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Since some of the materials which describe the $cientology cult could be considered to be copywritten materials, I have censored myself and The Skeptic Tank by deleting any and all possible text files which describes the cult's hidden mythologies. I have elected to quote just a bit of the questionable text according to the "Fair Use" legal findings afforded to those who report. - Fredric L. Rice, The Skeptic Tank, 09/Sep/95 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- From!!!!!grady Mon Jul 17 09:48:56 1995 Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Path:!!!!!grady From: (Grady Ward) Subject: SCAMIZDAT #9 on BBSs! Message-ID: <> Organization: +1 707 826 7715 X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL1] Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 17:52:02 GMT Lines: 278 Sender: SCAMIZDAT #9, which somebody posted to yesterday evening, is apparently *already* available to the public-at-large through public BBSs. Got this note in the mail this morning: Quote: This is a collection of text files from various sources that details the some of the teachings of scientology amd recent events in relation relation to the Church Of Scientology and various actions they have taken against a number of individuals on the Internet. Some of this was featured in the BBC2 Programme "The Net". ====================================================================== NOTE: The SysOp of this BBS does not endorse either the teachings of the Church Of Scientology or its actions to date. These files are for you to make your own judgement. ====================================================================== 01 $ci-finn.rar 4953 30-Jun-95 * <0000> SCIENTOLOGY-BASED NARCONON PLANNING DRUG REHABILITATION UNIT IN NASTOLA Organization Offering Drug Rehabilitation in Fifteen Countries About to Start in Finland As Well Problems Caused by Misgivings about Scientology and Large Fund-Raising Overhead 02 $ 7174 17-Jun-95 <0004> Scientology & Schools 03 23-6-95.rar 13107 24-Jun-95 * <0000> This is the first summary of the Federal Court hearing on Friday, June 23, 1995 posted to alt.religion.scientology by Brian Harmon, who attended the hearing. Brian did a great job!, even more so considering no tape/video recorders were allowed in the court room. 04 abortion.rar 20763 01-Jul-95 * <0000> Forced Abortions, brainwashing and medical quackery in the Cult of Scientology: The affidavit of Mary Tabayoyon, 26 August 1994, in re Case No. Cv 91 6426 HLH (Tx) UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 05 3991 16-Jun-95 <0005> RI-ACT-70 'Availability of Sodium Chloride to Wollersheim' Concerns putting Sodium Chloride in someone's coffee to make them sleepy. Also includes what Hydrogenated Oxygen might be and the effects which would result when put into coffee. 06 11208 17-Jun-95 <0003> RI-ACT-90 'SP Homer sees Miscavige again in public' 07 38198 15-Jun-95 <0001> 08 antianti.rar 3025 29-Jun-95 * <0000> The 3 most visible anti-cult groups in the UK are the Cult Information Centre, Family Action Information and Resource and INFORM. CIC is run by a Mr Ian Howarth and the head of INFORM is Dr Eileen Barker. A report written on behalf of Dr Barker by a colleague says "In spite of having some bad experiences with the media, Eileen has taken a very significant step in neutralising anti-cult movements in the UK." Some anti-cultist! 09 34707 18-Jun-95 <0001> ******************************** ARS Acronym/Terminology FAQ v2.6 ******************************** Note, these words and definitions are specific to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, and the subject of Scientology. For terms like BTW, ROTFL, IMHO, etc. see an appropriate Internet or Usenet terminology FAQ. 10 arswiv10.rar 4909 27-Jun-95 * <0000> Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review - a weekly digest of the newsgroup. Volume 0, Issue 10 6/24/95 by Rod Keller [] copyright 1995 11 arswiv9.rar 5569 27-Jun-95 * <0000> Alt.religion.scientology Week in Review - a weekly digest of the newsgroup. Volume 0, Issue 9 6/18/95 by Rod Keller [] copyright 1995 12 aznaran.rar 3487 22-Jun-95 * <0000> Deposition on oath from Vicki J. Aznaran, from 1984 to 1987 the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors in the Scientology organization, the Religious Technology Center, INC, now the senior governing entity of the International Church of Scientology, etc. Deposition taken in connection with forthcoming trial of the Scientology cult in Spain. 13 10612 16-Jun-95 <0003> Here's some thoughts and information on the Tom Klemesrud/-AB-/ Raid affair that need to be looked at again: This whole affair (the -AB- posts, included below, and the raid on, is *very* suspicious. I would hope CoS would supply the necessary facts to clear up any suspicion so we can bury this issue. 14 bananas.rar 2481 22-Jun-95 * <0000> In which is explained the part played by the $cientology cult in the removal of the Berlin Wall. Also explains how bananas were equally important. 15 6247 15-Jun-95 <0000> 16 caltech.rar 1894 27-Jun-95 * <0000> Rich Fagen, Director of Campus Computing Organization, Caltech writes freely for the first time about the attempts by the Cult of Scientology to ensnare a user of the Caltech system. 17 cooper.rar 5789 22-Jun-95 * <0000> From The Electronic Telegraph, March 15, 1995 Cult's hopes of improving its image takes a knock By John Steele, Courts Correspondent 18 4998 15-Jun-95 <0000> 19 cult-$ue.rar 13533 27-Jun-95 * <0000> Describing, in DENNIS, the recent action by the US branch of the Scieno cult and, in D-DAN, the antics of a known cult supporter who then tried to claim that the cult had won. The verdict isn't yet known -- 27-VI-95. 20 cultcost.rar 7054 27-Jun-95 * <0000> In which is detailed the real financial cost of taking the Scienos "Bridge" courses; even converted from US $, it's damned expensive! 21 doom$day.rar 3579 27-Jun-95 * <0000> HUBBARD COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE, Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex HCO BULLETIN OF 3 JANUARY 1980 - PURIFICATION RUNDOWN AND ATOMIC WAR L. RON BLUBBERGUTZ PREDICTS THE END OF THE WORLD! NEWS CLIP AT ELEVEN! 22 enidvien.rar 8631 22-Jun-95 * <0000> In which Koos Nolst Trenite, in telepathic communication with the thetan of the mercifully deceased L. Ron Hubbard, comes to decide that Enid Vien is a Suppressive Person and generally Not Nice. Wow... 23 3095 15-Jun-95 <0000> 24 fav-whyt.rar 2906 25-Jun-95 * <0000> Favorite moments in Judge Whyte's courtroom, during hearing of the Denis Erlich case, 23 June 1995 25 find-sky.rar 3187 27-Jun-95 * <0000> Excellent book, well researched; so well researched, in fact, that the author is currently being persecuted by the cult! This tells you whence to obtain your own copy of "A Piece of Blue Sky", surely the finest ever expos of Hubbard's criminal nut-cult 26 german-$.rar 5127 25-Jun-95 * <0000> Demonstration in Berlin, 24/6/95, against Scientology and Scieno landlords in the condo conversion business, ripping off their tenants 27 ideman.rar 2441 22-Jun-95 * <0000> DECLARATION OF HON. JAMES M. IDEMAN 28 informer.rar 18471 01-Jul-95 * <0000> Articles reprinted from "The InFormer", a newsletter for former Scientologists published by Dennis Erlich, who was once a "Cramming Officer" at the HQ of the Scientologists' Sea Org. They are reproduced with his full and express consent. He recently wrote: "I don't know if anyone can comprehend the remorse I feel for subjecting my children to this alienating, warped, repressive environment. I pray our story serves as a warning: SCIENTOLOGY IS DANGEROUS TO THE HEALTH AND SANITY OF YOUR CHILDREN!!"' 29 kielweek.rar 5356 29-Jun-95 * <0000> The "Kieler Woche" (Kiel week) is a festival which lasts 10 days. This year approx. 2 000 000 people visited it. It began on Friday, 16th and ended on Sunday, 25th. Here's how one German frightened away the Scientologists! 30 26168 16-Jun-95 <0001> "My Story" by Kim Baker 31 6305 15-Jun-95 <0000> 32 koos-3.rar 37831 25-Jun-95 * <0000> More of the interesting and novel ramblings of the German ex-Scieno, Koos Nolst Trenite, surely the product of the Hubbard "tech". 33 96970 16-Jun-95 <0003> Various bits from alt.religion.scientology 34 42852 15-Jun-95 <0000> 35 1329 15-Jun-95 <0000> 36 4775 16-Jun-95 <0003> Operation Freakout. Cult targets critic Paulette Cooper 37 3378 15-Jun-95 <0000> 38 4034 15-Jun-95 <0000> 39 9331 15-Jun-95 <0000> 40 16501 16-Jun-95 <0001> More from a.r.s 41 5500 16-Jun-95 <0002> Personal account by Hana Eltringham Whitfield 42 42408 14-Jun-95 <0003> SCAMIZDAT #7 14 June 1995 This issue of SCAMIZDAT presents some completely new previously-secret scientology cult material on the basic OT clearing course. Also included is some additional OT2 material on dates and new material on R6EW (End Words). 43 scam-8.lzh 103969 16-Jun-95 <0001> SCAMIZDAT #8 15 June 1995 What follows is the actual "scripture" that the cult of Scientology is suing Erlich, Netcom, and Klemensrud over publishing on the net. Note that these Hubbard's writings are "revealed" to you only after you pay several hundred thousand dollars. You now get to see them for free. Something tells me you are going to be glad you saved the money. :-) 44 10884 15-Jun-95 <0000> 45 17848 15-Jun-95 <0000> 46 1633 16-Jun-95 <0001> 47 46067 15-Jun-95 <0000> DECLARATION OF STACY BROOKS YOUNG 48 1488 15-Jun-95 <0000> 49 3227 15-Jun-95 <0000> SCAMIZDAT #9 has just been added. EndQuote Hey Warren McShane, 'ho, Miscavige's Cooley, and Napoleon of Nutz yourself: isn't this an EMERGENCY? Don't you HAVE to get this removed INSTANTLY or your tripe will spread untraceably around the world EXPOSIVELY? Don't you have just *hours* to get this removed from the BBS else WHO KNOWS how many *others* will be emboldened by their act of defiance? YOU MUST ACT NOW! Or are you really just a "bend over and spread your cheeks" religion? Is David Miscavige, the Napoleon of Nutz, *happy* about what the 'ho has done to him? Why does she constantly mistake viciousness for agressiveness? When will her life's work be formally recognized as an utter failure? Does the 'ho only have to look forward to senescence and death? When will the Cooley push her aside completely? You are running out of time, 'ho. Why can't you STOP IT? -- Grady Ward | | NEW 2048-bit PGP | | key (30 June 95) +1 707 826 7715 | | 8C423A1922F7DCF2 (voice/24hr FAX) | | 2E631D5DC9795966


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