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From!!!!!a2i!ddsw1!!!!!!fim.uni-erlangen.DE!ba170 Thu Sep 14 09:44:45 1995 Path:!!!!!a2i!ddsw1!!!!!!fim.uni-erlangen.DE!ba170 From: ba170@fim.uni-erlangen.DE (Koos Nolst Trenite) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: RI-266i They Want To Be Dead Date: 10 Sep 1995 18:16:35 -0000 Organization: Bull Worldwide Information Systems. Lines: 321 Sender: Message-ID: <> Reply-To: 8 September 1995 RI-266i 'They Want To Be Dead' from Ron's Inspector Message # RI-266i for Internet [Introduction: "Rogue Agent" today on the Internet makes some faint plea that I actually look at HIM, the being, as different from all the beings which he is not. Now, I - as opposed to him - am communicating with my own name, address etc. and he is not. So maybe he would be willing, in order to be communicated to as an actual being, maybe he would be willing to state his actual name, and his actual location where he actually lives. This would make HIM more real as an actual being and it would make him more different from all the other people who want to stay without name and without location or with a pretended name, stolen from somebody else, or with a pretended name stolen from the subject of Scientology in order to get some shortlived attention. But we can say this, about "Rogue Agent", already before he decides to become an individual with an identity and a location: "Rogue Agent" (see RI-61i 'The Right to be Evil' of 16 Dec 94) wants to be GIVEN Reality about life, about Scientology, even about himself. They want to be GIVEN Reality RATHER THAN WANTING TO GET REALITY ABOUT LIFE, ABOUT SCIENTOLOGY, ETC. This is on the emotional Tone-Level of Apathy, which they both are in, and which most anti-Scientologists and other anti-social and psychotic beings are in (anti-Scientology = anti-Social = very psychotic = intention to die as a spirit). It may not seem that way to you, and it may not seem that way to themselves, because they can be very loud and they can be very forceful, but that is only facade, that is only on the outside. In actual fact these beings themselves, meaning anti-Scientologists or anti-social personalities or severe psychotics - there is no difference between these three categories other than in name - these beings are, as BEINGS, in apathy about all areas of life or most areas of life (all areas of life in Scientology are called Dynamics, which includes the basic desire of any being to participate in life, all areas of life). They then have to PRETEND to want to be alive in order to not be thrown out of the society, but they refuse to create their own life-force and their own life-creations, because they are themselves as beings in apathy, wanting to be dead spiritually. So they use someone else's creations or force-patterns in order to PRETEND to want to be alive. They use a tractor-shovel to drive to work because they don't want to differentiate between a car and a tractor-shovel. They refuse to look at things themselves: (they say: 'driving to work needs something with four wheels and a motor' - they are liable to do very strange things). Of course they create a lot of damage with the tractor-shovel on the road, but they can successfully pretend to themselves and others that they DID want to drive to work, even though they don't want to, really, themselves, go to work at all. Let me sum this up for you: the being himself is in apathy and has lost all courage to LIVE, to create his OWN ("theta") liveliness. And he uses all kinds of rubbish from his reactive mind in order to pretend to others - yes, even to himself - that he wants to be alive. This is something you have to understand about critics of Scientology, about anti-Scientologists, about anti-social persons and severe psychotics, because IT IS NOT OBVIOUS AT ALL THAT THEY WANT TO BE DEAD AS BEINGS. But if you understand this, you will have opened the road to helping these people - you will in fact be the first one they feel really understands them. (see RI-58i 'Fair Game Series - Treatment of Enemies' 1 Jan 95) (see RI-ACT-24R 'KNT-Tech for SP's (Revised)' 29 Nov 94) YOU DO NOT MAKE THEM WRONG FOR THEIR CONDITION, (as almost all OSA-people did or still do) BUT YOU UNDERSTAND THEIR CONDITION. You could talk about the peace and quiet of everyone being dead and the greatness of nobody ever finding out the truth - as all these things are on the Tone Level of Apathy. The above is a description of an anti-Scientologist or anti-social personality or severe psychotic or critic of Scientology. The person himself might prefer to be called by the last term because that is socially still acceptable, in a few sporadic circles, but these terms all mean the same. Now you might be astonished to know, that, in May 1994, still before I asked LRH to return to Earth, I started to audit David Miscavige, the former Head of the Church of Scientology. And the first thing I found out about him - in order to handle his case - was that HE AS A BEING WAS IN APATHY and had been in apathy all the time since a very long time, with the exception of an occasional few hours in every ten life-times or so. It was necessary to establish that in order to do something for him! And we did something for him: we removed him from post. "Rogue Agent" wants to be GIVEN Reality, he does not want to get alive as a being and perceive and grasp it, but it must be GIVEN to him, and the only way he will ever get any Reality, according to HIS apathetic definition about getting Reality about Scientology, or about what Koos did, is, when somebody knocks him over the head with a sledgehammer and says "You are now going to believe that Scientology is real". He still does not then get the reality of Scientology, of course, but then he would say and BELIEVE that he does now have Reality about Scientology. Being in an actual Tone-level of apathy as a spirit, he does not reach out and GET the reality of things, of people, of Scientology, of life. He does not study Scientology, he does not go and phone Munich Org and ask if Babsi Weber is still the HCO Executive Secretary (we removed her, LRH removed her), (which he pretends to me to want to have proof of). The actual purpose is to PRETEND TO WANT TO BE CONSTRUCTIVE OR SURVIVAL, in order to cover up and continue the purpose to be destructive or dead as a being and to spread destruction or death for other beings. This is the Anti-Scientologist, the anti-social personality, the severe psychotic, the critic of Scientology. These are some practical definitions and you can use them to understand and handle or not handle anti-Scientologists or 'critics'. And don't forget to pay me for my writing, this is Shareware. Koos Nolst Trenite - Ron's Inspector Copyright 1995 by Koos Nolst Trenite reference: RI-56i 'Congratulations from Ron' of 30 Dec 1994 (for the removal of Miscavige) RI-82i 'How did he do it (remove Miscavige)' of 2 Feb 1995 RI-197i 'LRH Removes SP Babsi Weber From Munich Org' 1 Jun 95 RI-240i 'Criminal Marc Yager now Removed from CoS!' 19 July 95 RI-9i 'SEC CHECK of Miscavige ...' of 1 Oct 1994 RI-40i 'The ..Miscavige-97-Bi-Yrs-Ago-Inc - EP' of 19 Dec 94 RI-41i 'The ..Miscavige-97-Bi-Yrs-Ago-Inc - I' of 18 Dec 94 RI-42i 'The ..Miscavige-97-Bi-Yrs-Ago-Inc - II' of 18 Dec 94 RI-43i 'The ..Miscavige-97-Bi-Yrs-Ago-Inc - III' 16 Dec 1994 RI-44i 'The ..Miscavige-97-Bi-Yrs-Ago-Inc - IV' of 15 Dec 94 RI-61i 'The Right to be Evil' of 16 Dec 1994 RI-80Ri 'The Eternal Critics - Exposed' of 28 Jan 1995 RI-85R-Bi 'Institutional Cases on ARS' 8 Feb 95, rev 10 May 95 RI-261i 'Beggars WANT to produce ugliness ...' of 18 Aug 1995 RI-265i 'Critics of Scientology' of 6 Sep 1995 RI-263i 'Two Responses to Being Helped' of 20 Aug 1995 RI-76i 'To Hide or Find the Truth - ...' of 28 Jan 1995 RI-73i 'On Scientology Ethics' of 26 Jan 1995 RI-83i 'The Right to Study and Apply Scientology' 16 Jun 94 RI-256i 'Cleaning up the Internet - IMPORTANT' of 15 Aug 1995 RI-24i 'Definition of 'PTS' - IMPORTANT' of 19 Nov 1994 RI-58i 'Fair Game Series - Treatment of Enemies' of 1 Jan 95 RI-ACT-24R 'KNT-Tech for SP's (Revised)' of 29 Nov 1994 RI-84i 'Ron's Inspector Order to OSA' of 5 Feb 1995 RI-10i 'Confronting a Suppressive' of 12 Oct 1994 RI-90i 'The Intention of a Suppressive' of 9 Oct 1994 RI-ACT-15 'Creditability - You are YOU' of 12 Nov 1994 RI-ACT-95 'Life-force for Homer or other SP's' of 26 Jun 1995 RI-ACT-101 'Old Agreements with Suppressives' of 17 July 1995 RI-212i '"Decent people are liars" says any SP' of 18 Jun 95 RI-213i 'OT-Levels Not For Degraders - Why' of 18 Jun 1995 RI-ACT-11 'The Failed Cases on A.C.T.' of 2 Nov 1994 RI-ACT-93 'Voting Monkeys' of 23 Jun 1995 RI-50RNi 'RI-xxxi series Archive - The Future' of 28 Dec 1994 Revised and Replaced on 20 August 95 These Ron's Inspector Letters can be obtained via anonymous File Transfer Protocol. ftp:


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