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From!!!usenet Thu Sep 14 09:44:13 1995 Path:!!!usenet From: (Robert S. Minton) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Shit on the street in Boston Date: Sun, 10 Sep 1995 08:08:26 GMT Organization: Bobsbarn Lines: 125 Message-ID: <42u69e$> Reply-To: NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: Forte Agent .99a.107 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Report from a Boston picket--I was not let down on my initial encounter with a clam. When I first walked by this 46 yr old South African lady now living in the woods of the state of New Hampshire, she said that both sides of my sign were lies. About six steps later she approached from behind and asked "what organization do you represent here? Psychiatry?" I was a bit rude in explaining that I had learned from reading the truth about Co$ to expect such an attack from a clam. Later in the day, a more civil discussion took place. She said she was a child of $cientologists and had never known anything but Co$. She assured me she was not one of the DANGEROUS THUGS referred to in my signs which read: (side one) (side two) $CIENTOLOGY WAR A CULT ON THE INTERNET RUN BY $CIENTOLOGY DANGEROUS AND BOSTON'S THUGS ATTACK EARLE C. COOLEY FREE SPEECH OF B.U. HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS I encouraged her to get on the net with her family's AOL account and see some of the truth about $cientology available here and on the web. She said that over the years she had seen and heard about so many attacks on Co$ that she didn't believe any of it anymore. It seems sad but she has truly tuned out the outside world. I hope there is hope for her. There were 25-30 protesters at maximum strength who were greeted by 6-8 OSA or ex OSA types (so I was told by colleagues) whose basic functions seemed to be isolate-listen-attack-schmooze-listen- change subject-schmooze. Anywhere from 0-6 other SP contact ready clams lurked on the front steps putting on some serious happy-go- lucky wonderful faces so we could all better appreciate the positive benefits available to us inside for just a FEW HUNDRED THOUSAND USD. There was also the obligatory clam photographer. About an hour into the picketing and at full strength, we were practically abandoned by clams for 15 minutes or so while they made up their counter protest signs extolling the virtues of Co$. It was quite a crowded sidewalk for awhile but at all times peaceful. There were subtle attempts at times to block our signs to Beacon Street traffic but it was by in large a cordial group of clams. The counter protest went on for about an hour. It was however a convenient time to park a white Ford van squarely in front of the sidewalk ostensibly for the purpose of unloading stuff for the auditors Ball or what ever it is. Seems typical. All the contact ready clams were well dressed and prosperous looking members of society. They were very well spoken and focused people who looked just like anybody you would see walking around in Boston, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Madrid or anywhere. They emphasized that it was not likely that this group of well educated and prosperous people could be scamed by Co$. I cannot describe the pity I feel for those people or the disgust I have with their arrogance. But answer this two part question for me: Why is it that a pooch parade in Boston, *which is held to encourage dog owners to pick up shit after their pet does it bit on the streets or sidewalks* can generate 1000 plus marchers down Commonwealth Avenue as well as newspaper and television coverage? and, Why when a so called church shits all over anybody and everything that gets in their way, we can put 25-30 people on the street in Boston? Where are our priorities? Is dog shit more important to us than the lives that are being damaged by $cientology or their abuse of free speech or the tactics used to suppress their critics? An astute poster on the 8th called for us to quote get off our fat asses unquote. Let me try to translate that. It is all well and good to feel that the internet has empowered us. But if we don't become ACTIVISTS to support a cause we believe is morally right, who will? Activism has had a tremendous start on the net in exposing the Scandal that IS $cientology. But still enough people don't know about Co$. The net is still a small group. I've read here that Co$'s war on the internet will be their Vietnam. How many body bags and how many people on the streets did it take for the US government to understand that it was fighting a war that the country did not want and was therefore unwinable? The US enemy in Vietnam never lost their focus and never hesitated to put people on the battlefield. We can be sure that Co$ will not lose focus or hesitate to sacrifice anyone to try and survive. We must all must put more vigor into our activism. Now after all that rambling, I guess the astute poster really meant to say quote get off our fat asses unquote afterall. and to quote Brian Andreja <> excellent post on 8 Sep 1995 19:23:29 GMT, Subject: RESPONSE TO ANONYMOUS-"They deserve what they get" >Naaaahhh, might miss "Baywatch". A future activist! -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: 2.6.2 iQCVAwUBMFKWAtFMgpfhl4ZFAQHDCQP+McDebif6HEXyDGbDKkhvbU9RlRRv3JZ+ OfRCe30uwjEjDqJwXVZphQrkl/x8PobERvdjLsnyfecPts+VS8fljwzGGlI3kTnI +riE748X72GQO2rIHf5ZhnypbThXQqidiG6PElpfI/xJJAPq07/E0IutRo9mnfwD sYqoaNO1b+s= =GfKv -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- Robert S. Minton----<>----<> PGP Public Key on Server++++++++++++++++++PGP-Privacy for your files Keyprint: B1 9B 58 64 51 3D FC 7F E3 46 93 31 EC F1 30 31--ID E1978645. SCIENTOLOGY is a CULT run by DANGEROUS thugs! Help enjoin Co$!!! +++++Read alt.religion.scientology and keep abreast of their tactics.+++++


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