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From!!!!!!rogue Thu Sep 14 09:43:59 1995 Path:!!!!!!rogue From: (R Agent) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology, Subject: Boston picket a rousing success! Date: 10 Sep 1995 02:17:26 GMT Organization: College of Computer Science, Northeastern University Lines: 51 Distribution: inet Message-ID: <42thrm$> References: <42t666$> NNTP-Posting-Host: Xref: alt.religion.scientology:95206 In article <42t666$>, Andrew Milne <> wrote: >The so-called "demonstrations" outside churches of Scientology were a >flop yet again. Hardly anybody showed up. I was called away and unfortunately missed my local picket, but I talked with some of those who did. They say that 25 people showed at the Boston picket. They handed out hundreds of flyers, discussed their reasons for picketing with several staff members and were greeted by passing motorists who honked their horns in support. >Of those who did, some obviously knew nothing about Scientology and >were being manipulated and fed disinformation by the hard-core element. According to those on the scene, the most common comments from the Scientologists were "I never heard any of this stuff" and "they haven't told us much about this". I believe that has been remedied. Local Scientologists were by all reports quite impressed with the depth of knowledge the picketers showed on Scientology and the ill-will its management has engendered on the Internet. >In Boston, the staff invited a couple of these individuals into the >Church so they actually could get some accurate information about what >Scientology is. Two Boston picketers did go into the Org to take the e-meter "pinch test". One had it partially succeed and one had it fail. Neither walked away impressed. The staff and picketers made a tentative agreement to meet soon at a local cyber-cafe to show the local membership what the Internet, a.r.s and the various Scientology web pages are really like. All in all it sounds like it was a fruitful event, and enjoyed by all. The fraternity next door even pitched in with a free case of sodas and Snapple. At one point a pair of Scientologists appeared from within the Org with pro-Scientology and anti-psychiatry signs and attempted to mingle, but were outwitted when forward-thinking picketers revealed signs saying "They're Not With US", with arrows pointing to the infiltrators. Pictures were taken, and hopefully will be soon place on a web page. I am sorry I was unable to attend, it sounds like it was quite a success. RA (Rogue Agent/ARS Project Entheta IC/enemy Internet) --------------------------------------------------------------------- In a lawyer's office, computer experts are searching Wollersheim's computer files 24 hours a day, looking for key words that include the names of Wollersheim's lawyers and the phrase "rogue agent". - Rocky Mountain News, 8/27/95 page 4A


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