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From!!!!netnews Thu Sep 14 09:44:17 1995 Path:!!!!netnews From: (Stephen Jones) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Picket your local org and become a TV Star! Boulder Protest. Date: 10 Sep 1995 11:09:56 GMT Organization: Netcom Lines: 96 Message-ID: <42uh24$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-NETCOM-Date: Sun Sep 10 4:09:56 AM PDT 1995 That's right! As if there are'nt enough real reasons to picket your local org or mission here is another one to add to your list: TV SUPERSTARDOM!!! Picket your local org and a few weeks later you might find yourself on the set of your very own TV talkshow. Why? How? Exposure, baby. If you picket in Boulder, apparently the media capital of the world, expect to become a veritable media magnet. How many of the picketeers were interviewed by the affable people from KGNU radio? Plenty. How many people were interviewed by the local papers? Plenty. How many picketeers had their mug flashed on 9 news? More than one! (This isn't some picketeers only type of thing. Members of the CoS were also included in the media-blitz benefits. Imagine, unidentified CoS people, if you actually became a ScienSomebody! No more RPF for you. See how the CoS treats the celebrity Scientologists. I bet you would'nt go back.) Here are just a few brief highlights from my somewhat limited perspective of the protest in Boulder ( I mainly stood around and held a sign, with conviction, but still I really did just stand alot. I found that my public speaking skills need some work. Hopefully it came across as a stoic determination...but I imagine I came across as the guy who did'nt say much and really should'nt say much.) Media,Media,Media!: Had the picket began at 11:00 pm instead of 11 am the flashbulbs would have been blinding. As others have already noted the event was well attended by the local media. A big hello goes out to the people from KGNU radio! HELLO! "Bob" the secret agent: He said his name was Bob. Bob never took off his dark secret agent sunglasses. Bob held a sign that read something like "We Support Copyright Terrorism on the Internet." Bob mingled with us picketeers. Unfortunatly we didn't have the Boston foresight to bring a he is not with us sign. Good work, agent Bob. Bob was willing to chat so I probably should'nt tease him further. Passerbys join the fray: A number of passerbys engaged the two main CoS spokespeople (Deb Danos and the friendlier man, who's name escapes me,) in a spirited debate. Picketeers share: One picketeer brought a nice assortment of signs just in case others had'nt had a chance to make their own. All the signs were needed and used. Other protestors prepared well thought out flyers and photocopies of CoS related articles. Someone even photocopied the Time CoS coverstory. Maximum distribution: Hats off to the folks who were distributing flyers, which would me everyone but me..hey, my sign was heavy. Well I did manage to pass out a few but I was hampered by my aforementioned lack of umm...courage. Anyway, I thought the flyer people were very well received, very friendly, knowledgable and well self-placed for maximun coverage on the pedestrian mall that is Pearl St. No Beatings!: Yes, no beatings. Most people were downright friendly. At times Deb Danos raised her voice but I think more for dramatic effect. The man whos name escapes me, many of the silent CoS people and our CoS friend "BoB" would seem to ask him for advice, was as polite and friendly as a representive of an organization that was being picketed could be. He listened to the protestors, cracked a smile here and there , was articulate and generally tried to present the CoS point of view minus the bombast. I spoke with him only briefly. The protestors who engaged in debate likewise listened, were affable, articulate, asked some hard questions (the one's I heard answered were'nt answered all that well.."I don't know about that" seemed to be a standard CoS answer to some questions.), and just genenerally presented themselves in a way that would make most people concerned by the actions of the CoS feel well represented. Random stuff: One person said he didn't need a flyer because he already reads a.r.s... Person wanting to donate to factnet... woman walking out of the CoS building heading away from the protest for awhile turning around and acting like a reporter once she arrived at the protest...trying to figure out who the CoS photographer was with the help of members from the real media...Rogue Ale...Protestor asking Deb Danos about Xenu and the Marcabs...generous a.r.s personality who payed for the Old Chicagos after protest meal...meeting Mr.Penny. It really was a pleasure to meet all the people who came to the protest. Thanks to those people who worked hard on the flyers and signs, thanks to the people who put up with my company. Take care, Stephen Jones


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