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From!!!!swrinde!!!!!news Thu Sep 14 09:45:57 1995 Path:!!!!swrinde!!!!!news From: (Michael Reuss) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Rocky Mountain News 9/12 Date: 12 Sep 1995 22:41:32 GMT Organization: Hewlett-Packard Lines: 46 Message-ID: <4352as$> NNTP-Posting-Host: Mime-Version: 1.0 X-Newsreader: WinVN 0.93.11 From the Rocky Mountain News (Denver CO USA) Tuesday 9/12 There was nothing in the RMN about the Boulder protest in Sunday or Monday's paper. (Typos mine, used without permission) -- Michael Reuss Honorary Kid ********************************************************************** "Data on Scientology termed in peril" "Defendant in lawsuit claims his research is in jeopardy if judge does not release files" by Jean Torkelson - RMN Staff Writer The worlds greatest compilation of research on the Church of Scientology is in jeopardy if a federal judge does not immediately return his computer equiptment and files, Larry Wollersheim testified Monday. Wollersheim, an ex-Scientology member, is being sued by the church for disseminating the copyrighted church material on FactNet, his Boulder-based non-profit computer bulletin board. The service provides acces to research on what he calls "coercive" movements, such as Scientology. Federal marshals raided Wollersheim's computer files in August and turned his entire inventory of equiptment over to Scientology hands. Wollersheim told Judge John Kane that if $40,000 worth of computer equiptment and software is not returned immediately, "(We) don't have a hope or a prayer. Scientology will have achieved its effect. The leading advocate of mind control...will (win)." Wollersheim said the material he seeks includes research and other documents that are being supplied to five court cases around the country and to countless families concerned about their children's involvement in the church. However, under cross-examination from Scientology attorney Earle Cooley, Wollersheim admitted that he could keep FactNet running without the return of the specifically disputed copyrighted material, a small portion of the pages disseminated by FactNet. In a testy exchange, Wollersheim repeatedly resisted commenting on specific files unless he could see actual documents. "I would like to see more that this list you provided," Wollersheim said. "We had 600,000 pages; show me the documents (you refer to)." Cooley asked why Wollersheim had not bothered to oversee the transfer of material as provided by the court order. Wollersheim replied that he considered the material to be already comprimised once it had been in Scientology hands.


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