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From!!!!sun4nl!xs4all!!not-for-mail Thu Sep 14 09:44:42 1995 Path:!!!!sun4nl!xs4all!!not-for-mail From: nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: SF Org protest Date: 10 Sep 1995 19:18:02 +0200 Organization: RePLaY aND CoMPaNY UnLimited Lines: 200 Sender: Message-ID: <42v6ka$> NNTP-Posting-Host: XComm: Replay may or may not approve of the content of this posting XComm: Report misuse of this automated service to <postmaster@REPLAY.COM> Picket report 9 September 1995, San Francisco Org 10:45 AM to 4 PM by "Jack Hoff" I was the first to arrive with my stack of yellow 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 circulars at about quarter to eleven AM. There were a few people, presumably scientologists, lounging around the front door of the org smoking cigarettes; one fellow looked like a plainclothes security person -- virtually shaved head in a suit -- who kept an eye on everything going on. The traffic into and out of the org was extremely modest, perhaps only half a dozen people per hour. I started handing out the leaflets boldly printed with "SCIENTOLOGY: HANDS OFF THE INTERNET!" with the pointers to a.r.s and Ron Newman's WEB page, along with descriptions of a sampling of criminal acts committed by scientologists and their cronies. Within minutes a scientologist had one of my circulars and literally ran into the org to give it to (presumably) Jeffrey George Quiros, the chief OSA officer in the SF Org. It was as if someone had swatted a wasp's nest. Scientologists and sea org members (they really *do* wear those incredibly silly fake Naval uniforms!) started coming out of the org to watch me. Another bullet-head joined the first with an "at-ease" posture in front of the door. Then started a very bizarre game. As soon as I passed out a circular to a passer-by -- the majority of whom seemed sympathetic or even happy that I was picketing the criminal cult -- an orger in his twenties would run after the person and tell them "you don't want to read that, it's an attack on our religion!" and pull the circular out from the confused fingers of the recipient. In at least one case, the orders said "can I have that back?" before pulling back the circular and throwing it away, implying that he was affiliated with me and that he had made some kind of mistake. This was not the last unethical act of the scientologists that day. The cult values free speech for *themselves*, but NOT for others, apparently. The first few circulars were put into a large manila folder marked prominently "EVIDENCE" that held by one of the bullet-heads. I kept handing out the circulars, prefacing the handout with "We're protesting the criminal cult of scientology" in order to get a sound byte in even if the circular was later taken away. The mix of people in front was light and a typical mix of almost-Tenderloin people, which is to say a standard sampling of urban lifeforms. Only about a third of the passer-bys met the standard demographic for "raw meat." Soon Quiros himself came out in an immaculate blue suit over white shirt and what looked like a hand-painted silk tie. A pleasant looking man in his forties, Quiros was by far the most talented orger in keeping his cool and communicating the org party line to the public. He came over to talk to me. I recognized him from his net gif and greeted him with a "Hi Jeff!" This definitely enturbulated him to know him on sight without reciprocation. I kept passing out circulars while we chatted. He first wanted to know my name. I said that I was "Hoff, Jack Hoff" Quiros acknowledged the joke (the pseudonym used by Eugene Martin Ingram to steal from Grady Ward's mother). He kept pressuring me for my name, I told him that I wanted to have him work for his rice and beans. He gave up and came back with a small camera to snap my photo. I told him that he would be surprised at the information that was stored on the net about him. More enturbulation. He wrote out the name of the internet "task force" which he said reported to him. Quiros is some kind of computer professional, familiar with net services but not current or first- hand. He said he had an e-mail address but demurred in giving it out, fearing too much comm I guess. :-) He denied knowing anything about Ingram, "Vera Wallace", "Chris Miller", and only remembered Andy Milne when I pointed out his name on the "Freedom" magazine masthead. I guess orgers like Quiros and Jentzsch are not "clear" considering how unreliable their memories are! :-) "We know nut-ing. Nut-ing!" Another org member came out with an org 8 1/2 x 11 handout to counter my circular. It had the usual rhetoric about "copyright terrorists" and "Nazis" persecuting the "Jews" who were played of course by the scientologists. Even as two org members bracketed me with to pass out their circulars on either side of me, they taunted me with "were getting more people signing up since you came" and "pretty big protest, one whole person". Definitely not the most intelligent or cutting taunts, to be sure. I did get a free "Freedom" magazine and other cult literature, which is useful for the photographs. The acts of the orgers since my arrival belied their flip dismissals, my presence seemed to really make the hive buzz! I guess they thought they had a real Marcab agent in a human body right in front of them. It really energized the scientologists. "Enemies" have a crucial role in the criminal cult of scientology, apparently. I did nothing to calm their paranoia. On the contrary I tried to fan it by pointing out to Quiros my lapel microphone and that now I had a writing sample and an extensive voice sample of his to digitize and spam on the net. I suggested it would be funny to rearrange his words to say something like "Scientologists....are....Nazis. We....are....evil" as a satire. This suggestion DEFINITELY enturbulated him. It's nice to know that the OSA types are sufficiently brainwashed themselves to easily enhance and evoke a completely predictable paranoid response with the proper preparation. And Quiros was the least flappable of the whole sorry lot of them. About noon several more net people showed with circulars and signs. I'll let them identify themselves in their own posts. I stayed anonymous . The net people started picketing the org in earnest. This caused a couple things to happen. First, Quiros came out and snapped photos and asked for names. Secondly some org members started making up their own signs to mix and confuse the passing cars and people. Their signs read "Help Scientology Stop Internet Criminals", "Scientology Saves Lives" and the like. Our signs read for example "Alt.Religion.Scientology", "When will the "Church" pay Larry $2,500,000?" The orgers bracketed us with the orange leafletters (orange does stand out nicely in the urban grey), but people would go out of their way to pick up our leaflets. Scientology is apparently not much loved in the area. Although virtually completely unorganized, the mix of net citizen activity was good. Some brought circulars, some signs, some soda, some video cameras; Shelley Thomson of "Biased Journalism" showed up with her mini-recorder. We had the bases covered. The moral here is just show up with whatever you feel comfortable doing. Don't feel as if you have to carry a picket sign. Just standing around chatting lends moral support. I'll let the others' trip reports detail their role in the picket. I was kept busy for the five hours with enough stuff that I didn't break out my OT7 documents for my recital or my camera or other enturbulating gear. The clams did hire a "video notary" who was happy to get to work at $75 an hour on a weekend. The high point for me was near four o'clock when a "suit" came out of the org and confronted me. He said that I was "paid to enturbulate the church". I asked him for proof I was paid. He said "why are you attacking my religion?" I said "you said that I was paid to enturbulate the church. Where is your proof, or are you a liar?" He repeated "why are you attacking my religion" but I simply shouted in his face that he was a bare-faced liar. A prospective raw meat was standing nearby and I turned to tell him "you've just got a first- hand demonstration of what kind of treatment you'll get with this criminal cult." Big win. After more shouting he finally turned tail and ran back into the org, not to be seen again. Hint to orgers: don't baldly lie when there are witnesses. This also made me happy to have worn a "wire" -- a Sony Pressman microcassette recorder. I can prove that they took my circulars away from people and prove the outright lying of some of the less gifted orgers. One fifteen-year-older in braces was interesting. Obviously a second generation scientologist, she didn't utter a sentence that wasn't pure clam-speak. Her fluency was weird and eerie. However even she was easily enturbulated with random accusations that she was "witholding overts against us" and other clam-codes. One presumes that David Miscavige is equally vulnerable to clam- speak bull-baiting. My impression of the clams in person is that they are *easily* provoked because of their paranoia and unadaptable belief system and prejudices. This is to be noted. Even Quiros could be shaken by demonstrating small "wins" in the intell area against him. I think our taunts on the net are effective. Especially the ones which turn Hubbard back on them. We could probably cause some of them to self-referentially implode. I wish my tape hadn't run out as Quiros said that the reason he didn't participate on a.r.s is that some people, for example, call "Kobrin a cunt." I would have loved to .wav this comment! My overall impression is that the picket was successful, although we didn't have a major newspaper or video crew tape us, we gained a lot of physical solidarity by eyeballing other net people (definitely cut above the average clam in wit). More importantly by seeing really severe stout women in their sailor suits with gold braid and the stereotyped "nattering" of actual physical cult members, the message is really reinforced that this evil cult is *real* and prospective recruits must be fully informed before making their choice to join or not. I estimated that a good 80% of the people in the org smoked cigarettes. Whew! I'm glad I didn't try to go inside. Gag. At four I took the muni back to the Larkspur ferry in Marin. A highly recommended mode of transportation for people north of the Golden Gate. BTW if you picket BRING YOUR SUNSCREEN. I brought a hat, sunglasses and good court shoes and was extremely glad I did. A fun and successful day enturbulating the clams in San Francisco.


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