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From!!!!!!gatech!!!!news Thu Sep 7 09:27:45 1995 Path:!!!!!!gatech!!!!news From: Bill de Carle <76170.3362@CompuServe.COM> Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Are ALL "declares" this crazy? Date: 3 Sep 1995 01:40:05 GMT Organization: Not organized Lines: 93 Message-ID: <42b11m$bva$> In <> David D. Rogers wrote: <In article <>, Kim Baker<<> wrote:<[list of Scientology's "enemies" deleted][[other stuff deleted]] >I've seen ads for a group called "The Church of Truth" in a local (Los>Angeles-area) new age paper, but I'll grant that it may be a different>group than the one with the same name in the list. For what it's worth, "The Church of Truth" was declared to be a suppressive group by Ethics order # 96, dated Nov 4th 1968, out of the San Francisco Org. Here is the EO, verbatim (except for my added [sic])... <THE CHURCH OF TRUTH ,which was started by Bill DeCarl [sic] a <declared Suppressive person, is hereby declared a Suppressive group. < <Any and all persons connected to this group are Potential Trouble <sources and may not be trained or processed until they have <presented evidence of disconnection in writing to the Ethics <Officer of the nearest HCO. < <"Any person found to be connected to a Suppressive Group may not <thereafter be enrolled in the Saint Hill Solo Audit Course or the <Clearing Course. < <Suppressive Groups are defined as those which seek to destroy <Scientology or which specialize in injuring or killing persons or <damaging their cases or which advocate suppression of Mankind." < <Signed: REED TAYLOR < P/EO SFO < for < TRULA SMITH < HCO Officer SFO Amusing little notice, isn't it? For the record, THE CHURCH OF TRUTH declared here never existed. There was no such group in reality, it existed only in their minds! Of course there were no members of this imaginary "group" either. Here's what happened: Suspecting local EO REED TAYLOR was declare-crazy, I made up this CHURCH OF TRUTH story as bait, dangled it under his nose to see if he would snap. He did. He wrote the above ethics order to declare a "group" which didn't exist. Without any investigation whatsoever! Also for what it's worth, I was declared SP in the immediately preceeding EO (#95 SFO dated same day, Nov. 4 1968) for starting the CHURCH OF TRUTH, among other things. And just to show how screwed up these Scienos are in their paperwork, Ethics Order # 5237 issued by the Church of Scientology of Toronto FDN on June 16th, 1982 reads in part... <Ethics Order Number 95, San Francisco Org (Nov 4/68) and Number 464 <San Francisco Org (June 24/71) are cancelled as unjust. Bill had been <declared a Suppressive Person based on his connection with the Neo-American <Church, (Not a group declared Suppressive by HCO International) and for <starting the 'Church of Truth' which was in fact a fictitious group, named <by Bill. (I have no idea what EO 464 SFO refers to, as I have never seen it) So even the Scienos themselves _eventually_ acknowledged Church of Truth was a fictitious group, but they never bothered to cancel the EO on it. This same EO (#5237, Toronto) goes on to re-declare me for: 1) "writing Anti-Scientology letters to the press" [marginal: they may have a point here; I did place some ads]... and 2) "organizing splinter groups" [utter rubbish: they can't name even one actual splinter group I am supposed to have organized] The fact is: I was declared because someone (Reed Taylor) disliked me and didn't appreciate my sense of humor. By this declare Taylor made me an enemy of CoS in the eyes of all the other Scienos. Unfortunately, the group's obsession with spotting enemies operates at a more senior level than any desire they might have to get the truth or administer justice. I guess this isn't news to most readers of a.r.s. Although I have not yet seen the list of Suppressive Groups referred to, and only saw a partial list of declared SP's, I recognize some names (on the part I have seen) who I suspect are no longer SP. It would appear that one can get onto that list rather easily but that no one ever gets off it, even if they subsequently kiss and make up with the church. It is quite possible there is a real Church of Truth in LA. After all, it's a pretty good name (even if I say so myself) and obviously very restimulative for the CoS. Bill de Carle -- Bill deCarle,


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