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Since some of the materials which describe the $cientology cult could be considered to be copywritten materials, I have censored myself and The Skeptic Tank by deleting any and all possible text files which describes the cult's hidden mythologies. I have elected to quote just a bit of the questionable text according to the "Fair Use" legal findings afforded to those who report. - Fredric L. Rice, The Skeptic Tank, 09/Sep/95 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- From!!!pipex!!unlisys!berlin!tilman Mon Jul 17 09:49:04 1995 Path:!!!pipex!!unlisys!berlin!tilman From: (Tilman Hausherr) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: FAQ: Celebrities in scientology Date: 13 Jul 1995 20:59:37 GMT Organization: Xenu's ranch Lines: 748 Message-ID: <3u41fp$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2] Archive-name: scientology/celebrities Hi there. My name is Tilman Hausherr, and I am the self-appointed maintainer of the "scientology celebrities FAQ", posted from time to time in "alt.religion.scientology". My e-mail address is, more stuff about scientology can be found at 0. Change history 1. Disclaimers 2. How names get in this FAQ 3. Names 4. Testimony of Diana Canova 5. Why do celebrities get into scientology ? 6. Identification of non US sources 0. Change history 25.6.1995: added Anne Archer's job 14.6.1995: added Katselas, California Magazine, Michael D. Roberts 11.6.1995: added some structure, and answer to "why" question, added movies to Lehman 27.5.1995: more exact newspaper references 21.5.1995: Added a source for Peggy Lipton Candice Bergen Demi Moore Emilio Estevez 16.5.1995: Cohen music in "NBK" 12.5.1995: Sonny Bono thanks Elron 8.5.1995: slightly corrected Damian Pope's part 6.5.1995: Added Alley's start in the cult 29.04.1995: Peggy Lipton, also added some names from NPoorman, deleted Helmut Berger. Bernard Paul (Circus Roncalli) Corea "liner notes" 17.04.1995: William Burroughs (correction again) 16.04.1995: Leonard Cohen Kate Cebrano William Burroughs (correction) added info from Damian Pope "libeled" Sonny Bono some more 1. Disclaimers Legal disclaimer: Being in the FAQ means that "I have read somewhere that someone is a scientologist". If you feel that someone is wrongly placed on this FAQ, please tell me, and I'll see what I can do. If you want a name added, please try to give a reference. If you don't have one, then YOU are the reference, which means that if you can't prove this, the celebrity could sue you. Social disclaimer: I do NOT advise you to get into scientology ! Do not buy their books, except from a used book shop. Do not read their books, unless you also read books critical about scientology. Just because a celebrity does something silly doesn't mean YOU should. Doing weird things is a tradition of stage actors, and there is no need that the rest of the world population takes this as an advice. Carrying a celebrity in this FAQ shouldn't be considered as a "public statement" of me. It doesn't mean that any action should be taken by the reader. In most cases, the status of those celebrities is not known (only taken courses, OT, ...). If you're a scientologist, you'll be happy to be in good company. If you're not, maybe you'll think twice before writing fan mail. 2. How names get in this FAQ I will keep only e-mail names where I don't have any book or newspaper reference. Those e-mail references are only about the celebrity name, not necessarely about the description text. "name withheld" means that I know who the person is. I will do this only with persons that I already know. I will also name persons who are no longer scientologists, i.e. who have been declared, or who "simply" left. More entries on ex-scientologists are welcome ! The part "greatest achievements" will depend highly on my opinion, and won't be "politically correct". 3. Names Name: Tom Cruise Profession: actor Status: got in after marrying Mimi Rogers (Premiere) Achievement: milk-face in many films: "Top Gun", "The firm", ... Source: TIME May 6/91, Premiere 9/93, LA magazine 10/93 Name: Sonny Bono Profession: singer, actor, republican, pizza delivery man in congress Status: introduced by Mimi Rogers; took some courses, says he's a roman catholic, not a scientologist (LA Times). He says in Esquire: "I openly studied scientology to the degree that they did some courses on ethics, and then said thank you and left. (...) The scientology - there was no cult thing there." From (David D. Rogers): According to Corydon's book, he was quoted as saying: "My only sorrow is that L. Ron Hubbard left before I could thank him for my new life," in a full-page ad featured in several newspapers after Elron's death. Achievement: Congressman, Palm Springs Mayor, Cher's ex-husband. Cher: "A politician is usually a null, so the job fits him". Source: TIME May 6/91, Premiere 9/93, LA magazine 10/93, "Bigger Secrets", LA Times 5.12.91, Esquire 11/94, California Magazine 6/91 Name: Nicole "nic" Kidman Profession: actress Status: Achievement: wife of Tom Cruise, "far and away" Source: Premiere 9/93, LA magazine 10/93 Name: Mimi Rogers Profession: actress Status: (2nd generation in Co$) introduced Sonny Bono, Tom Cruise, John Brodie Achievement: lingerie appearance on "Dream On" (wow !) born-again fundamental christian in "The Rapture" Source: CINEMANIA, TIME May 6/91, Premiere 9/93, LA magazine 10/93 Name: Priscilla Presley Profession: actress Status: Achievement: "The naked gun", "Dallas", perfume, wife of Elvis Source: Premiere 9/93 Name: John Travolta Profession: actor Status: entered 1975, lifetime member of IAS Achievement: "Grease", "Pulp Fiction" Source: himself in ads, himself on "Entertainment tonight" Name: Chick Corea Profession: jazz pianist Status: entered 1968 according to "Ich klage an": OT8, Patron with honor, Freedom Medal Achievement: getting "canceled" from a concert in germany Source: himself in ads, FOCUS Dec 12/94, TIME May 6/91, California Magazine 6/91, "A piece of blue sky"; he also thanks LRH on inside his CD covers Name: Kirstie Alley Profession: actress Status: international spokesperson for Narconon International. claims Narconon Intemational's substance abuse center in Los Angeles helped her kick her cocaine habit in 1979. Achievement: "A bunny's tale", "Star Trek 2", "Look who's talking", "Cheers", hanging on the wall of my office Source: TIME May 6/91, Premiere 9/93, Daily Oklahoman 11.10.90 Name: Karen Black Profession: actress Status: Achievement: "The Monkey" in "Portnoy's complaint", "Five easy pieces" Source: Premiere 9/93, California Magazine 6/91 Name: Linda Blair Profession: actress Status: Achievement: threw up lots of pea soup in "The Exorcist", having her skirt ESPed in "zapped again", film-mother of "seven" on MWC. Source: "Der Sektenkonzern", "Berliner Zeitung" 23.7.92 Name: Ron Ely Profession: actor Status: Achievement: "Tarzan", "Doc Savage" Source: "I know this one only because I saw him there once and later saw his pc folders" But: (John Luvalle) believes that a different Ron Ely was a student at ASHO, and it was his folders that Deirdre saw. Name: Pablo Roehrig Profession: painter Status: "Patron" Achievement: Source: "Ich klage an", STERN 9/93 Name: Gottfried Helnwein Profession: graphic artist Status: "Patron" Achievement: James Dean picture, Man with forks in his eyes Source: himself in ads, "Der Sektenkonzern", STERN 9/93 Name: Ingo Swann Profession: writer, psychic, now a painter Status: SP Achievement: Exteriorized to Jupiter (Randi's "Flim Flam!") "Star fire" Source: (Mike MacLeod), and about the status Name: Harold Puthoff Profession: mathematician, scientist, ESP researcher Status: Achievement: holds patent on tunable laser, "analyzed" psychics Uri Geller and Ingo Swann, and soiled the reputation of Stanford Research Institute. Source: Randi's "Flim Flam!", Randi's "The truth about Uri Geller" Name: Julia Migenes Profession: opera singer (soprano) Status: (John Luvalle): LRH had her leave Sea Org to pursue her career. Achievement: Source: herself in ad, WP 10.12.94 Name: Nancy Cartwright Profession: actress Status: New OT IV, represents "The Way to Happiness" Achievement: voice of Bart Simpson Source: WP 10.12.94 & 25.12.94, TIME May 6/91, Premiere 9/93 California Magazine 6/91 (Jonathon) about her status Name: Billy Sheehan Profession: rock bassist Status: Achievement: plays in band "Mr. Big" Source: WP 10.12.94, Mike MacLeod: has been on late night infomercials Name: Anne Archer Profession: actress Status: International spokesperson for "Applied Scholastics" Achievement: wife in "fatal attraction" Source: TIME May 6/91, Premiere 9/93, California Magazine 6/91 Name: Robert Lipton Profession: actor Status: out 1971 Achievement: Source: Premiere 9/93 Name: Peggy Lipton Profession: actress Status: Achievement: "Twin Peaks" (the nice restaurant owner) Source: (Noel Poorman): She DID take Scn. courses. I know, because she and KAREN BLACK twinned as students on Foundation (nights and weekends) in the early '70s at C.C./L.A. the same time I was on course. "Premiere" 9/93 says that they pressured her brother Robert to get her in. saw her when he was ethics officer Name: Don Simpson Profession: producer Status: out He said, "I've now almost gone clear, why ain't I happier ?". Response: "Things will be okay when you go through OT3." At that point he realized it was a con. He was brought in by Floyd Mutrux Achievement: "Top Gun" Source: Premiere 9/93 Name: Lisa Marie Presley Profession: Status: Achievement: Married to Michael Jackson Source: Premiere 9/93 Name: Juliette Lewis Profession: actress Status: Achievement: "Natural born killers" Source: Premiere 9/93, St. Petersburg Times 25.2.94, FOCUS Dec 12/94 Name: Kelly Preston Profession: actress Status: lifetime member of IAS Achievement: "Twins", married to Travolta Source: herself in ad, TIME May 6/91, "Impact 49" in "Ich klage an" Name: Cathy Lee Crosby Profession: actress Status: out ? (NPoorman): one AOLA reg told me, "Oh, she's crazy!" Achievement: "Wonder Woman" (before Lynda Carter) Source: (NPoorman), (_Deirdre) Name: Stanley Clarke Profession: jazz Status: Dropped out Achievement: Friend of Chick Corea Source: "name witheld" (for the complete info) Name: John Brodie Profession: football player Status: introduced by Mimi Rogers when she was 15, she was his auditor. Was in from 1970-1982, went up to OT7. he says: "I was involved for specific purposes. When I completed those, I moved out". "name withheld": "He dropped out dissatisfied after being a real spokesman for Scn. Scn goes through these people like Kleenex and no one remembers the used-to-be's. Like Brodie. In the 70s, he was BIG, not only as a football name but for Scn!! Then - poof - gone! He dropped out and so they dropped him, of course. Brodie prefers to not talk about it." California Magazine: "I will talk about the gains I've had, but I won't talk about all the mishmash that some people seem concerned about. I'm not part of the organization, so how can I speak about it ? I can only speak about the integrity of the services delivered, and I feel very good about that" Achievement: quarterback for the SFO 49ers Source: "name withheld" (for the complete info) California Magazine 6/91 Name: Shirley Maclaine Profession: actress Status: Achievement: making a fool of herself on David Letterman's show Source: "Der Sektenkonzern", "Berliner Zeitung" 23.7.92. Name: Sharon Stone Profession: actress Status: "she is going to courses" (Berliner Zeitung) Achievement: screaming in movies with Richard Chamberlain, spreading her legs on the silver screen Source: "Der Sektenkonzern", "Ich klage an", "Berliner Zeitung" 23.7.92. Name: Al Jarreau Profession: singer Status: Achievement: "Moonlightning" theme song Source: "Der Sektenkonzern", "Ich klage an". Name: Isaac Hayes Profession: Musician, actor Status: Achievement: Oscar for "Theme from Shaft" Source: St. Petersburg Times 25.2.94 & 6.12.94, WP 10.12.1994 Name: Maxine Nightingale Profession: singer Status: Achievement: Source: St. Petersburg Times 25.2.94 Name: Brad Pitt Profession: actor Status: Premiere: "drifted thru", took his courses while dating Juliette Lewis. Interest waned after it. Achievement: Source: Premiere 9/93, CLEO 6/95 Name: Ernest Lehman Profession: screenwriter, producer, director Status: Achievement: "The Sound of Music", "Portnoy's complaint", "Family Plot" Source: Premiere 9/93 Name: Raven de la Croix Profession: actress Status: Achievement: "Up!" Source: Director Russ Meyer in an interview for german book "Russ Meyer", he called scientology "one of the nastiest cults" Name: Floyd Mutrux Profession: screenwriter, director, producer Status: Achievement: "Dick Tracy" according to Premiere, but this is confirmed neither by CINEMANIA nor by the Internet Movie database. Source: Premiere 9/93 Name: Frank Stallone (Sly's brother) Profession: actor, singer, songwriter Status: Achievement: bartender in "Barfly" Source: "Bigger Secrets" Name: Amy Heckerling Profession: director Status: Achievement: Look who's talking 1 & 2 [TH: I wonder if the baby was also a scientologist !] Source: "Der Sektenkonzern" Name: A.E. van Vogt Profession: science-fiction writer Status: No involvment in scientology itself: Prominent advocate of Dianetics, recruited by his fellow-SF writer Hubbard in 1950 and called him "the boss". He ran the Los Angeles Dianetics Foundation in late 1950. said in his book "Dianetics and the Professions", 1953: "Financial disaster was inevitable". A.E. van Vogt endorsed LRH's "Battlefield Earth" as a 'masterpiece' on its cover, but confessed in an interview with RM that he had been daunted by its size and had not actually bothered to read it. <g> Sort of a "pre-scientologist". Achievement: "Slan", the "Null-A" books Source: Russell Miller's book, thanks to: (Mike MacLeod) (Tony Sidaway) (Martin Hunt) Name: William Burroughs Profession: writer Status: Clear# 1163 in the 60ies, but later satirized the movement in several essays, which were later collected in the book "Naked Scientology" [Expanded Media Editions 1985, Bonn, Germany, 3-88030-011-9] Achievement: "Naked Lunch" Source: "A piece of blue sky" Name: Leonard Cohen Profession: songwriter, poet Status: out Achievement: "suzanne", really cool music at the prison riot scene in "natural born killers" Source: himself in interview with the "jewish book news" "I looked into a lot of things. Scientology was one of them. It did not last very long. But it is very interesting, as I continue my studies in these matters, to see how really good Scientology was from the point of view of their data, their information, their actual knowledge, their wisdom writings, so to speak. It wasn't bad at all. It is scorned, and I don't know what the organization is like today, but it seems to have all the political residue of any large and growing organization. Yes, I did look into that and other things." Name: Kate Cebrano Profession: jazz singer Status: "Who weekly" from June 27th, 1994: "As a third generation Scientologist, Cebrano periodically sends herself off on 'self-imposed sabbaticals', often to Florida" but Kate says: "The Church has helped me maintain my sense of purpose. You work bloody hard studying and Scientology provides you with the means and the tools to be the best you can be." Achievement: had her own late night jazz music and talk show (in Australia), and has had a successful recording career as a musician for years. Source: (Damian Pope) Name: Bernhard Paul Profession: clown, manager of "Circus Roncalli" Status: out, according to himself Achievement: not getting bankrupt with a circus Source: "Der Sektenkonzern": It is often alleged that the name "Roncalli" comes from "I call Ron". He disputes this, and says that it comes from a script "Sarah Roncalli - the daughter of the moon" (other sources say it is the "widow of the moon"). It is also inspired by pope John 23, who's last name was Roncalli. Anyway - today he says that he has nothing to do with scientology. Name: Candice Bergen Profession: actress Status: Achievement: Murphy Brown, Oliver's Story, Starting Over, Gandhi, Stick Source: "she was 'around' LA Org and AOLA in 1969" and "I saw her at the original celebrity center", but does not know if she did take courses / had auditing Name: Demi Moore Profession: actress Status: out: was seen leaving the Celebrity Centre but gave up when Bruce Willis made her clear that he didn't want his children raised in scientology Achievement: "Disclosure", "Ghost", cool "Vanity Fair" covers Source: CLEO 6/95 Name: Emilio Estevez Profession: actor Status: out, and won't discuss it. "I don't want my phones tapped" (refers to 1978 verdict) Achievement: "Repo Man" (in that film they make fun about "diorethics") "Young Guns", "Loaded Weapon" Source: CLEO 6/95 Name: Diana Canova Profession: actress Status: out (see below) Achievement: Corinne in "soap" (the long hair girl) Source: Premiere 9/93 Also read her testimony in this FAQ Name: Milton Katselas Profession: acting teacher, director Status: Achievement: heads the Beverly Hills Playhouse, one of Hollywood's most successful acting teachers "Butterflies are free" Source: Premiere 9/93, California Magazine 6/91 Name: Micheal D. Roberts Profession: actor Status: Achievement: "Baretta", "Rain Man", "The Ice Pirates" Source: California Magazine 6/91 Name: Charles Lakes Profession: gymnast Status: Achievement: US olympic team Source: LA Times june 1990 series Here's some e-mails / posts from different persons that are not classified yet. I have deleted names with "weak" references, or names which are already in public sources. If anyone has more information, e-mail is welcome. From (Mike MacLeod) Wings Hauser (actor) "from SCN literature" Nicky Hopkins (rock pianist) "I sat next to him one day at Flag. Nicky died last year." Moon Martin (obscure rock star; wrote "Bad Case of Lovin' You") "SCN promo (finished such-and-such course)" John Campbell (science fiction editor) "Well-known public in '50's" Neil Gaiman's (Sandman comix) father is/was a high Scn official. "My auditor is a friend of the elder Gaiman." Ron Newman ( assumes this is David Gaiman, who wrote an official response to Paulette Cooper's book "The Scandal of Scientology". Cooper indentifies Gaiman as "PR Director of scientology in England" in January 1971. (G. also did a lot more, that would be too long) From (NPoorman) Stephen Boyd (actor, "The Oscar" et al) Joan Prather (actress: got a refund?) Clive Clerk (actor, singer) Mario Feninger (concert pianist...still living?) Amanda Ambrose (singer) Geoffrey Lewis (actor, C. Eastwood flicks sidekick, et al) Jim McMullin (actor, "Downhill Racer" w/Redford) John Savage (actor, "Onion Fields" et al) MICHAEL WADLER and BARBARA BECKLEY, leading lights of the Colony Theatre, a little theatre rep group, in L.A. They've won many L.A. Drama Critics Awards for their productions. It was Michael who, earlier, as director, cast the unknown John Larroquette in a production of "Enter Laughing" in the mid-'70's (the Cast Theatre, L.A.), where an agent saw him and the rest, as they say, is history. Larroquette met his future wife, a Scientologist, Elizabeth ('Liz) Cookson, in that production. They're still together. ROBERT F. LYONS, actor and drama teacher, who was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for an Elliot Gould movie he appeared in. He stayed active for years and could be seen around the A.O.L.A. frequently. [nomination may be wrong: cannot be found in CINEMANIA) From Damian Pope: I also have a copy of a Scientology publication called "The Church of Scientology - A vital force in your community" :) It seems to be a Church of Scientology International publication as it was copyrighted by Church of Scientology International in 1991. It also lists singer Maxine Nightingale, John Travolta, musicians Nicky Hopkins and Dave Gibbons, and Olympic gymnast Charles Lake as being Scientologists. (does also list Kate Cebrano) From (Gisle Hannemyr) Nicky Hopkins rock musician Leif Garrett ? Carlos Palomino jock Bruce Penhall actor David Pomerantz ? Gloria Rusch singer : Didn't preserve sources, but most of these are from CoS promotional : literature and informercial TV-spots where the celebrities were doing : "testimonials". : : Also Irish musician Van Morrison dedicated his 1983 album "Inarticu- : late speech of the heart" to L. Ron Hubbard. It has been claimed : that at one point, he was involved with scientology to the point : where he was serving as an "auditor". Van denies this, and has : said that he did some courses, then dropped out. [Atack: VM was associated with scientology for a short while] : : (( There is a lot of references to religious and mystic experiences in : Van Morrison's music, and it ranges from tributes to Jehova's : Witnesses ("Kingdom Hall") to Zen ("Enlightment"), so the LRH : reference can be considered just be another of Van Morrison's : skirmishes with religion. )) From Premiere 9/93: Lesser-known Scientologists in show biz: Lee Purcell (Big Wednesday), Jeff Pomerantz (General Hospital), Geoffrey Lewis (Juliette's dad, who was in Every Which Way but Loose, among other movies), Judy Norton-Taylor (The Waltons), child TV actor Vonni Ribisi (My Two Dads), Michael Wiseman (Predator 2), Kimberley Kates (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure), Michael D. Roberts (Rain Man), and Gary Imhoff (the forthcoming Thumbelina). Then there are the composer Mark Isham (A River Runs Through It); actor and acting teacher Manu Tupou (Hawaii); and director Dror Soref (The Seventh Coin), who cut his teeth on Scientology films and now has a deal at Paramount. Scientology even claims one of Hollywood's most successful acting teachers, Milton Katselas, who heads the Beverly Hills Playhouse. People who have drifted through Scientology include Jerry Seinfeld, Patrick Swayze, Harvey Haber (brother of CAA cofounder Bill Haber). From California Magazine, unclassified: Edgar Winter (musician) 4. Testimony of Diana Canova Here are some excerpts of an article of "Premiere" 9/93 about her, showing good reasons for not entering scientology: "I remember having a choking anger against anyone who ever said anything against Scientology," says actress Diana Canova (Soap), a former member. "I would get crazy, I was just so angry. I would have done anything for them." During her seven years in Scientology, Canova experienced the Celebrity Centre from both sides of fame. "When I started, I wasn't in television yet. I was a nobody--I'd done some TV, but I was not one of the elite, not by a long shot--until I did Soap. Then it became . . . I mean, you really are treated like royalty." "There was always pressure to get other celebrities in" Canova found the Scientologists straightforward in their desire for lucre. "The first time I walked in those doors, they said, 'Just give us all the money in your bank account. You'll get it back tenfold.'" When she joined, auditing prices were about $25. "It went up to about $175 in the early '80s," she recalls. "That was shocking to me. I was beginning to wonder, Is it really worth it? They're telling you, 'Don't spend $100 an hour on a shrink's couch, it'll ruin your mind.' Auditing is so much better?" "It took me years before I decided to quit," says Canova. "I guess finally I was so fed up with being afraid. You've heard all these horror stories . . . I believed them." And we listen to Canova when she warns us: "They're capable of doing a lot of things." Canova says she spoke up because she thought it was important. "I see some of my friends having to keep their mouths shut for personal reasons, for business reasons," she says. "I don't believe that's right. If it's going to be termed a religion, or a church, then those kinds of fears have no business being there. Nobody should be afraid. And you can quote me on that." (I hope this part counts as "fair use". Anyway, could someone give me the e-mail address of "Premiere" ?) 5. Why do celebrities get into scientology ? Why do they join ? Because other celebrities already did, and because some behind the scenes people are working to get them lured in. It is also a stage tradition to maintain small superstitions, like "lucky shoes", etc. Besides that, people usually join a cult when beeing in a "transition state", like starting in college, getting divorced, getting fired, starting new job, etc. And actors are always in transition: after having completed an assignment, they have fears: - Will the film, musical or play be a success ? - Will they get a new job ? This must be terrible, and totally new for most of us, since we get paid every month and only search a new job every few years. The last one makes actors very vulnerable to someone selling certainty or confidence. I think celebrites won't get subjected to the dirty tactics (hard sell, long silly studies) that average clients get. I assume that they get a "light" version of scientology and will surely not be audited by people who had only a few days training. Do they profit from scientology ? The question is if anyone gets a profit from scientology. A good quote from Chris Schafmeister was "Do you attribute it to scientology when you had a 'success' in the restroom ?". The answer is that some people do attribute their successes to scientology. When someone has no success with scientology, then it is policy to attribute the failure that person, to a staff member, but never to scientology itself. Are they dupes ? A celebrity in show-business is not a celebrity because of smartness, but because of good look or good performance. Celebrities also live in their own "party forever" world. This does surely not include reading TIME magazine or the Washington Post. This doesn't mean that all people who join are dumb, it was just an answer to the question. 6. Identification of non US sources "Berliner Zeitung": Berlin daily newspaper "STERN": Weekly news magazine (It's the magazine who screwed up on Hitler's diaries <g>) "SPIEGEL": Weekly news magazine (wrote a story about the NARCONON scam that was replublished in the US) "FOCUS": Weekly news magazine "Ich klage an": Book by an anti Co$ activist. (See Don Lindsay's FAQ for a review) "Der Sektenkonzern": Book about Co$ by two journalists. (See Don Lindsay's FAQ for my review) CLEO: Australian women's magazine -- --- Tilman Hausherr [KoX, 1.9, DB] biz: (company page) home: Visit the Mozilla Museum: Praise Xenu! Praise Mozilla! Praise "Bob"!


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