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Since some of the materials which describe the $cientology cult could be considered to be copywritten materials, I have censored myself and The Skeptic Tank by deleting any and all possible text files which describes the cult's hidden mythologies. I have elected to quote just a bit of the questionable text according to the "Fair Use" legal findings afforded to those who report. - Fredric L. Rice, The Skeptic Tank, 09/Sep/95 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- From!!uunet!!!!!news Mon Jul 17 09:47:41 1995 Path:!!uunet!!!!!news From: Robert Marcus <102020.1551@CompuServe.COM> Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Notes on the Anti-Scientologists Date: 12 Jul 1995 23:43:52 GMT Organization: via CompuServe Information Service Lines: 114 Message-ID: <3u1mno$13s$> Well, folks, this has all been very interesting. A case study in people trying to die, apparently. Now, the interesting thing is, despite all the yappings and how Church financial records are "being looked into" and all that (have no idea from who as the "gentlemen" who made that comment did not reveal the precise sources) there is apparently no effect created on the expansion of Scientology whatsoever -- rather all this is confined to the twenty or so yappers right here in alt.religion.scientology. I find this fascinating. Further, I believe this "gentleman" is known and that his financial background is being looked into by our now ally, the IRS. Funny of how those doing the accusing usually are doing the precise things they accuse others of. None of the press is pursuing any of this crap as it only exists in the minds of these folks who apparently have the great ability to see what they want to see and who can look no further nor who have any real case at all -- just personal beefs because of their own transgressions. And to the ones who have no dealings with the Church past or present, just need to have a life and a bandwagon to jump on for lack of any real cause facing man today. So, Take it to the mainstream press, fellows, if you have so much "evidence". And the agreement amongst the antis would constitute the definitive definition of the word "cult". In fact, I believe you dudes and dudettes have actually started your own cult because you sure are enthusiastic about Scientology or the Church or L. Ron. Hubbard, etc., regardless of what you've been writing. Hubbard is right. He is as popular as ever. And the crap written always leads to those who don't simply buy your drivel and who will actually take a look for themselves and decide for themselves because they are of the elite group of thinking beings -- of which, from my observation, you fellows seem to echo the same stuff over and over again like a bunch of hypnotized, brainwashed zombies -- the very thing you accuse Scientologists of being. Fascinating, again. It is interesting that there never is any mention of the great things this technology is doing for folks. I've met several who have recovered abilities never before dreamed of just by one auditing session. One gentleman rediscovered a tremedous talent for baroque music that was not availble to him this lifetime. It all came back to him. I spent a good hour with him listening to him play and play and play with the greatest vituousity counterpoint whereas he knew only this life that he liked the piano and took lessons but never could actually play it at all. Another recovered a tremendous talent for drawing whereas before her auditing she could barely sketch at all -- literally stick figures. I, myself, have uncovered an ability to read music fluently whereas I never could read that well even though I majored in the subject in school and read music all the time. Just some of the miracles of Scientology and man, the spirit. I'll stay with my winning team - the Scientologists. There was never any doubt for me and millions of others. You guys are just a very minor vocal minority who are just sour grapes about something. Maybe none of you can make money. This is apparent by Dennis Erlich having to solicit funds for his defense. Cannot Dennis make money? And if the funds are still being asked for then apparently none of the rest of you have enough, either, to spare. This could go on for 100 years. Laughable, too. Finally, from what I've read from the anti's, the real purpose is not to get out any truth at all. That would take an honest look from the people doing the rantings at their own actions and purposes. I doubt any of you could. You may not have the luxury of being able to do so. Somehow, with all the other situations on this planet, I find that attacking Scientology is just really a wrong target -- that there are others possibly needing attacking who are out there to put all of us into the grave. Maybe by going after the dudes who are burning down the Amazon could we not save this vital portion of Earth as it apparently does much for medicine, the atmosphere and your very health and vitality in this country, hmmm? How about the perpetuators of the internal combustion engine -- a machine, accordingly to many, that has been obsolete for at least 50 years and is chiefly responsible for most of the air pollution that exists in this country. How about them fellows? It makes a sane man wonder what would the antis wish instead as a solution for mankind or its woes, if any. Maybe they have no solution. They just want to hurt or maim without any alternative solution because I have not read one yet. Thus is psychosis, I suppose. Ron was right -- they can be very convincing. To me, it shows the utter ignorance of the antis, as "clever" as they write (attempts at humor) but that is about the totality of the cleverness and nothing more. I would call them pseudo- intellectuals, personally. All the apparency of intelligence but without solutions or any real discourse. Sort of a bar mentality at your local rock club. On that note, Henry at U of Denver, I got a call today from one of the Administrators. More on that later. Peter McDermott just rambles on and on about the same thing, offers no specifics, just "references" to others who howl about the same things over and over and over again, like a broken CD. Peter just cannot provide any specifics, period. Useless as tits on a bull you are, Peter, to your "cause". Well, no use spending more time here. The anti's have become utterly boring. Should I ever return to this garbage I'm sure I'll find folks having a grand old time about this message with little pointless quips and such. Something like "gee, all those Brazilians are bad but this is more fun" or some such assinine statement, and you'll all chuckle and what have you. Fine. I just wonder, if all you are so clean and crimeless, whether you could walk away from all this? I doubt, that, too, because I think you guys have such thoroughly stuck attention on us you have becomed trapped by your own game -- a game you're all losing personally and otherwise at right now because you cannot walk away from it. Fortunately, I can. The sun never sets on Scientology. Adios, RM


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