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Since some of the materials which describe the $cientology cult could be considered to be copywritten materials, I have censored myself and The Skeptic Tank by deleting any and all possible text files which describes the cult's hidden mythologies. I have elected to quote just a bit of the questionable text according to the "Fair Use" legal findings afforded to those who report. - Fredric L. Rice, The Skeptic Tank, 09/Sep/95 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- From!!!pipex!demon!!TECHS Wed Jul 19 09:29:40 1995 Path:!!!pipex!demon!!TECHS From: GAZ90 <> Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Re: Famous Suckers *only* please! Date: Tue, 18 Jul 95 13:39:26 GMT Organization: ALLEN COMPUTERS Lines: 10 Message-ID: <> References: <> <> <> <3ts7og$> <DBs3w8.Lov@murdoch.acc.Virginia.EDU> Reply-To: X-NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: Demon Internet Simple News v1.29 In article <DBs3w8.Lov@murdoch.acc.Virginia.EDU> dc7v@darwin.clas.Virginia.EDU "Damon Chetson" writes: > I think Tilman Hausherr has a FAQ that has a nearly complete list. > Who? If so thread it up please. -- GAZ90 |) What is it...


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