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From!!!!pipex!swrinde!!!!!news Thu Sep 14 09:45:56 1995 Path:!!!!pipex!swrinde!!!!!news From: (Michael Reuss) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Rocky Mountain News 9/9 Date: 12 Sep 1995 22:06:57 GMT Organization: Hewlett-Packard Lines: 45 Message-ID: <4350a1$> NNTP-Posting-Host: Mime-Version: 1.0 X-Newsreader: WinVN 0.93.11 From the Rocky Mountain News (Denver CO USA) Saturday 9/9 (Typos mine, used without permission) -- Michael Reuss Honorary Kid ********************************************************************** "Scientology's secret beliefs no longer secret, expert says" by Karen Abbott - RMN Staff Writer Secret Scientology beliefs already have been disclosed on computers around the world, an Internet expert testified Friday. Richard Cleek, who teaches a University of Wisconson class called "Surfing the Net" and follows information posted in cyberspace about the Church of Scientology, said thousands of computer users already have Internet access to church secrets. The church is trying to stop dissemination of the secret teachings it sells to members. Such sales provide the bulk of the church's income. The church has sued former church members Larry Wollersheim and Robert Penny for allegedly distributing the church's private beliefs in violation of copyright and trade secret laws. Last month, the church seized their computers and data. Friday's hearing before Senior U.S. District Judge John Kane Jr.was on the church's request for a court order stopping Wollersheim and Penny from distributing secret Scientology materials while the lawsuit is pending. But Cleek, testifying on behalf of Wollersheim and Penny, said the secret Scientology material already has appeared on the Internet several times this year. Tom Kelly, attorney for Wollersheim and Penny, said the secret beliefs include the discovery by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard that humankind's spiritual troubles are the result of actions 75 million years ago by an interplanetary federation chief. Faced with overpopulation, Kelly said, the federation leader is said to have chained or bound some federation individuals to volcanoes on Earth, then bombed them with hydrogen bombs. The souls of those individuals, called Thetans, now inhabit the bodies of human beings, and unconscious memories of the Thetan's traumatic experiences cause human psychological and some physical ills, Kelly said. He said the Church of Scientology teaches that its role is to cure those ills in counseling sessions designed to relieve people of traumatic memories.


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