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From!!!demon!! Thu Sep 14 09:45:16 1995 Path:!!!demon!! From: "Lance S. Buckley" <> Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Picket report for UK (London) Date: Mon, 11 Sep 95 12:38:40 GMT Lines: 161 Message-ID: <> Reply-To: X-NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: Demon Internet Simple News v1.29 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- I'd never done anything like this before in my life. Maybe (definitely!) I was a little paranoid. I knew for sure when I got outside the Tottenham Court Road (London UK) org, the shit was going to hit the fan. Hey! This is Scientology(tm) we're talking about here, "The Enemy" and boy was I nervous. I knew that my picture was going to be taken, and so I'd grown a beard for the occassion. I also had fresh tape in my video camera, and a new roll of film in my little compact camera. If anything happened, I wanted to make sure we had a record of it, I was ready for anything those steenkin' scienos could pull. As I stood opposite the org shortly before 13:00, I found myself wishing I weighed an extra 50 pounds, had a few extra inches in height, and a black belt in karate. As the time slowly drew closer to 13:00, I was beginning to wonder what the hell had possessed me to come in the first place. "Oh well" I thought, "at least I can run pretty fast". My watched beeped twice as the hour of reckoning arrived, and not a single demonstrator to be seen. I wasn't going to be the first to stand outside there, no way! Apart from anything else (a highly developed instinct for self preservation mainly) I had no leaflets to hand out and no placard to carry. After 10 minutes of wandering up and down on the opposite side of the road, trying to look like a tourist to anyone watching from the org, and like and ars poster to everyone else, I started to get a sinking feeling. Wasn't -anyone- going to turn up? Has the whole thing been called off and I didn't know? What the hell am I supposed to do now? When in doubt, eat. I slunk along to the nearest deli, and purchased a rather yummy chicken and avocado sandwich (at an exhorbitant ukp-1.95) and made my way back to the org. As I started to eat, I noticed a person next to the org who seemed to be acting just a little strangely. He was wearing a large hat, which appeared to be composed of tinfoil, and had just stuck something on his chest. I crossed the road, trying to appear casual, and examined this person in more detail. The label stuck to his chest said "Xemu Rules the Galaxy OK!", another on his hat read "Scientology makes my brane 'urt". Glory be, the cavalry has arrived in the unique shape of CoSG Pope: Dave Bird. I introduced myself, and after a short chat, waited for everyone else to arrive. As people passed in the street, Dave was passing out leaflets, but to be honest people weren't taking much notice. In a stunning move so typical of the Cult, a troop of pro Scientology "demonstrators" filed out of the org, and proudly displayed their banners. "Scientology Agaist Criminals on the Internet" they proclaimed. This was a godsend! Now people were actually taking notice of me'n'Dave, and the leaflets started flowing in much greater numbers. Some people even stopped and chatted. A rather "intensely friendly" OT4 came over, and engaged us in conversation. He obviously had no interest in our opinions, but we chatted anyway. I have to say I was expecting some more "intellectually impressive" arguments from someone half way across the Bridge. An older man came over and took our photograph repeatedly. We obligingly said "cheese" at the right moment. It was later in the afternoon that I discovered he was a friend of Andy Milne, and had been in the cult for 30 years. Well time was passing. We were still the only anitis there. Things were looking kinda grim. I was considering calling it a day at 14:00 when all of a sudden a small forest of placards appeared out of nowhere. Big sigh of relief...the -rest- of the cavalry had arrived! Apparently there had been a slight change of plan but due to unavoidable circumstances some of us weren't informed in time. Such is life. I introduced myself to all and sundry, then cranked up my video camera. By now I had realised that this was going to be a pretty safe activity, and my nervousness had gone, but I was still unsure about filming outside the org until there were far more people there. With the influx of the ars team, the scienos went into a little flurry of activity, asking questions, taking lots more photos, and scurrying in and out of the org like busy little bees. The afternoon passed peacefully. We gave out leaflets, they gave out leaflets. We watched them, they watched us. I managed to talk to some of the placard holders, and I'm pretty sure that some of them must be -very- recent converts to the cult. Maybe I'm too new to meeting CoS members in the flesh, but the majority of them seemed so -normal-, so -ordinary-. However, there were a few noteable exceptions. Apparently Mr. OT4, who was so pleasant to me, was showing signs of strain during a conversation with steve@castlsys. Although I didn't witness the incident, I believe there was a short burst of temper there. Careful Steve, he couldda fried your brain with a thought! Also we were graced by the presence of a SeaOrg member, complete with navy jacket. This guy was more like what I expected! If looks could kill... heh heh heh. This guy was giving out the most unbelieveable squints. I watched him carefully, and I knew he was foolin' with my brain. I could feel his will over power mine... I could hold on no longer... it was all too much... I farted. Apparently Chicken & Avocado can have that effect. Can't say I've noticed it before, and for a minute there I was sure he'd got me with his evil eye. I tried to get him on videotape, but when I started to wield the camera, he beat a hasty retreat. I Musta restimulated those Home Porno engrams. At 16:00 we decided to call it a day. We thought it had gone really well, and a few beers were called for. So we all walked off to the pub, followed by three clams. On the way there I walked behind a lady called Bonnie. I had seen her talking to other members of our merrie band, and had been told that she rated at least an 8 on our wonderful SP scale (I won't go into the reasons here). Obviously I wanted to sey hello. Unfortunately I forgot that holding a video camera in one hand, grinning inanely, and cheerily saying hello to someone you've never met before, can sometimes be misinterprated. Believe me, Mr. Sea Org could take lessons from Bonnie in the "killing look" dept. Luckily she was told I definitely -wasn't- OSA, and I was officially introduced. The frown disappeared, and I found myself chatting to a most delightful person. After a while at the pub, Mr. "I'm a personal friend of Andrew Milne" turned up, complete with camera. Prior to coming over to meet us, he took a call on a mobile phone one of the 3 stooges was carrying. (Remember them? They followed us from the org, and were still there, conferring, taking notes and refusing all attempts to get them over for a beer and a chat.) As I wasn't seated at the same table I couldn't hear the conversation. He took a few more pictures, pressed the flesh with a couple of us (probably after DNA samples) and went,on his way. After that we decided to call it a day. I still had a Demon meet to go to, and other people had trains to catch. The Bottom Line I was scared at first, but having done this once, I'll definitely do it again. The ars people were great, even some of the scienos I spoke to were really nice. It was friendly and good natured. The next time there's a picket in your area, go! It's really worth it. Lance (SP 2.0) - -- $cientology's $akred $kripchers (OT 7-48) 1)Find some plants, trees, etc., and communicate to them individually until you know they received your communication. 2)Go to a zoo or a place with many types of life and communicate with each of them until you know the communication is received and, if possible, returned. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: 2.6.i iQCVAgUBMFQtzijzbaRloMBtAQFlBAP/f20msq8XJsZAuVQrX/rdtAwrbABuXRk2 8mdiByaHsMfJ8NamLY6OaRksYpS9hmfW6dwQUYoUkHgdsiHbI/8bmQzHSqhaEclf zKhZPON6Ev0HUhTPIOhOkBaVsadoPR6jjcOX+GyBw4/f3ym2dptrEd8Yo2tvuUzk 0UJaP6uH2Ws= =mz6J -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----


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