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Since some of the materials which describe the $cientology cult could be considered to be copywritten materials, I have censored myself and The Skeptic Tank by deleting any and all possible text files which describes the cult's hidden mythologies. I have elected to quote just a bit of the questionable text according to the "Fair Use" legal findings afforded to those who report. - Fredric L. Rice, The Skeptic Tank, 09/Sep/95 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- From!!!pipex!!pipex!sunic!!!!newsmaster Mon Jul 10 17:03:32 1995 Path:!!!pipex!!pipex!sunic!!!!newsmaster From: (Kaj Malmberg) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Finnish Police Contact info and more.. Date: 9 Jul 1995 10:51:58 GMT Lines: 79 Message-ID: <3tocce$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: WinVN 0.91.6 I work at the Helsinki Police Criminal Investigating Departement in Helsinki. I investigate economic crimes and crimes that involves the use of a computers. Helsinki Police Department is the local police. Interpol is not a policeorganization. Most of the countries in the world have joined Interpol and therefore assign a part of its organization to be called Interpol. Interpol does not investigate crimes nore excecute any police duties. It only sends mail from one country to another and keep registers. If I want to send a letter to a law enforcement agency in another country, I send it to our local Interpol, that sends it to the other country and to its Interpol agency, that in turn sends it ot the local police. Interpol never has an active part in investigating crimes. This Scientology case started on day when a lawyer from a very respected law office contacted us and said he was representing the Church of Scientology and that he had in his office a privat investigator from the United States that had come here to investigate on behalf of the church. They came to my office in Helsinki and told me that someone had penetrated in to a computer in Los Angeles and taken secret information form it. The computer was the property of the Church of Scientology. The investigator had found out that the penetrator had come into the computer from Finland and their last information about the person ended at the Anon Penet computer in Helsinki. I was asked by the Church of Scientology to start an investigation because a crime had been committed. They told me that Johan Helsingius at Eunet Finland did not give them the information they needed, the identity of the person who had committed the crime. We took the case under consideration with my boss Harri Pulkkinen. He has the authority to issue a search warrant by law in Finland. A search warrant can be issued if there are reasons to believe that a crime has been committed, a crime that you can get at least a 6 months prison sentence for, and that there are reasons to believe that evidence in that particular case can be found in the place where the search will be held. A crime had been reported, evidence to solve the crime could be found. The only thing we could do was to get the information from the Anon server. A search warrant was issued and it was served to Johan Helsingius. Without us searching the hole computer, Helsingius gave us the information we wanted. When I got the information from Helsingius, I could see that the crime had been committed from the United States. I had seen a document that showed me that there was an investigation about the same case in Los Angeles. As there was an investigation going on in the United States and it the crime had been commited from there we decided to end our investigation. I wrote a letter ot our Interpol and asked them to forward our findings to the police in Los Angeles. I gave the results of our investigation to the person who had reported the crime, the finnish lawyer. That was it. I do not know what has happened after that in Los Angeles to the investigation there. Police organizations do not report to other countries their results. If someone reports a crime we must act. We do not have the wright to refuse an investigation if there are reasons to believe, that a crime has been committed, if we did we would end up in jail. As we the investigation has come an end, all documents are public. Anyone has the wright to get copies. You only have to pay s small sum for copying them. I cannot send them by the Internet but if someone in Finland got them from our office, that person could send them to everyone on the net. My office telephone: +358-0-189 5425. I work from 8 - 16 (+3 GMT). My office mail:


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