, even if it is after midnight, and collect the money, or use his credit card or get a cheque. Step 3: The week has been saved, all staff members get their weekly $20. The member has spent another $ 35,000. This is reality Mr. Talbot. It happened in the past and it is happening today. Imagine this: McHubbard Burger Palace[tm] "What would you like, sir?" asks the friendly receptionist outside of McHubbard Burger Palace. "Oh, I don't know whether I want anything. I am just studying the menu to see if you have the right buger for me. "Okay. I got that. But tell me, are you hungry? "Sure. That's why I'm studying the menu. "Okay. Has anyone told you anything bad about McHubbard Burger Palace[tm]? "No, should someone? "Certainly not, because we serve the finest burgers on the planet. We have 8 million outlets and only recently served free burgers to 1.5 million South African children. "Gee, you guys are generous indeed. "Yeah, that's how we are. Now, back to your burger. We agree that you are hungry, right? "Right. "Okay, so you are standing before our Burger Palace. Now all you need to do is go inside and order." He gently pushes me inside to one of the free counters (I do not realize there are virtually no customers in the shop.) Five girls smile at me and like a good choir say: "We welcome you in burger heaven. You have made a wise decision to step in on your own determinism. McHubbard Burgers are the best on the planet. In fact they will fill your stomach in no time." Before I realize what is happening two body guards flank me. "What on earth do you guys want?" "Oh, we are just here to protect you and to make sure you can choose the type of burger you want. And also we protect you from and theft of your purse. So decide for the burger of your choice." In order to get out of this joint as fast as possible I finally decide and by the ClearAll burger with OT-cheese and BigWin-lettuce [tm]. The body guards take my address off my driver's license (explaining this was only for security purposes), sit me in a chair and stuff the burger down my throat. "It's all customer service. We saw how hungry you were so we felt obligated to help. We are really on purpose, you know!" I don't know how I ever escaped that place, but don't blame me for having lost any appetite for burgers. Back to you, David Talbot. - Andrew ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- To find out more about the anon service, send mail to If you reply to this message, your message WILL be *automatically* anonymized and you are allocated an anon id. Read the help file to prevent this. Please report any problems, inappropriate use etc. to


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