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From!!!bdmcom!!user Thu Sep 14 09:45:20 1995 Path:!!!bdmcom!!user From: (Jim Sowers) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology, Subject: Janet Weiland at INFOWARCON 95 Date: Mon, 11 Sep 1995 12:03:32 -0500 Organization: BDM Federal Inc. Lines: 56 Distribution: inet Message-ID: <> NNTP-Posting-Host: Xref: alt.religion.scientology:95719 I spoke briefly with Janet Weiland, Vice President of the Church of Scientology International, after she approched me at INFOWARCON 95 last Friday (Sept. 8). She said she noticed my interest in Scientology's case, and asked for a business card, which I gave her (I also received one from her). I was slightly puzzeled because the only time I spoke with anybody about the Cof$ that day was when I spoke to a DOJ lawyer (more on that in another post), and some comments about the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and how Cof$, as well as the Secret Service, and Cincinnatti Police, may have run afoul of the ECPA in their computer seizures. I replied that I was a critic, and that I monitored ARS since January, and it was the actions of Cof$ supporters (i.e., the cancelpoodle) that got me interested in Information Warfare. She stated that the Cof$ case was misunderstood by the general community, and that she had been invited to the conference by Dr Peter Tippet of the National Computer Security Association. She went on to give the standard speel of how the documents were stolen from the church, and that they were trade secrets, and protected by copyrights. I told her that the documents could hardly be trade secrets when they were available in public records in a federal court in california. She maintaned that the sekrit skriptures included more than just the Fishman affidavit (I don't know which documents she was referring to, or which cases specifically), and that they were still stolen, trade secret, copyright documents. I told her I was unaware of any of the other documents she mentioned. At this point we were interupted as she wanted to talk with one of the speakers at the conference, who had mentioned Scientology during his presentation. I waited a few minutes, then left, hoping to catch her later. We did speak again breifly but only to say we would try to continue the conversation later, which we did not. I think she left the conference before we could speek again. After we spoke I noticed Ms. Weiland speaking to another conference attendee. I later spoke to him, and noted that I had seen her talking to him. I asked why she wanted to talk to him, and he replied that He is a PI (I do not remember his name, but he worked for a company called Talon or Talus, but I don't remember exactly), and did some work for the Cof$ in the past. He stated that she had asked him if he wanted to do more work for the Cof$, and he said he didn't. BTW Ms. Weilands e-mail adrress is (This is a statement of fact and should not be taken as an invitation, or advocation of mailbombing, or sending of harrassing mail or death-threats. I will not condone such actions against anyone.) Based on the Church leadership use of AOL, and the seemingly prefferential treatment of Cof$ by AOL, that there may be something more than just a simple user relationship between Cof$ and AOL. It may be something to discuss and investigate further. Cheers, -- I'm just a symptom of the moral decay that's gnawing at the heart of the country. Matt Johnson ----------------------------------------------------------- Jim Sowers <> Resident Anarchist, BDM Federal Inc.


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