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From!!!!!!myhost.subdomain.domain!geezer Thu Sep 14 09:44:37 1995 Path:!!!!!!myhost.subdomain.domain!geezer From: geezer@myhost.subdomain.domain (Roger Williams) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Boston Protest- How it went Date: 10 Sep 1995 14:36:20 GMT Organization: String to put in the Organization Header Lines: 54 Message-ID: <42ut54$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2] Overall, it went pretty well. A group of people gathered at the "Hubbard Dianetics Foundation" org on 448 Beacon St. I was probably the LEAST prepared of anyone (oops) just sauntering up to check it out. As expected, a PI was on hand to take pictures, and a large woman with a bandaged hand was also inside the doorway to photograph the picketers (to make it convenient, we all posed for a group photo :) There were flyers handed out with the OT materials, auditing prices and the like, and a few people had the foresight to make signs for the event (imagine- making SIGNS for a picket event!!! I wish I had thought of it :) The local org members came out to try and argue (although ver politely!) with us. I talked for a while with 2 members, and only ONE of them was completely clueless (both claimed to have been Scienos for OVER 20 years). One man, "Bernard" ACTUALLY ADMITTED that "operation snowwhite" was not only criminal, but was completely factual (clueless boy would only say "I don't believe it" when asked about SnowWhite, Freakout (Paulette Cooper), etc..) But "Bernard" was a little more lucid and claimed he didn't know about the Canadian Libel case but promised to "look into it" (I'm not holding my breath, but you never know, right?) There was a tendency amongst SOME (not all!) of the picketers to forget they weren't dealing with OSA people...these people are regular rank and file members and would never (probably) MORALLY support the actions of the OSA IF THEY THOUGHT THE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST IT WERE TRUE (emphasis added here!). However, the nature of Scientology itself tells members that anyone who criticizes the church is a part of the psychiatric conspiracy (detailed in the issues of FREEDOM magazine handed out to the picketers). The best I could do is explain the the criminal nature/history of the cult is not speculative, but factual. A criminal history EXISTS, and their dollars are fueling it. So what was offered by way of rebuttal? A few members came out later with signs of their own (decrying internet "terrorism") but really had no answers when it came to talking about Scientologys track record in court. Some denied church abuses in the sea and cadet orgs, but were strangely silent about questions of the RPF. Those who didn't deny it outright simply claimed they "didn't know". "Bernard" was very eager to give me a "Church" booklet outlining the "smear job" TIME magazine did on them, and the "drug money" (Eli Lilly) behind it. If I have time, I'll be sure to post their "findings" up here for public comment/scrutiny. Overall, the picket FELT successful. Some people DID leave at 1:00 (including one member of CAN who devotes time to the Jehovahs Witnesses cult) to go to Copley Place to picket the Reverend Moon who was in town, leaving behind mostly picketers who focused on the internet abuse of the Co$. I certainly think I'll go back next Sept on "Auditors Day" and once again present the facts to the cult members :) ROger Williams PS- To that guy who asked me "if I was a clam"... I almost punched your lights out, dude :)


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