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From!!!pipex!!!sun4nl!xs4all!announce Thu Sep 14 09:45:56 1995 Path:!!!pipex!!!sun4nl!xs4all!announce From: (announce) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,alt.censorship,, Subject: Scientology raids xs4all - xs4all progress statement Date: 12 Sep 1995 22:08:21 GMT Organization: XS4ALL, networking for the masses Lines: 57 Distribution: inet Message-ID: <4350cl$> NNTP-Posting-Host: X-Newsreader: NN version 6.5.0 #666 (NOV) X-Posted-By: Xref: alt.religion.scientology:96012 alt.censorship:42768 DUTCH POPULATION IN OUTRAGE BECAUSE OF SCIENTOLOGY ACTION AGAINST XS4ALL! Hello friends, It's been a week since the cult of scientology invaded the offices of internetprovider xs4all, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and tried to seize our computers. It has been a very busy week. Xs4all has been flooded by the kind and generous support from many friends and complete strangers. We've dedicated most of the last 7 days to giving interviews, and to prepare for any legal attack following the seizure. The many journalists we spoke to are angry about what happened. It could be called legal terrorism. We've given interviews for national television, international newspapers, radio, magazines et al. Journalists who have started to dig into this cult's history and recent activities on Internet, have discovered a trail of intimidation. Various important columnists in Holland have also showed us their support, and are writing columns about the cult's activities, asking people to protest against the cult's actions. We've consulted a large amount of experts about this case of legal terror, including various professors, leaders in the business community, leaders in the online community, and above all, internet users. All these people are very angry about scientology's behaviour on internet and have promised us their generous support and expertise. Internet users in the netherlands have started to massively spread the forbidden 'fishman affidavit'. This is a court document that the scientology cult tries to censor, because it's damaging to their organisation. Users spread this document through email, irc, mailinglists, newsgroups, webpages, ftp and other internet protocols. It has become impossible to stop them. Scientology seems to have touched a sensitive string in the dutch internet community. Many people that had never heard about scientology have become militant activists against their behaviour. They have become protestors against the intimidating legal terrorism this dangerous cult is comitting. If scientology continues this silly war on internet, then some country, somewhere in the world, will decide that the fishman documents should be put in the public domain. From that moment onward these will be available to every netizen in the world. When this happens, the war that scientology has started against the internet will be over and won by the Net. This is just a matter of time.. Kind regard to all supporters, The xs4all coordinators


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