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From!!!usenet Thu Sep 14 09:44:43 1995 Path:!!!usenet From: Phil <> Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: NEW PICKETING TACTICS..... and Note to Mr Wright, OSA.... Date: 10 Sep 1995 18:06:20 GMT Organization: Phoenix Data Systems Lines: 69 Message-ID: <42v9es$> NNTP-Posting-Host: Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit X-Mailer: Mozilla 1.1N (Windows; I; 16bit) This Houston picket was fun and informative...but not as successful as it could have been: I suggest the following tactics for the next picket: Recruit and advertise on the net....but do the detailed planning with trusted contacts on the net. Do not engage the OSA Clam folk in conversation, its a diversion, that limits the publicity, picketing and handouts from getting handed out. Invite the Clam(tm) Folk to Clam(tm) pizza....AFTER the picket.... in fact it could be on the handouts.... tell em you will be glad to discuss the matter in detail... but AFTER the picket..... and then you will discuss the ISSUES on the fliers..... not their countless diversions. (We are learning, hu Tom?) Meet off site to plan the picket, and get to know each other.... with any clam folk to be ignored... Then arrive in mass as the picket site pickets held accomplish the mission. Picket for times when courses are let OUT. Picket near the car parking areas...and in front... that way one can hand out fliers to public that are taking courses, and they can take the fliers home to read. A good flier would be free zone 'price list' , expected gains and time to achieve estimates..... (try 6 months through the most advanced levels, with no crap to put up with, and virtually free on a solo basis.) Between pickets.... these wonderful fliers can be printed up and left all around the orgs, stapled to telephone poles, put on car windshields, and under the doors of neighboring businesses...... of course that tactic would be witheld... at least by those who have not been fairgamed by the CoS just yet. If the CoS would like this to happen BIG TIME in Houston... just try screwing with me...... you see, at that point one has nothing left to loose, so why not? I'd even export the program to every major city in the world.....if things got nasty..... it would become the in thing to do. My 750 million Christian friends around the world will be glad to read them too.... once they find out what LRH really advocates and said about Jesus! and of his close connection with Aleister Crowley (avowed satanist). This is called excercizing ones rights, and is in the best of American traditions, as it relates to the whole and complete truth, and is presented with decency and honor. This does not violate the law like the CoS's ruthlessness does, with goons being sent to lie and steal from Gradys aged mother, the framing of Paulette Cooper and on and on..(see the criminal conviction records, and FBI raid data ). Phil Houston Texas, Lover of Clam(tm) pizza, now on the menu at Fuzzies (despite his obvious suspicions).


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