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From!!!!agate!!!demon!!not-for-mail Thu Sep 14 09:44:13 1995 Path:!!!!agate!!!demon!!not-for-mail From: (Steve) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Scientology's Response to the UK protest Date: 10 Sep 1995 09:09:47 +0100 Organization: war with the clam$ Lines: 102 Message-ID: <42u6gb$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2] -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- # # # # ### ### ### ### These "Demonstrators" Support Computer Criminals The "demonstrators" outside this Church support crime on the Internet. Their cohorts are a handful of computer criminals seeking to destroy religious freedom for millions of Scientologists around the world. At issue is the unauthorized and illegal distribution of unpublished, private Scientology scriptures on the Internet. These materials were originally stolen from the Church and later entered into a court case by an ex-convict, solely and only to make them accessible to the public and invite further violations of their confidentiality. These scriptures are held sacred by more than 8 million Scientologists around the world and are protected by copyright and trade secret laws. The people you see "demonstrating" support criminals who have knowingly broken the law and violated the rights of the Church's parishioners. Most Scientology literature is broadly available. But its advanced scriptures are only revealed to parishioners of the Church who have completed certain prior steps of religious study and counselling. Revealing these scriptures only to those spiritually ready for them is as fundamental to the Scientology religion as the belief in Resurrection is to Protestants and the absolute sanctity of life is to devout Catholics. It is tantamount to forcing a Jew to eat pork or insisting a devout Catholic have an abortion. This is not a battle between the Chrch of Scientology and its "critics." At stake is the right of every present and future member of the Church to practice his religion as he chooses without being dictated to by a handful of bigots who seek to destroy it. Allowing disaffected members of a religion to use its sacred writing is equivalent to giving control of Jewish dogma to a pack of Nazis. The Church has contacted those who were illegally spreading its advanced scriptures and asked that they refrain from distributing this material. Those who respected the religious beliefs of Scientology parishioners willingly stopped distributing the materials. A small number refused. The Church took legal action through copyright and trade secret law. And when judges have deemed it necessary, U.S. Marshals have seized computers belonging to individuals who continued to blatantly and illegally distribute its scriptures. As with any thief caught in the act, those who suddenly had to face the consequences of their illegal actions tried to insist *they* had been wronged. Hiding behind the cloak of the First Amendment, they squealed "Free Speech!" Free speecg does not mean free theft [ed: <yawn>]. Nor does it mean destruction of the rights of eight million Scientologists around the world to practice their religion. If you would like more information, a representative of the Church will be happy to meet with you today and answer any questions you have.And if you would like to know more about Scientology, our doors are always open and visitors are always welcome. # # # # ### ### ### ### - -- Steve: SP4 and Clam Cluster, KoX NEW WEB PAGE FOR UK CRITICS!!! Read it at: ----- ScamizdatUnixerNobody@replay.comFishmanLermaLeibyErlichKlemesrudVegaAtack KimBakerBerryLeipoldYoungWardArmstrongJacobsonGreeneWhitfieldBeharKisserCAN LawleyRogueAgentCapricornRayRuss/PrussDamonChetsonCoatesAbrahmsCabertaCarto CochranSwearingerO'ReillyThetansOTHubbardCultAwarenessNetwork "The superhighway isn't anyplace to learn to ride your tricycle." - Anon Please note: my PGP key has been upgraded to 2.6.2i/1024 bits. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: 2.6.2i iQCVAwUBMFKdSWK4mshjLd+dAQHxSAQAjBRtqWg6kpCrWzO8iKiKz2vMy71VT7aK 9e0hFVCiCvGMMbXYv7puRZDOZGnzLoCkKz3IcreFWSvmtQlDv0YHrzwAnP/JCeml ywqcZ9Dwi1axdHIc+aTHAVUC94WDVJO7mre/mFSEpZ9NHzJmld8RnZEOWPls9Qsy gU43Xa36RiI= =+nMd -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----


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