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Since some of the materials which describe the $cientology cult could be considered to be copywritten materials, I have censored myself and The Skeptic Tank by deleting any and all possible text files which describes the cult's hidden mythologies. I have elected to quote just a bit of the questionable text according to the "Fair Use" legal findings afforded to those who report. - Fredric L. Rice, The Skeptic Tank, 09/Sep/95 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- From!!!pipex!demon!not-for-mail Thu Jul 20 11:47:56 1995 Path:!!!pipex!demon!not-for-mail From: Koos Nolst Trenite <> Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: RI-234i-A SP-Declare on Guillaume Lesevre, ED INT - Addition Date: Sun, 16 Jul 95 17:32:02 +0200 Lines: 370 Message-ID: <> Reply-To: X-NNTP-Posting-Host: 15 July 1995 RI-234i-A 'SP-Declare on Guillaume Lesevre, ED INT - Addition' Subtitle: 'Lesevre refuses to handle Suppressives, so by consequence he has to destroy his friends, and Scientology generally' from Ron's Inspector Message # RI-234i-A for Internet Below you will see that Guillaume actually accepts the SP-declare I issued on him. WHY? Because it is true what I wrote about him. It has apparently not occurred to Guillaume Lesevre yet, that the hated and evil Justice Chief system will be abolished. (See RI-8i 'SEC CHECK Intl Justice Chief' of 29 Sept 1994, see RI-111i 'The evil Justice Chief System' of 16 Mar 1995, see this RI-234-A, with some of Guillaume's intentions to destroy Ethics and Justice.) It is further interesting to point out that Guillaume in this Security Check, below, does not mention, meaning: is not aware of, the actual Suppressive Persons he refuses to throw out of Scientology and who he instead wants to be friends with, which are MARC YAGER (CO CMO INT), RICHARD REISS (Snr C/S FLAG) and RAY MITHOFF (Snr C/S INT). In order to describe this phenomenon, which Guillaume now suffers from, I enclose RI-24i 'Definition of 'PTS' - IMPORTANT' of 19 Nov 1994. Here now follows what Guillaume Lesevre has to say about the SP-declare I issued on him recently. OT HCO Sec Check on Guillaume Lesevre, ED INT ordered by Koos (Reported per HCOPL 'Confessionals - Ethics Reports Required') 15 July 1995 Total hours: 1:32 min Highly specialized OT HCO Sec Check Auditing at 700 US $ per hour, makes 1,073 $ total costs. On 15 July 1995, 00:01 GMT [Auditor:] What are you trying to do to Koos? (...) "I frown heavily upon his [Koos'] actions and demand of him to address himself to the International Justice Chief. "I try to limit his communication to this one terminal in Scientology only. "I am TRYING TO PRETEND THIS IS JUSTICE. I am trying to not-is [DO AS IF IT DOES NOT EXIST] ALL I KNOW ABOUT KOOS." [Auditor:] What are you trying to withhold from Koos? LF "I think Koos is right to some extent with the Suppressive Person-declare [Koos issued] on ME. "At first Koos was harassed and declared SP by guys from the Guardian Office [now called OSA], because he found out and reported what was later official: that there WERE SP's in the Guardian Office, I know this [SP-declare on Koos] got cancelled, but [I know that] as soon as Koos got ready to get service again, a new one was written based on the old one. Then no one wanted to take responsibility for that." (Note by Koos: Guillaume is so much suppressed, so psychotic, that he does not mention any actual people and places and dates for these Suppressive Acts on Koos - they 'just happened to Koos'.) "And those [staff] who Koos asks to take responsibility for suppressive acts [for suppressive acts] not only on him, see in Koos' increasingly forceful demands for ethics a reason more to 'be right' about their opinion that 'Koos is a suppressive'. 'What Koos is doing now' is the 'proof' for them. "It is not the proof for me. LFBD But I nevertheless [find myself acting to] ask him to 'get it sorted out with the International Justice Chief'. "Why am I actually doing that? "It is cruel what I am doing to Koos, because I know that in the Office of the International Justice Chief they'll find many reasons to keep him declared, and reasons to insist that he works himself through steps until the label SP is taken away from Koos." [Auditor:] What are you trying to do to Koos? "I am trying to give Koos all responsibility to set things right, and I take none. "That is, knowing the circumstances: "I TRY TO MAKE KOOS FAIL TO GET ETHICS IN. "I TRY TO MAKE KOOS COMPLY WITH ILLEGAL ORDERS ON HIM. "I have promised every Scientologist that I care for what is going on and I have promised to help Koos. LFBD "[Even though] I will officially not-is [do as if does not exist] the SP-declare on ME, given to ME, by Koos, personally I think something IS TRUE about it. F/N indicated Guillaume Lesevre" (End of this HCO Sec Check session) (The data revealed in HCO Security Checks are not confidential. They are used to detect hidden crimes, and the data is used by the group to stop the crimes and to apply group-justice to the criminal, based on what he actually did, rather than on what others believe or are led to believe he did. The purpose is to have real justice both for the criminal and for the groupmembers who have been affected by his crimes.) (The abbreviations F, LF, LFBD and F/N designate reactions on the E-meter, indicating mental charge (F, LF, LFBD) and release of charge completed (F/N).) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Koos Nolst Trenite - Ron's Inspector Copyright 1995 by Koos Nolst Trenite reference: RI-0i 'Current Ethics' of 30 Jun 1994 RI-1i 'Ron is Back!' of 7 Sep 1994 RI-78i 'LRH to Ron's Inspector' of 6 Jan 1995 RI-129i 'Ron's Inspector Purposes' of 31 Mar 1995 RI-14i 'SPs in Scientology's Safe Space' of 23 Oct 1994 RI-80i 'The Eternal Critics' of 28 Jan 1995 RI-52i 'The Arrogance of Internal Security' of 29 Dec 1994 RI-53i 'Past Life Criminals and Scn Ethics' of 29 Jul 1994 RI-61i 'The Right to be Evil' of 16 Dec 1994 RI-67i 'How to drive others insane' of 24 Jun 1992 RI-8i 'SEC CHECK Intl Justice Chief' of 29 Sept 1994 RI-111i 'The evil Justice Chief System' of 16 Mar 1995 RI-117i 'Why AOSHEU Stayed Small' 6 Mar 95, re-iss 18 Mar 95 RI-118i 'A Continental Ethics Officer Exposed' of 6 Mar 1995 RI-45i 'Who can be trusted now in CoS' of 17 Dec 1994 RI-54i 'Newsflash ED INT Guillaume to Koos' of 30 Dec 1994 RI-66i 'CELEBRATING 13 JAN - Guillaume's Day' of 14 Jan 1995 RI-68i 'LA, 10:21, 13 Jan 95, ED INT to Koos' of 18 Jan 1995 RI-95i 'LRH today on Guillaume and Koos' of 2 Mar 1995 RI-96i 'How Guillaume Deserted You - Part I' of 3 Mar 1995 RI-234i 'SP-Declare on Guillaume Lesevre, ED INT' 13 July 95 RI-3i 'SEC CHECK Yager RTC' of 14 Sept 1994 RI-91i 'The OT X SP Current CO CMO INT Yager' of 2 Mar 1995 RI-98i 'LRH on the SP Marc Yager (...CO CMO INT)' of 5 Mar 95 RI-100i 'The Traitor to LRH: Yager, Sec Checked' of 8 Mar 95 RI-120i 'The $P Marc Yager'$ Co$-Bu$ine$$' o 22 Mar 1995 RI-144i 'Marc Yager - the friend of Wollersheim' of 14 Apr 95 RI-151i 'LRH on Kurt Weiland and the SP Yager' of 20 Apr 1995 RI-163i 'Kurt Weiland on Yager and Reiss' of 29 Apr 1995 RI-202i 'Captain Bill Robertson on the SP Yager' of 5 June 95 RI-221i 'SP Yager Loses Against Ron's Inspector' of 1 Jul 95 RI-190i 'Fake Miscavige, Evil Marc Yager's Plot' of 22 May 95 RI-215i 'The June 23 World Wide "Briefing"' of 20 Jun 1995 RI-218i 'INT June 23 Event - What happened - Future' 24 Jun95 RI-145i 'How FLAG's Reiss Hides that he is an SP' of 15 Apr 95 RI-147i 'Insane - Insaner - Reiss, Snr C/S FLAG' of 16 Apr 95 RI-148i 'For Immediate Removal of FLAG SP Reiss' of 17 Apr 95 RI-159i 'FLAG - The MECCA of ... Suppression - I' of 25 Apr 95 RI-160i 'FLAG - The MECCA of ...Suppression - II' of 25 Apr 95 RI-162i 'LRH on How SP Reiss ruins Ethics' of 28 Apr 1995 RI-170i 'Dwindling Power of Reiss (SP Snr C/S FLAG)' 4 May 95 RI-205i 'FLAG "Tech" destroys Artists' of 8 Jun 1995 RI-208i 'This is the Snr C/S FLAG!!!' of 9 Jun 1995 RI-216i 'How Reiss Defeats the Ethics-system' of 21 Jun 1995 RI-50R-Mi 'Archives of RI-xxi and RI-ACT-xx series' of 28 Dec 1994, Revised and Replaced 21 May 1995 ftp: Enclosure: RI-24i 'Definition of 'PTS' - IMPORTANT' of 19 Nov 1994 19 November 1994 RI-24i 'Definition of 'PTS' - IMPORTANT' from Ron's Inspector Message # RI-24i for Internet Definition #4 of 'PTS' (out of a Series of definitions of 'PTS'): ('PTS' = an abbreviation for 'Potential Trouble Source') A 'PTS' is someone who has UNknowingly and UNwillingly agreed with a Suppressive Person that he will not see certain things, that he will not put his attention on certain things, that he will not know, or disregard, certain data or a part of the truth. For example, you give someone great auditing-sessions, he has beautiful gains, he writes and talks enthusiastically about his abilities and well-being restored to him by you, and then, a week later, he comes, and he wants to investigate you 'whether you used Standard Tech', and 'whether you did it only to manipulate him'. He does not KNOW anymore about the great improvements he made by your giving him auditing! So, what's all this about?? You find out that his girlfriend has become afraid that he will discover how evil she is, and that he will therefore leave her. The girlfriend IS a Suppressive Person, and she actually commands him, she manipulates him, she manipulates his attention without that he is aware of it. I am sorry to tell you that that IS what Suppressive Persons do, and all the accusations against Scientology are actually by Suppressive Persons who voice, who accuse Scientology of what they THEMSELVES do, and what Scientology UN-does. Now this is a very very important datum: Suppressive Persons control, or manipulate, manipulate the attention of others. SP's 'say': "DON'T look here, look there, DON'T look at this, look at that". And these others don't know that they are the unknowing and unwilling effect of this action of the Suppressive Person. They suddenly 'don't know anymore' who are their friends, they suddenly 'don't know anymore' what their friends did for them or can and will do for them. It's a very very strange phenomenon, but that's what it is. It's a very very upsetting thing to their friends (or at least I find it so). In Scientology the phenomenon is called 'being PTS to a Suppressive Person' and the condition is indeed remedied, indeed resolves miraculously, when the manipulation, the control of the person's attention by the Suppressive, is detected and nullified, or is at least greatly diminished. Thereby the person becomes again UN-manipulated, and freely in control of his own attention, free in where to put his attention. This is a very very very important definition. Koos Nolst Trenite - Ron's Inspector Copyright 1994 by Koos Nolst Trenite


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