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Since some of the materials which describe the $cientology cult could be considered to be copywritten materials, I have censored myself and The Skeptic Tank by deleting any and all possible text files which describes the cult's hidden mythologies. I have elected to quote just a bit of the questionable text according to the "Fair Use" legal findings afforded to those who report. - Fredric L. Rice, The Skeptic Tank, 09/Sep/95 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- From!!!pipex!demon!not-for-mail Mon Jul 10 17:01:33 1995 Path:!!!pipex!demon!not-for-mail From: Koos Nolst Trenite <> Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: RI-33Ri HCO Sec Check on Mo(rrison) Budlong Date: Fri, 7 Jul 95 16:33:44 +0200 Lines: 265 Message-ID: <> Reply-To: X-NNTP-Posting-Host: 25 August 1994 Issue as RI-33i 9 Dec 94 revised on 7 July 1995 RI-33Ri 'HCO Sec Check on Mo(rrison) Budlong' from Ron's Inspector Message # RI-33Ri for Internet Introduction: Mo Budlong was the Deputy Guardian for Intelligence and Internal Security World Wide, in East Grinstead, until he was jailed. He probably was the first major undetected Suppressive Person inside Scientology, but has never been declared Suppressive, except by me, and now by LRH. Mo Budlong caused, amongst other things, that Mary Sue (MSH) was convicted for secretly obtaining or stealing copies of US Government Documents about planned US Government attacks on Scientology. These US-government attacks consisted of planting, via US-Embassies around the world, false data on Scientology with the governments of other countries, so that these governments would deny support, or even entry, to Scientologists. According to Mo Budlong himself now, we must assume, he was a US-government plant or agent inside Scientology, and in this capacity kept the US-government informed about the destinations of the FLAG-ship Apollo visiting various countries. Mary Sue Hubbard's project 'Snow White' had the purpose to expose the covert intelligence actions of the US-government against Scientology, to expose the planting of false data on Scientology and on Scientologists (for instance, that Scientologists were really CIA-agents or, that Scientologists were really dealing with drugs), into the various governments of countries with US-Embassies. Mo Budlong was never detected until Koos started looking at the actual intentions of this individual. SUMMARY OF HCO SEC CHECKS ON MO(RRISON) BUDLONG, 25 August 1994 the former Deputy Guardian World Wide for Intelligence and Internal Security HCO Sec Check ordered by Koos Reported per HCOPL 'CONFESSIONALS - ETHICS REPORTS REQUIRED' 24 Aug-25 Aug 1994 Total hours: 3:04 min Highly specialized OT HCO Sec Check Auditing at 700 US $ per hour, makes 2,147 US $ total costs. 24 Aug 1994......................................hours: 1:04 min [Mo Budlong:] "Koos can't find me." LFBD "I want to destroy Koos! LF I want to be evil. I do not let Koos tell me what I should do!" "The time in the Guardian Office [now the OSA] was great! LF Those little idiots dedicated to being good! LF How they respected me and looked up to me! And wanted to be accepted by me. LF "'Never ask for a licence to survive?' Ha! Amongst each other Scientologists DID (ask each other for a license to survive)! And how they asked ME! (as Security INT/WW)" "I for sure didn't have to ask for a licence to be evil. LF It was granted in the name of fighting the enemy. LF Great, I could dislike people as I wanted! There was always a Policy Letter that covered that up! LF "Great to see that they, 'the Org-people,' are continuing that, even without me being around." "Unwilling or unable they were, to distinguish whether I wanted to dominate and control them or make them do better in their job!" "The Policy letters, the Ethics Tech etc., a fantastic tool to make people afraid!" LF "It is so great, we were using the same tech as 'decent' people, back in the Guardian Office, that's why we were so hard to detect." LFBD-F/N indicated 24 Aug 1994......................................hours: 0:45 min [Mo Budlong:] "In the Guardian Office time: I used (manipulated) Jane Kember [The Guardian WW, also an SP, but by far not as violently, absolutely insane as Mo Budlong] F, Jane Kember used (manipulated) Mary Sue ['The Controller,' 'MSH,' not a Suppressive, the wife of LRH] (in order to execute MY plans). F "I did not care about Ron [LRH] or Scientology, I could destroy ENEMIES, mine or somebody else's, what does it matter? Guardian Office activity = destroying enemies." [Auditor:] Enemies of what? [Mo Budlong:] "[That] didn't matter. Who cares? As long as a few enemies get destroyed. LF "I advised Jane Kember to steal material from US Government at which she got caught. LFBD So what! It was a great game, even when Scientology gets endangered and destroyed by it." [Auditor:] Did the American Government send you (to the GO WW)? sharp LFBD-F/N indicated (End of this HCO Sec Check session) 24 Aug 1994......................................hours: 0:35 min ([Auditor:] First day when Mo Budlong saw Koos at Jane Kember's office LF he resented Koos' beauty and strength.) ([Auditor:] He saw in Koos a danger, someone who would take away HIS space, HIS post. He [Mo Budlong] decided to cut Koos down 'to size'.) ([Auditor:] He said: 'Koos was bigger than he was supposed to be' Mo Budlong wanted Koos small, small, small F from the very beginning, he made Koos be sent away by Jane Kember. He wanted to see Koos become small.) F/N indicated (End of this HCO Sec Check session) 25 Aug 1994......................................hours: 0:40 min ([Auditor:] Mo Budlong was sitting in his small space. LFBD In a "'Guardian Office' space" separated from the rest of the world, evil intention to immobilize thetans, HATING everything that was alive, everything that was wide, spacy, theta, everything that he could not control.) [Mo Budlong:] "I hate myself. I hate people. I intend to 'end all this motion around me.' Stop, cave in, obey, kill, end, finish." "I have a compulsion to stop. LF People around me should stop! sharp LF STOP TO BE. LF Stop to want to have. F Stop to exist. LF Stop to create. LF I am hiding from Koos that I AM A STOP " LF-F/N indicated (End of this HCO Sec Check session) (End of Sec Checks) (The data revealed in HCO Security Checks are not confidential. They are used to detect hidden crimes, and the data is used by the group to stop the crimes and to apply group-justice to the criminal, based on what he actually did, rather than on what others believe or are led to believe he did. The purpose is to have real justice both for the criminal and for the groupmembers that have been affected by his crimes.) (The abbreviations F, LF, LFBD, F/N designate reactions on the E-meter, indicating mental charge (F, LF, LFBD) and release of charge completed (F/N). R/S is an abbreviation for Rock Slam, a wild needle motion indicating extreme indecision and confusion 'solved' by fixed non-survival solutions and intentions. A fixed non-survival solution is called a SERVICE FACsimile. 'PTS to' means 'too much suppressed by:' the person is a Potential Trouble Source, which can be remedied by making him confront and perceive the Suppressive, or, if possible, otherwise make him decide to not be suppressed anymore.) Koos Nolst Trenite - Ron's Inspector Copyright 1994 by Koos Nolst Trenite references: RI-0i 'Current Ethics' of 30 June 1994 RI-10i 'Confronting a Suppressive' of 12 Oct 1994 RI-14i 'SPs in Scientology's Safe Space' of 23 Oct 1994 RI-19i 'Artists and Ethics' of 10 Sep 1992, re-iss on 4 Nov 94 RI-24i 'Definition of 'PTS' - IMPORTANT' of 19 Nov 1994 RI-25i 'PTS-Declare Type C of OSA-Staff' of 19 Nov 1994 RI-30i 'SP-Declares are Intended' of 17 Feb 94 re-iss 6 Dec 94 RI-31i 'SP-Declares are Intended - Handling' of 7 Mar 1994 RI-32i 'SP-Declares are Intended - Use It' of 9 Mar 1994 RI-53i 'Past Life Criminals and Scn Ethics' of 29 Jul 1994 RI-84i 'Ron's Inspector Order to OSA' of 5 Feb 1995 RI-87i 'LRH: ... Staff's Safe Solutions on SPs' of 14 Feb 95 RI-71i 'How Hitler trapped the German People' of 22 Jan 1995 RI-94i 'Assistant of Nazi Himmler - revisited' of 24 Aug 94 RI-114i 'A former Nazi-psychiatrist - revisited' 16 Mar 95 RI-129i 'Ron's Inspector Purposes' of 31 Mar 1995 RI-130i 'How SS Heydrich is hiding in... a body' of 31 Mar 95 RI-173i 'Mary Sue on deposed Guardian WW Jane Kember' 8 May 95 RI-183i '...Criminal Miscavige's Crimes on MSH & PB' 19 May 95 RI-211i 'LRH on Mary Sue and Jane Kember' of 12 Jun 1995 RI-50R-Mi 'Archives of RI-xxi and RI-ACT-xx series' of 28 Dec 1994, Revised and Replaced 21 May 1995 ftp:


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