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Since some of the materials which describe the $cientology cult could be considered to be copywritten materials, I have censored myself and The Skeptic Tank by deleting any and all possible text files which describes the cult's hidden mythologies. I have elected to quote just a bit of the questionable text according to the "Fair Use" legal findings afforded to those who report. - Fredric L. Rice, The Skeptic Tank, 09/Sep/95 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- From!!!!! Wed Jul 19 09:30:02 1995 Message-ID: <> Path:!!!!! Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology From: (Boece) X-Anonymously-To: alt.religion.scientology Organization: Anonymous forwarding service Reply-To: Date: Wed, 19 Jul 1995 00:31:52 UTC Subject: Re: IMPORTANT! (Re: Forged cancels through US Dept of Energy computer?) Lines: 28 In article <> Jon Noring wrote: : And I guess I'll just have to e-mail my computer security friends at LLNL (I : have several), who work closely with DOE (particularly since winken at LLNL : appears in the path of the forged cancellation message). DOE is *very* : sensitive about misuse of their computers, *very* sensitive --> *VERY* : sensitive^^2. I hope I made this clear how sensitive DOE is about misuse of : their computing resources, especially to propagate the Federal crime of : electronic wire fraud, not to mention the stifling of the Freedom of Speech : guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. DOE does not want bad publicity either : -- they've been rocked recently by the bad publicity of misuse of their : computers, notably the person at LLNL who stored large numbers of : pornographic images on an LLNL computer. Christ, Noring, stop spouting about how DOE cares about their computer. How many times do you have to tell us how well connected you are? A little pedantic aren't we, with our 1st grade lesson on the Constitution? And who are you to go around *urging* groups to do certain things? I urge you to climb under your rock. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- To find out more about the anon service, send mail to If you reply to this message, your message WILL be *automatically* anonymized and you are allocated an anon id. Read the help file to prevent this. Please report any problems, inappropriate use etc. to


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