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Since some of the materials which describe the $cientology cult could be considered to be copywritten materials, I have censored myself and The Skeptic Tank by deleting any and all possible text files which describes the cult's hidden mythologies. I have elected to quote just a bit of the questionable text according to the "Fair Use" legal findings afforded to those who report. - Fredric L. Rice, The Skeptic Tank, 09/Sep/95 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- From!!!gatech!!dsinc!!!rkeller Wed Jul 12 09:50:14 1995 Path:!!!gatech!!dsinc!!!rkeller From: (Rod Keller) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Koos Declare - Full Text Date: 11 Jul 1995 01:21:23 GMT Organization: Philadelphia's Complete Internet Provider Lines: 97 Message-ID: <3tsjmj$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2] I've been authorized by my German correspondent to post the full SP declare of our own Koos Nolst Trenite. Re-reading this just now, I'm struck by the lack of venom in this expulsion order. Yes, they wanted him out. He was too wacky even for the cos. But I don't think they hated him. I understand SP Declares can include lists of manufactured crimes, lurid, blood-sex crimes, etc. I guess he was just a shade over the edge. Not one of those totally insane and destructive SPs. Or don't I undertand the impact of all the tech words well enough to see the venom? Hmmm. SEA ORGANIZATION 27 JULY, 1990 SUPPRESSIVE PERSON DECLARE AND EXPULSION KOOS NOLST TRENITE Koos Nolst Trenite from Germany is hereby declared a SUPPRESSIVE PERSON and is EXPELLED from the Church of Scientology. Over the years Koos has been having an unchanged pattern of attempted enturbulation of Scientologists in good standing, and Scientology organizations. An investigation was done on Koos and the following was found. Between 1975 and 1977 when on staff in a Scientology org, Koos, in an attempt to cover his own low production, was trying to shift the blame for his own offenses to the org principals and was continuously blaming them for his own condition. When he eventually was dismissed due to his repeated infringements of the Church Ethics Codes and his enturbulative behaviour, he did not change his pattern, but instead he attempted in several instances to spread even further upsets. Specifically, he engaged in technical alter-is and squirreling, and in intentional verbal enturbulation of Scientologists in good standing. Because of his unchanged pattern of enturbulation, in December 1978 he was placed under a Non-Enturbulation Order. In the years following, Koos did not turn to any org to honestly handle his out-ethics, and instead maintained a close connection to a person who had been expelled from the Church due to suppressive acts and squirreling. Further investigation found that Koos is a SQUIRREL himself and has, throughout those years, engaged in gross alter-is and squirreling of Scientology technology, such as "auditing" with no certificate, "C/S'ing in the chair", "solo auditing" major rundowns, or "C/S'ing" his own folders. Koos has been offered help by HCO to get his ethics straight, but he has refused to change and has maintained the same suppressive behaviour. A few months ago he was again offered help, but he showed no ethics change and no case change, and blew, blaming others for the condition he created for himself due to his out-ethics. Koos Nolst Trenite is guilty of the following SUPPRESSIVE ACTS: 1. ENGAGING IN MALICIOUS RUMOR-MONGERING TO DESTROY THE AUTHORITY OR REPUTE OF HIGHER OFFICERS OR THE LEADING NAMES OF SCIENTOLOGY OR TO "SAFEGUARD A POSITION." 2. PUBLIC STATEMENTS AGAINST SCIENTOLOGY OR SCIENTOLOGISTS BUT NOT TO COMMITTEES OF EVIDENCE DULY CONVENED. 3. PRONOUNCING SCIENTOLOGISTS GUILTY OF THE PRACTICE OF STANDARD SCIENTOLOGY. 4. INTENTIONAL AND UNAUTHORIZED ALTERATION OF LRH TECHNOLOGY, POLICY, ISSUES OR CHECKSHEETS. 5. FAILURE TO HANDLE OR DISAVOW AND DISCONNECT FROM A PERSON DEMONSTRABLY GUILTY OF SUPPRESSIVE ACTS. 6. VIOLATION OR NEGLECT OF ANY OF THE TEN POINTS LISTED IN HCO PL 7 FEB 1965, KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING. Any certificates and awards Koos Nolst Trenite may have earned are hereby cancelled. Any trademark license Koos Nolst Trenite may have signed with the Church is also hereby cancelled and Koos Holst Trenite has no rights to use any of the marks in any manner whatsoever. His only Scientology terminal is the International Justice Chief via the Continental Justice Chief. Should he recant and come to his senses, his way back to good standing is per the Steps A to E of HCO PL 23 Dec 1965RB, SUPPRESSIVE ACTS, SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY AND SCIENTOLOGISTS. -- Rod Keller / Black Hat #1 / Expert of the Toilet / United Free Zone Alliance Elron's Inspector / SP level 3 / Kha Khan countdown: 9 to go Merchant of Chaos / Reported to the RTC and OSA 5/4/94


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