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From!!!!!janda Thu Sep 14 09:44:39 1995 Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Path:!!!!!janda From: (Keith "Justified And Ancient" Cochran) Subject: Thoughts on the picket... (Boulder) Message-ID: <> Organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 261-4700 guest) Date: Sun, 10 Sep 1995 15:29:24 GMT Lines: 54 Sender: (1) It is imperitive that one person have a laptop and printer at each of the suceeding pickets. Deb Danos made a comment along the lines of "Somebody else wrote up the fair game policy; Hubbard rescinded it". I wanted to ask her why the Copyright Office listed Hubbard as the author, but didn't have the copyright numbers, etc handy. I ran into a couple of other situations like that. (2) I finally met some practicing members of Scientology yesterday. The OTIII said something about "I don't need to read that; I'm OTIII" as she went running out of the area. There was a person who claimed to be OTVI, and working on OTVII, but I didn't get to speak with her. (3) I asked Deb Danos if she thought a post containing six lines from OTVII could be cancelled by the cult. She said "yes". Deb also mentioned that the cancellations has been brought up in court Friday, but she didn't mention any details. (4) I pity the Scientologists I met. Deb was high-strung, and seemed to me to be extremly nervous. Anderson seemed to be alert, but I felt that he was out there because he was afraid somebody was going to fuck up, not that he was out there for fun. He spent a lot of time hanging around behind Deb. (5) Is Boulder/Boston the only sites that had implants? Our implant had a sign that read something like "We support lawlessness and terrorism on the Internet". Now this is a gentleman (He introduced himself as "Bob") I pity. I walked up to him and asked "Do you really think you're fooling anybody?" I figured he would smile, laugh, make a small joke, or something. He just said "No, I'm playing the cynical picket." I didn't ask what the hat of cynical picket was. (6) Gender: At the Boulder picket, there were two male scientologists when we started: Anderson and Bob. The other three pickets, Deb, and the rest (Until Rex Fowler and the clear showed up) were all females. Do you think this was intentional? (7) I'm going to report myself for a comm violation to ARS executive central. Did _anybody_ mention to the press that I am a programmer, another person manages an art gallery, another ran for the senate in 1992, that we come from diverse background, with diverse interests, and we have two commen things about us: (1) We all use the Internet. (2) The cult has declared war on the Internet. It is imperitive that the pickets get together with short biographies a week or so before the next picket so that we know who each other are, and something about them. (8) Yes, I'm going to get a spelling checker for my next picket sign. -- Click <Here> To Receive A Copy Of The SeKrEtScRiPtUrEs Of The Cult Of Scientology.


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