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From!!!!!!mallen Thu Sep 14 09:44:49 1995 Path:!!!!!!mallen From: (Mark Allen) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Re: PROTEST: Chicago reports in Date: 10 Sep 1995 20:08:18 GMT Organization: Sore-Feet Lines: 105 Distribution: world Message-ID: <42vgji$> References: <42vfa1$> Reply-To: NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2] Apparently, a news server belch... Anyway -- ----- SNIP ----- There were four protestors who showed up at the Scientology org at 3011 N. Lincoln Ave. I was the first on the scene and had 200 bright orange flyers with me. There was a young guy maybe 35-40 years old standing outside of the org smoking when I got there. I loitered at first, and then another protestors arrived. He made his sign on the street while I got out flyers. His sign read "Scientology customer" [picture of Manson] "Curious? Read alt.religion.scientology" Soon, the young guy came out with a stack of the "Milne" post that appeared to be standard Scieno fodder. Soon, another protestor showed up and I gave her some 100 flyers and we began to pass them out. I'd say later into the protest, like maybe about an hour into it, another clam came out (this one said he was OT-5 -- the other was OT-7, Class 4 auditor) and tried to engage us in conversation. The Manson sign protestor took the bulk of the chatting responsibilities, allowing us to pass out flyers. We had one guy come out with a Poloroid to start taking snaps of us. I asked if we come see them in a week. At that point, I started taking pictures of the clams. Around 4:30 (an hour and half into) the OT-5 and the OT-7 got signs that said "Scientology protects the rights of all" and "Scientology the road to total freedom" The clams then got some more flunkies to come out and pass out Freedom (the Mitnick/June issue) along with thier flyers. We continued this way until 6:00 pm (three hours total time) when we left to the diner across the street to get something to drink and a little ice cream. The weather was great: 70 degrees and sunny; a light breeze from the east. Although several cop cars drove by throughout the picket, I think they were just on normal patrol. No car stopped and no cop spoke with us. We had no police problems. HIGHLIGHTS: A little old lady pulled up in a car and asked what was going on. I told her that we were protesting the Church. I gave her a flyer and wished her a good day. One of the clams came over and said, "Thats just one side of the story. Here's our view of it." The little old lady took the stuff, but before she drove away gave the cults material to me and said: "I don't like these people, so I won't need this." I crossed the street a couple of times because there is a bus stop right across the street, and I noticed that people would look at us as we protested. When I would cross, I'd explain that we're picketing the church and if they would like a flyer. One of the couples I met was from Clearwater, FL! They told me the cult had come in and basically taken over the town. I gave them flyers and they said they'd check it out and pass the info along. The OT-7 guy and the OT-5 guy both asked if I was working for CAN. The OT-5 guy went into a spiel about pysch drugs and asked if I was a pyschiatrist or a psychologist. Bwhahaha. My lone sacastic dig of the afternoon was when I told the Ot-5 that he was pushing me down the tone scale and he should use his TONE 40 command voice to make me leave. (bwhaha) He refused because he said that Tone 40 is only used in a training routine. Whatever. The OT-7 tried to convince me that Dianetics was scientific fact. I asked for journal citations and proof. He said that he didn't have it. I asked who did. He said that Hubbard did. I said well, thats going to be hard for me to get then isn't it? He said, "Well, I don't have the polio vaccine data in front of me but it still works." And I said, "But I go to a library and get the data on the polio vaccine." Bwahaha. LOWLIGHTS: A clam tried to follow me back to my car, but I figured someone might follow me so I turned around before I got to my car and waved at him. He turned around and walked away. One of the clams, a big woman who chain smoked, was initially very beligerent, but she calmed down once she started to smoke. Also all of the clams who were out there tried to make it seem like we were persecuting the church. I didn't see and Sea Org people. I really wanted to see one of the uniforms. Although I faxed out information about the protest to the Sun-Times and the Tribune, no press showed up. Too bad. OVERALL: The tone of the picket was low key. All of the protestors were polite and quiet. All of us tried to remain as anonymous as possible. We passed out around 150 flyers and tried to educate passers by on the Church. I feel like it was a worthwhile effort. I should have pictures soon on my web site. ----- END ------ -- -- (KoX since 1995) -- PGP finger "The cult should just audit the file back to its encryption engram and get the key that way." -- henry, ( on Scientology's inability to break PGP. Read alt.religion.scientology today for more information! -- -- (KoX since 1995) -- PGP finger "The cult should just audit the file back to its encryption engram and get the key that way." -- henry, ( on Scientology's inability to break PGP. Read alt.religion.scientology today for more information!


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