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Since some of the materials which describe the $cientology cult could be considered to be copywritten materials, I have censored myself and The Skeptic Tank by deleting any and all possible text files which describes the cult's hidden mythologies. I have elected to quote just a bit of the questionable text according to the "Fair Use" legal findings afforded to those who report. - Fredric L. Rice, The Skeptic Tank, 09/Sep/95 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- From!!!pipex!swrinde!emory!!!!!user Wed Jul 26 09:42:03 1995 Path:!!!pipex!swrinde!emory!!!!!user From: (Ron Newman) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Eyewitness report on 7/21/95 Rinder event (LONG) Date: Tue, 25 Jul 1995 02:52:19 -0500 Organization: Cyber Access Internet Communications, Inc. Lines: 231 Message-ID: <> References: <3umfh2$> NNTP-Posting-Host: In article <3umfh2$>, (Neal Hamel) wrote: > Find Out About The Exact Steps That > Will Be Taken > To > WIPE > PSYCHIATRY > OFF THE FACE > OF THE > EARTH > > In Our Lifetime > > Speaker: > Mr. Mike Rinder > Commanding Officer, Office of Special Affairs International > > Friday 21 July, 8:00 P.M. > Pasadena Civic Auditorium > 300 Green Street, Pasadena, Ca A correspondent, who wishes to remain anonymous, attended this event (though not in California). Here is this attendee's report: ------- Date: Mon, 24 Jul 1995 12:12:50 -0400 (EDT) From: (deleted) Subject: Re: Friday's "event" OK. I wish I had an ear for names and details--I don't. So this is going to be a flawed telling. But I will do the best I can, and as more comes to mind, I will pass that on. This event was a video. Prior to the actual showing, there were what appeared to be a number of little private "infomercials", obviously made by and geared to Scientologists, but the filming had overtones of professional involvement. I didn't see all of them; someone said there were 7 or 8 of them! The one I saw were two male characters who were evidently engaged in some sort of official procedure--maybe it was auditing--and soon got into a "did not-did to" argument. They never discussed anything, but immediately got into fists up confrontation. It was odd considering that these people were probably way past their super-dooper communication course, but no one commented on that. Instead, overlooking the fact that the communication courses had evidently failed, Scientology or Dianetics had a new, improved way to solve this problem. I have no idea what it was; I was still pondering the mystery of why they got themselves into this situation in the first place and I missed exactly what it was that was now going to solve the problem. And obviously it doesn't matter if this new solution isn't perfect anyway, because there seems to be no end to their supply of solutions. They did not give the cost of these, but they talked about ordering it and there was no indication it was free. Then the "real" video started. It was an event at Freewinds honoring the patrons of the I.A.S. This seems to have been a rather exclusive event. There were no sweeping shots of huge crowds, but those who were there were dressed in glitter and black tie. I thought it was a cruise, but I don't know. A few people in the audience ohh'd and ahh'd when the Freewinds appeared on screen; it seems to be a dream of theirs to actually be on that ship. David M. spoke first, but I was so overwhelmed by the words of the next speaker that I'm afraid what he said completely escapes me. He was brief. Then the Head of IAS was introduced; I'm sorry I did not pay attention to his name. Had I known what he was about to say, I would surely have written it down! He spoke of Eli Lilly case. First, people had to realize that Eli Lilly had Nazi origins. He expanded on this for awhile. He talked of the trial and the fact that there was a secret settlement. It struck me through his whole talk that at least in tactical terms, Scientology had met it's match in Eli Lilly! Assuming any truth to what he said, they seemed to be birds of a feather. He talked about how outraged the judge was regarding Eli Lilly's manuevering that allowed what was really a settlement to get entered as a decision. He concluded that anyone who was a blistered by what a judge wrote about them as Eli Lilly was by this judge should hang their heads in shame and slink away. But, he noted, with disgusted amazement, Eli Lilly was more interested in the MONEY than than they were in the good of people. He acted as though he could not imagine any person or even any corporate entity following that mentality, but since this particular drug company did, I.A.S. was going to fight them with everything they had...which brought him to another point. In order to continue fighting this good fight, so I.A.S. was going to need more money. Please continue to contribute. Then he got to the heart of his talk... Scientology, through the efforts of the IAS, is going to ERADICATE Psychiatry!!!! Everyone stood up and cheered! They were so happy and excited. But he knew people were wondering how this was going to be achieved, so he went on to explain. But first, a little history of Psychiatry. It has Nazi origins you know. That is why it is so evil; but now that I.A.S. has some money, due to the contributions of the people on board, both literally and figuratively, they can fight Psychiatry. Until people started contributing to IAS, they could not fight Psychiatry because the Chruch of Scientology didn't have enough money. But now that people are contributing to IAS they do have some money--but not enough and they got a late start. (hint hint). Then somewhere in there, and I can't say where--in fact maybe this was D.M.--they got onto the religious status of Scientology. The speaker recounted all the many wins and described how the Church of Scientology finally learned that when you are trying to get religious status you need expert testimony. So they went out and found the foremost experts in religion in every country in the world and showed those people their missions and orgs and explained their philosophy, and of course, all these experts concluded that Scientology was THE leading religion of the next decade? century? (I forget which). And they were so impressed that they all decided to get together and publish a book in which they set forth their glowing testimonials. The message of this book is to be that Scientology is the most impressive, the most forward thinking, the most effective of all the newer religions. If in their burst of enthusiasm they actually JOINED the C of S, he did not say--and no one asked. Back to the big message--how to eradicate psychiatry. Only through the whole talk he did not use that word, but instead repeatedly said "the psychs". I don't just mean that he consistently called psychiatrists "the psychs"--which he did--but that he made a point of using the term much more extensively than necessary. It was said over and over and over. Here is how they are going to do it. 1. Find all the people who have been harmed by the psychs. 2. Befriend these people, and as friends, help them to sue the psychs. 3. BUT..they need to stamp out the breeding grounds too! So in a flash of brilliant legal manuevering that must send their lawyers to the bathrooms to bang their heads against the stall doors, they have come up with a fool proof way to pull psychiatry out of American culture by its roots. When they sue the individual psychs, they are going to sue the school that trained them!!! AND...of course it is obvious to anyone that the insurance companies will not long put up with this obvious blantant disregard for the good of humanity on the part of the psychs and their training schools, so they will put this nonsense to rest in short order by refusing to insure these no goods. And, they are embarking on a massive PR campaign. They have just finished a glossy booklet that explains to the public how the psychs are responsible for racism. He read several quotations from the book; they were indeed astounding. And they sent this book out to all the civil rights and minority group leaders, who were, needless to say, astounded. So all they need to do is keep enlightening people, and that will be the end of the psychs. They have a series of such books, one will tell how the psychs are responsible for sex discrimination--in fact, one for each ill that society now faces. Once they send these out and the world sees how the psychs are responsible for it all, that will be the end of the psychs. Oh, by the way, they need more money to do this. And there were envelopes on the chairs that you could use to donate to this noble cause. When it was over, people got up in stunned amazement and left. Oh, I forgot. It ended with some desultory hip-hips to a picture of L.R. Hubbard. Then people got up and left. ------------ My correspondent later sent me a second message: ------------ Date: Mon, 24 Jul 1995 14:33:50 -0400 (EDT) From: (deleted) Subject: Addendum to events report. I saw a post that mentioned Mr. Rinder, and that he was commanding officer of OSA. And he *was* the speaker, but I am quite sure this was on behalf of IAS, not OSA. The folder that was on the chairs requesting more money says this on the cover: "IF there were exact plans to 1. Eradicate psychiatry 2. end suppression of Scientology in Europe, would you (underlined) help make them happen?" It was the part about ending the suppression in Europe that they talked about getting testimony from the leading theologians in each country. Also, their intention is to use the IRS ruling in the U.S. as a tool to persuade other countries of the religious nature of Scientology. They credit that rule with the courts of Canada granting them religious status. In general, though, this portion was more a series of "wins" claims; if there was a coherent plan beyond what I stated, I lost it in the mish-mash of glowing claims of acceptances in different countries. The donation form is not shy about amounts. A minimum of $300 for one year membership or a minimum of $2000 for a lifetime membership--although as a life time member you will be given further opportunities to contribute to causes such as the two mentioned here, because as the form states "Your contributions and membership fees determine how fast these goals can be (underlined) achieved." (I guess the practicality and effectiveness of the game plan is a secondary consideration. As I listened to the plan, I asked myself how would I feel if I had just contributed heaven only knows how much money to this group and I then heard such stupid plans for spending it...but if anyone in the audience had such thoughts, they kept them quiet!) The form you sign includes a series of statements that affirm that you understand the purpose of IAS is to achieve the aims of Scientology, that you support "the dismantling of any groups and organizations which have as their purpose to prevent the delivery of Scientology technology and freedom for mankind", that you aren't working for any organization " dedicated to harming mankind", that you understand there is no refund of contribution and that you understand that any data you might provide to IAS may be stored in a computer. You're supposed to sign this, and it is written in big letters. So everyone is very "clear" as to what they are supporting with their money--furthering Scientology and suppressing anything Scientology feels is contrary to their aims. And from the response of the people listening to the game plan,intelligence, ethics, honor and honesty within the IAS are neither expected nor realized. -- Ron Newman Web:


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