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From!!!gatech!!agate!boulder!!usenet Thu Sep 7 09:27:44 1995 Path:!!!gatech!!agate!boulder!!usenet From: Brian Andreja Newsgroups: co.general,co.politics,boulder.general,alt.religion.scientology Subject: Re: FACTNET EMAIL BREACHED Date: 3 Sep 1995 01:26:10 GMT Organization: Pastel Hell Underground Lines: 100 Message-ID: 42b07i$ References: 42aip0$ 42ap69$ NNTP-Posting-Host: Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit X-Mailer: Mozilla 1.1N (Windows; I; 16bit) To: Xref: co.general:11320 co.politics:5425 boulder.general:14410 alt.religion.scientology:92725 (Chris Phillips) wrote: In article 42aip0$, says... DELETED We posted recently about possible security problems with our rmii email accounts. Our fears were justified. Lawrence Wollersheim has just learned that the security of his Rocky Mountain Internet email account has been breached by parties unknown. Within hours of the seizure of his computer by US Marshals and the Church of Scientology on August 22nd, an unknown party broke into two email accounts -- and -- changed the passwords, read, and then deleted the email. Although no one within the FACTNet organization can say who was responsible, we imagine that people familiar with the Internet can do the math and draw their own conclusions. SNIP We remind everyone to pass along any suspicious messages you receive from This is NOT Lawrence Wollersheim. -- The FACTNet Defense Team ------------------------- "The Internet is the Liberty Tree of the 90s."--Arnie Lerma, Director, FACTNet On behalf of RMII, these are the facts as we know them: 1. RMII was never notified of the seizure of FACTNet's hardware until 2 days ago, which we are assuming contained their login and password information. 2. RMII's server was NOT compromised by any means. If email was read and deleted, it was because whoever did it had the login and password for the account. 3. RMII's clearly states its Electronic Privacy Statement to its customers: SNIP Electronic Mail Advisory Chris Phillips Vice President, Network Operations Rocky Mountain Internet, Inc 719-576-6845 x2201 I cross-posted the FACTNET message from ARS to Colorado and Boulder newsgroups because the raids on Wollersheim and Penny happened in our backyard and also because Rocky Mountain Internet is a local provider. Unless there are facts regarding the situation, of which I am unaware, I do not assume that FACTNET was criticizing Rocky Mountain Internet for the breach of security. If I can "do math" as FACRNET suggests, it would be as follows: FACT 1) The Church of Scientology (Co$) (spit) with the assistance of Judge Kane and U.S. Marshalls, forcibly searched the homes of Wollersheim and Penny, seizing computer hardware and software. + FACT 2) Being in possession of Wollersheim's computer, the Co$ (spit) was also likely to be in possession of the login and password to the RMI accounts mentioned. = CONCLUSION 3) Continuing its history of covert and coercive tactics against ex-members and critics, one could conclude that the Co$ (spit) logged into Wollersheim's accounts to collect e-mail, delete e-mail and possibly send e-mail in Wollersheim's name. So while I understand Chris's concern over his company's reputation, I don't believe the FACTNET post was intended to be a criticism of RMI. It's just one indication of why everyone should be concerned and actively involved in stopping the Co$ (spit, spit, spit). Regards, Brian


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