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From!!!spcuna!ritz!borrelli Thu Sep 14 09:44:04 1995 Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Path:!!!spcuna!ritz!borrelli From: (Steven Borrelli) Subject: Re: F-CKING D-CKHEAD STRIKES IN NY!!! X-Original-Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology References: <42tr09$> <> Organization: Mordor International BBS - Jersey City, NJ Date: Mon, 11 Sep 1995 15:28:44 GMT Message-ID: <> Lines: 63 In article <>, Troutman, Defender of Sticks <> wrote: >Excellent! Here it is again! More proof that the masters of control are >even weaker than the uninitiated wogs! Look: > >In article <42tr09$>, (Merchant of >Chaos) wrote: > >> Scientology's Communication technology...I was called a f-cking d-ckhead >> by a Scientologist...not just any Scieno mind you, but an 0T-8!!! >... >> The OT-8 got really upset when he forgot the name of another >> Scientologist >... >> At this point Mr. >> Immortal stepped on my foot and leaned into me, forcing me back into a >> wall...we called the police at this point, who informed the >> Ever-Living Being that he and his cronies were "acting like children." > >Why are Scientologists so angry? I thought they were In Control of >themselves, their reactive mind, and the Universe! What is this B>aggressive nonsense against somebody who shouldn't be of even the >slightest concern? > >And this was no initiate, people! This was an --> OT-8 <-- ! >That's right, one of the highest Operating Thetan levels around. >Maybe some of the local Scientologists here can explain to me >why they lose control so often? Why does Chris Miller rant and >scream? Why does Robert Marcus call people "physically ugly"? >Why does Vera Wallace snap and yell? *These* people are in control? > >Wow. > This _same_ OT8 was the one who tried to intimidate me during his handle when I questioned him about OTIII. He said he believed in an "immortal soul". I then asked him about Xenu and volcanoes. He started yelling in my face, calling me a "fucking scumbag" for insulting his religion. That was supposed to intimidate or anger me, I guess. Unfortunately, some of us are not that reactive, :) and I had leaflets to give out. He tried to call me a scumbag later, after another Xenu metion. I was called nerd, other clams implicated I was a racist, that I approved of pornography and bestiality (I thought they had fallen into FBI mode then), asked me if I ever read any books. I had one or two handlers all afternoon, just like the rest of the protesters. The Oat Tee 8 also denied knowing the photographer, claimed he saw cult leader Davy in Clearwater in the past week. He was a FSM, said he earned $40-50,00 a year. Along with the taunts and physical intimidation of the other protesters. A big bully. A liar. A stupid little clam. Just like his sick cult. _steve P.S. I really enjoyed the "Woody" picket signs they must've gotten sent to them by the big org. "Scientology fights for Bikini Butts on Beaches" kinda stuff.


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